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December 23, 2008
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July 09, 2008

And everything started to flash?
Posted on April 18, 2011 at 14:08

Yes , that "artsy" game I made in 2009 got ported over to flash by Misko28. You can check it out here:
with achievements and everything (joy)

We are now porting (remaking) Jet Pod for mobile and flash too.Here is a video:
Here is an early demo with the original 10 levels reworked, new graphics and smoother engine:

Good stuff!

I was almost afraid to post
Posted on April 07, 2011 at 22:30

Because every time I do this place goes down for months. Are we stable yet?
I'm loving the new looks. Go 64digits!
BTW: hello and all of that.

Typing Invasion (WIP)
Posted on August 19, 2009 at 17:39

NOTE: This is the first play mode so is meant to be easy and get boring fast but it should give you the hang of the game and get you enough points to unlock the first play mode when is done , but just so you know I did updated this mode a bit to make it slightly harder .

The Invaders have reached our fine planet and they are here to ... well , with a name like that , what do you expect ? They are here to invade . Communication has been established and it seems that they only do it because they think is good sport . That is just wrong and so you have to convince them to leave in peace or at least to learn to live with us . Your only weapon will be a ULT ( universal language translator ) that translates what may seem like simple words into all sorts of alien languages . Type fast and free the earth from this invasion .

That is the best story I could come up with . Anyways , Right now you can play for as long as you survive . Press R to restart and ESC to quit . Your goal is to accumulate points that will unlock other play modes like NUMBERS , MATH , MIX , etc . Only WORD mode is available now and you jump right into it . The graphics are very Atari-like ? and so are the sounds ... I think .

As you can already tell this is one of those typing training/games/things . This has to be the most casual game I've ever tried to make and I am also hoping to enter it into Game Jolt's Axiom Contest . I will base it on a twisted version of the Axiom " actions speak louder than words " namely " words speak louder than actions " . I wanted to call the game Typing Invaders but is already taken by that guy over there .

I sure hope you like educational/casual stuff . ENJOY !


YoYo play:

Posted on August 01, 2009 at 20:18

There is a new competition going on at Game Jolt and the theme is Axioms . You don't know what that is do you ? Well , here is a list :

- A picture is worth a thousand words
- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
- Even a broken clock is right twice a day
- Laughter is the best medicine
- No good deed goes unpunished
- Quitters never win; winners never quit
- Actions speak louder than words
- Where there's smoke, there's fire
- In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
- A burnt child dreads the fire

So there you have it : new contest , Axioms , start making a game now . Go to the forum thread and read all about it .

What is wrong with the file managger ?
Posted on July 01, 2009 at 11:16

It takes every picture I throw at it but once I hit it with a file bigger than 2 mb it comes down o me and say " file could not be moved " . I want to upload my games and WIP 's to the site . Can somebody help me ?
Also , My games and examples got lost in the site transition but it still says in my page that I got 5 games and 4 examples .

Can somebody please help me ? I know this not the place to ask for support but I couldn't find the Help and Support button .

Across the Lake ( WIP )
Posted on June 27, 2009 at 14:02

Across the Lake will be the story of a young woman trying to prove her woman's worth in a man dominated world . It will be a semi-straight forward platforming adventure game , that means no backtracking . The game will feature action stages which are just regular straight forward stages with a boss at the end and dungeon stages that require some figuring out , solving puzzles , getting new items and such , very Zelda like .I plan to have at least 4 action stages and 4 dungeon stages . Right now I have 2 action stages and a dungeon and I am currently working on the second dungeon so once you hit this dungeon just quit because there is nothing to do here except maybe fall of the screen or some other weird event . This project is getting kinda big and is going to take a wile until I finish it in between other projects so I decided to show it around and see what people think .So I leave you with some screenshots a YouTube video and a playable version of what is there so far .
OH! You are going to need this in order to play :

Arrows left and right = move
Up = interact ( when you see like a bubble with 3 dots on top of something )
down = duck
A = attack
S = jump
SHIFT = select weapon ( I know I shouldn't have used shift , sorry , will change it )
ESC = exit the game
ENTER = I think this loads the game for testing purposes , try not to press it accidentally , but maybe you will need it if you die or something .

If you find any bugs please report them pronto . You will be credited .
I need music for this game If anyone is interested please let me know , you will be credited as well .

The To Do list :

-The game tears an awful lot , turn the synchronization on please . ( Overman ) I noticed this myself but turning the synchronization on makes the game run at a very low fps rate . What can I do ? I am using screen scaling scripts that draw the game on a surface and double the view scale , does that have anything to do with it ?
- The room transitioning is hard coded and stiff , it will be nicer to have smooth room transitions . ( Amidos ) I really don't know how to go about this , what is there is as far as I can go with what I know now . Any suggestions?
- The horizontal movement just cuts when you let go the key , maybe with a bit of speed and friction ... ( Sparky )
- Things should move smoothly, the character jumps to quickly . ( Lucaz )
- Lots of health showed up when I had full health. It would be better if health only showed up when you were injured. ( QOG)
- The way the camera works when you get to the vertical area of the cave level is a bit disorienting. ( tesko )
- When I tried playing it there were black blocks surrounding all the sprites. They weren't going transparent properly .I'm on Vista 64-bit if that helps . ( eepman )
- It's easy to bump into the boss accidentally, especially if the distances between "reach the boss with your sword" and "touch the boss and get hurt" are so close. ( Cesque )

The suggestions list :

- I would like to hear some ambient noises . ( Overman )
- Add a few more background details in the dungeon areas... torches, vines, broken walls, etc. ( Farik )

The music list : ( Feel free to collaborate , I love midis but anything is welcome . )

Our first two sample songs brought to you by Overman .


