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Help Wanted! ( & new release of GMUI)
Posted on October 07, 2017 at 20:44

Hey everybody. Why are we still here.... regardless, I'm looking for help with making this open-source framework more appealing with examples of how it can be used in games. This is to also help show examples of implementation of the framework with decent looking graphics, especially because.... im... not always the greatest at that part.

Looking for graphics for interfaces!

If you'd like to help out with the project, you can create a simple 'theme' or sprite map to apply to buttons, groups, and controls. Allow yourself to be creative and create an example for game maker developers (that still exist) and game graphic designers to use while learning to make their games.

Your name and url will be posted under either visual demo of the interface or a download of the sprites to use and experiment with themselves. This includes places like GitHub, the official website, here, etc.

For example, here is a plain popup you can script in GMUI:

A view of the interface in debug mode. Groups can have sprite maps:

What do you think?

Next up,

GMUI v0.0.8 has been released!

Link to release notes, demo exe, and source

There is now easing support for sliders, menus, and popups :D This was honestly a lot of work to do, especially with the ability to adjust for changing room sizes, but I am very happy with the result of it!

I also improved my GitHub skills, so now you can see the issues that I will be working on and what version they are planned for:
Issues in github repo
Used ZenHub to sort everything out more easily. Great tool for open-source btw; highly recommend.

Its also getting closer to the point where I'll be designing the framework to only redraw on the screen when changes in position are made in the surfaces. This will be even more epic for game devs.

I'll also need to work on Sudio support since a few things don't work exactly right and GMS2 is out and whatever.

Thanks for tuning in. Love to hear your feedback on this stuff as it is probably one of the biggest projects I've endeavored thus far with a risk of a small return.

What do you guys think? D:

I'd suggest using an enum instead of a bunch of globals for setting constants. I don't think GM8 supports enums, though, but GM8's install base is waning so quickly. Personally, I'd focus my efforts on supporting GM:S 1/2, since thats getting the attention from the general userbase and YYG right now.
Posted by twisterghost October 11, 2017 9:58 - 2.3 months ago
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Ah nice. Wasn't aware studio even had enums. I'll get on that by the beta version.

I agree with you though, studio is the future for game maker developers. I still need to even test in GMS2, because it will fade out GM1 at some point. Though, for the most part everything is compatible except for a couple of layering issues at the moment which will be fixed by the time of the beta release.

Thanks for checking it out though, definitely helps my motivation to get this thing out there lol...
Posted by Alert Games October 11, 2017 13:31 - 2.3 months ago
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