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64digits v4 pre-alpha
Posted on November 05, 2016 at 21:00

So I think I've gotten v4's codebase to the point where I can finally launch a pre-Alpha that regular members can try:

You'll need to log in twice the first time so that your user info can be imported into the test database. Once you do, you should be redirected to your new user page that looks like this:

However, if you get a "User is not allowed to login to this system" error at login, you'll need to PM me if you wish to log into the v4 pre-alpha. Access is currently restricted to regular members.

Feature-wise, you'll see that progress has been rather minimal aside from a very basic and ugly-looking blog and PM system. Most of my time has been spent working on the API authentication system, something which I have more or less made completely from scratch (save for a few things I'd rather not tackle myself, like generating cryptographically secure strings for tokens). But now that I have auth more or less nailed down, I will continue to add more features from the roadmap and announce them here in the upcoming weeks in hopes of getting continuous feedback in v4's progress.

I currently aim to have a beta up and running by the end of this month, as well as a pilot by mid-to-late December, where all data from v3's old database will be ported to v4's new one and tested for integrity.

Thank you,


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It's not that it's ripped off, but rather Bootstrap CSS can be a bitch to override.
Wouldn't Less make that easier?

I don't what any of this means, except that CSS is like a HTML supervisor =P
Posted by Zuurix November 17, 2016 17:36 - 9.1 months ago
| [#21]

FYI, Less is the style sheet language that Bootstrap is developed in, which can be compiled to CSS. Perhaps I'll consider using it if I find myself overriding a lot of Bootstrap, which I intend on avoiding.
Posted by Aistarin November 18, 2016 23:34 - 9.1 months ago
| [#22]

You should definitely check it out. Editing the less/scss source is way easier than overriding the css manually. Almost everything you need to mess with is in the variables source file. There you can modify things globally like brand colors, roundness of edges, fonts, font sizes, padding, etc. Easier to keep track of changes, and they are applied logically and consistently throughout the framework.

Of course keep adding custom css classes as needed for the design. In the long run it might make sense to have an scss or less dir (depending on which version of bootstrap we are dealing with) that can be organized into subdirs for various components. Then just have it all compile down to one stylesheet for the site.
Posted by aeron November 19, 2016 0:54 - 9.1 months ago
| [#23]

You can also use the LESS/SASS versions to compile only the parts of the CSS you actually use, if you're careful.

I prefer SASS/SCSS, between the two, which Bootstrap 4 is being written in.
Posted by flashback November 19, 2016 23:16 - 9.1 months ago
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I can't sign in to any of your websites Astarin. Always get the 502.
Posted by Alert Games November 20, 2016 23:14 - 9 months ago
| [#25]

That's because node went down along with the server this morning.

Should be up now.
Posted by Aistarin November 21, 2016 0:27 - 9 months ago
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Posted by Moikle November 21, 2016 7:40 - 9 months ago
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It's okay, it's okay, calm down. *comforts Moikle and kills bug with a tissue* It won't hurt you.
Posted by StevenOBrien November 21, 2016 8:53 - 9 months ago
| [#28]

Steven, you cannot kill a bug. They are all features. Features never die.
Posted by Jani_Nykanen November 21, 2016 12:51 - 9 months ago
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Posted by Mairu November 21, 2016 19:03 - 9 months ago
| [#30]

I'm from Buenos Aires and I say debug 'em all.
Posted by Aistarin November 21, 2016 19:32 - 9 months ago
| [#31]

My hero
Posted by Moikle November 21, 2016 19:35 - 9 months ago
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