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Toggles, Checkboxes, Moar GMUI (plz read)
Posted on December 02, 2017 at 14:50

Releasing GMUI v0.0.9 today (ahhhh, so close I can smell it... I smell caffeine)

Play with the demo using this download link: GMUI_v0.0.9.exe



Release Notes: View on GitHub
(I made some fixes in the studio version! ... And included enum's)


I'm glad to hit this spot on the project, essentially almost the end of the milestone. v0.1 will be beta, and that is just making one more control and using surfaces for the drawing. At that point I'll have everything I need in order to build up my next software tools from this, for game maker. Yes, game maker. Mostly, because the tools don't really exist for GM like they do on other platforms.

BUT, I also hope that this project will help to prototype software and apps faster and easier than anything else out there today. Of course, it requires GM:Studio, so there is some risk in that support down the road, but it was still an adventure of itself.

I will, however, be starting to work on other projects again that people outside of basic game development are interested in, which is a good thing at this point honestly.


I have to say that I've learned an incredible amount about software and web development, as well as a little network infrastructure in the past year. I've also learned how to officially register a business, how a business operates in the office, understand bitcoin and other investments, on top of other home maintenance. Its almost unbelievable to me how much I've learned over the past year just to get to this point. Business and processes can truly get out of hand very quickly, and a monolith of work if noone is there to step you through.

Alright enough rambling, all I'm trying to say: it is a lot of work to set things up in an organized way just to start with something, and we're still not quite there on making it easier on ourselves to do it. But it might not even matter at some point; if you are successful, people will help to mutually benefit to be even more successful. I hope to get to that point someday, but I enjoy the challenge of getting there

Help Wanted! ( & new release of GMUI)
Posted on October 07, 2017 at 20:44

Hey everybody. Why are we still here.... regardless, I'm looking for help with making this open-source framework more appealing with examples of how it can be used in games. This is to also help show examples of implementation of the framework with decent looking graphics, especially because.... im... not always the greatest at that part.

Looking for graphics for interfaces!

If you'd like to help out with the project, you can create a simple 'theme' or sprite map to apply to buttons, groups, and controls. Allow yourself to be creative and create an example for game maker developers (that still exist) and game graphic designers to use while learning to make their games.

Your name and url will be posted under either visual demo of the interface or a download of the sprites to use and experiment with themselves. This includes places like GitHub, the official website, here, etc.

For example, here is a plain popup you can script in GMUI:

A view of the interface in debug mode. Groups can have sprite maps:

What do you think?

Next up,

GMUI v0.0.8 has been released!

Link to release notes, demo exe, and source

There is now easing support for sliders, menus, and popups :D This was honestly a lot of work to do, especially with the ability to adjust for changing room sizes, but I am very happy with the result of it!

I also improved my GitHub skills, so now you can see the issues that I will be working on and what version they are planned for:
Issues in github repo
Used ZenHub to sort everything out more easily. Great tool for open-source btw; highly recommend.

Its also getting closer to the point where I'll be designing the framework to only redraw on the screen when changes in position are made in the surfaces. This will be even more epic for game devs.

I'll also need to work on Sudio support since a few things don't work exactly right and GMS2 is out and whatever.

Thanks for tuning in. Love to hear your feedback on this stuff as it is probably one of the biggest projects I've endeavored thus far with a risk of a small return.

What do you guys think? D:

Still at it
Posted on August 31, 2017 at 00:08

So its been almost 3 months since my last blog. And I'm still at it.
- Still working on gmui stuff. Adding some great features though, so I'll brush up on my documentation and webM making skills for the next release soon.
- Decided to build a small networking cabinet. Its fun and stuff.
- Working on app stuff
- Working on a couple websites
- Working

Its hard to believe its been 3 months, but then again, we take advantage of summer weather here.

I also leave for a short trip to california this weekend with my immediate fam. Going to tour a couple cities and parks and a day with relatives in Phoenix. Will be awesome, but i'm pushing as much work out as possible before I go. Maybe I'll make a small album to share out afterwards in different social medias.

There is so much work to do that sometimes I wonder if I can even get a decent product out in reasonable time... But if I keep at it I should be able to do a lot by the end of the year... Is it really already just about september? jesus...

Anyway, glad to see there are still some around during the summer months. Here's to hoping that i'll be able to work on things quicker by the end of the year to have more content for people to see. Suppose that would be most people's goal though, right?


Making menus
Posted on June 07, 2017 at 00:34

I don't have a lot to blog at the moment, but I've made some more progress and I'm excited to start wrapping up the last pieces of this project which has became a lot more work than I had originally thought it would be.

Here is a gif of the menu system working!

Reason for multi-menu is for confirmations, messages, and if you really want to, multiple menus. Its basically open-ended to however you would like to implement it.

Next step is to implement popups, which are essentially the default game maker dialog box replacements. woot.

A couple more controls and the release will be done. Next release will have a couple more features I need to create PD3... :)

Then finally I'll be getting my hands dirty with Node JS, GM http requests, app development, etc. Wish it could just come sooner

Progress Blog!
Posted on May 21, 2017 at 15:08

Felt like taking a break and adding content to beloved 64D.

After a while of other work, i've finally got back to working on GMUI again. I set up my own JIRA instance to track progress.

Its coming along nicely. I got the menu's to function at a basic level. Just need to add effects to make them aesthetically pleasing. I also browsed through the UI assets in the YYG marketplace. The goal will be to make it better than anything else there, which I feel is getting to that point.

I also found some gml that can do blur effects, but it looks like it wont be able to support GM8 due to the introduction of shaders in GM:Studio. So we'll see what can be done with that.

Auto-updating plans
I found today that GameJolt has some ability to auto-update games through their native app I suppose. Plans foiled again! Seems like GameJolt is doing everything that I wanted to do myself. They've also grown so fast that it may be impossible to catch up at this point. I might need to investigate integration with their stuff.

Moving On
I'm getting tired of working on GMUI to be honest. Particle Designer is where its at. I also may look into more integration with GM for it through assets... But I also want to get into more relevant things outside of the GM space, like node js, and a pretty slick laravel website/app i've been working on also.

... Man, things just take forever to do when you want to do them more properly.

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