All stages most end with a boss

Puzzling puzzles

There is no proper adventure without a cave

YouTube video brought to you by AuthenticKaizen ( ) :

And the game :

I hope you enjoy what is there of this project .Leave your thoughts and suggestions , all feedback is welcome . Enjoy !

Reworking The Power
Posted on June 26, 2009 at 17:54

Do you people remember The Power that I released over a year ago ? Well I decided to give it a little rework and have already done some progress .First I give you the list of updates and what needs to be done and such and then some screenshots and a YouTube video and of course a link to the new improved version...well what is there so far .

Here is the updates list :

- All room speeds changed from 30 to 60 , as a result nearly every object had to be edited , all speeds had to be reduced , all alarm timers had to be increased , all sprite speeds had to be increased , many animations needed additional images . A room speed of 60 makes the game run smoother and everything looks way better because of this .
- The controls have been greatly improved , first we had : one button for every selection on the main menu and in game options , now we just select options with arrows up and down and enter .We also had one button for every weapon and item on the game weirdly placed in the middle of the keyboard ( C V B N ) now we have one primary fire button and one secondary fire button and you just press down to select secondary weapons .
- I cleaned trough the code of almost every object eliminating unnecessary actions and variables .
- Reduced the annoyance level of some enemies .
- First weapon now has automatic fire .
- Added variable jump height .
- Room transition objects reduced from over a hundred to just 4 .
- Minor sprite edits and additions .
- Minor sound edits and additions .
- Minor bug corrections .
- Minor text edits .

What needs to be done :

- Music , I have 3 very interested people in making music for this game and maybe my other games . I am happy .Anyone is welcome to help . You will get good old credits for your work . Your name right after mine when the game begins .
- A final boss fight with The King of course . I should have done this from the beginning .
- Get rid of typos and improve the story telling . A friend of mine is working on it but anyone is welcome to help . The goal is to make things errors free and sound ( read ) better , not to change what is there . Again , collaborators will be credited for their work .
- I had plans to switch from still images to actual cut-scenes for the story telling but maybe not .

The " To Do " list :

Please report any bugs and annoyances as pronto as you can . I found one myself ...

- The second time you fight the snow boss he goes too fast . ( Alexitrón ) - STATUS - FIXED
- I hit a big penguin with a mine and it returned an error ( Snail ) . - STATUS - FIXED
- I found the typo in : Explanation Screen - Inventory is spelled incorrectly (Sven ) - STATUS- FIXED
- Throwing Sword Boss - The Checkpoint save didn't save, and made me go all the way back to the boss before. ( Sven ) -STATUS - There is no checkpoint there , I will add it - FIXED
- The first walking enemies always face left when falling. ( QOG ) - STATUS - FIXED
- It's annoying when the steam is tiny but still hurts you. ( QOG ) - STATUS - FIXED

The suggestions list :

- I would like to skip messages like " Progress saved " and " You got this or that " . ( Snail )
- In the main menu if the game finds that there is a save file then " load " should be selected instead of " start " ( Snail)
- A feature that I would like to see added, would be saving by use of registry. ( Sven )

The screenshots :

Better menus

Easy to select weapons

This ? Just my favorite scenario in the game . HA !

The YouTube video brought to you by AuthenticKaizen ( ) :

And of course the game :

I hope you people enjoy this improved version of The Power ! Let me know what you think .

I would like to meet people with musical talent .
Posted on May 18, 2009 at 21:15

I feel kinda bad now because by the time I released The Power two members of the 64digits community offered to make music for it and I said no . Now I have plans to fix all my games as a break from the new project I'm working on and would love it if all or at least most of them had original Midi or chip tune music . I already fixed BlasterMan vs YellowSkull big time ( see previous entry ) and it only needs some music to be complete . I already started re-working on The Power and have done all the tedious stuff ( like changing all rooms speed to 60 and fixing every object to fit this new speed ) and only need to work on the things that I want to add ( like a final boss ) and typos correction and so on . I can only offer credit and your name ( or logo or any other trade mark that you may have ) right after my name when the games begin . Of course you can always add your e-mail or site address along with your name . So.....yeah . Please let me know if anyone is interested .

I fixed BlasterMan vs YellowSkull
Posted on May 15, 2009 at 16:20

I gave BlasterMan vs YellowSkull a mayor and much needed update , here is a list of all the fixes :

- Use of views and instance deactivation code to make the game run faster ( some speed issues were reported with the original version )
- Seamless screen scaling thanks to ChavyRay's ( Skull Pogo ) screen scaling scripts and tutorial .
- Better menus and in-game option menus that use up , down and enter to select options opposed to one key for each option on the original version .
- In game options will pause the game .
- All enemy and trap sprites got edited .
- Background image for both normal and hard levels .
- Fixed the player's jumping .
- You will only fight YellowSkull at the end of the tower (normal and hard ) and is slightly easier to defeat .
- Level 2 ( normal and hard ) got an additional checkpoint .
- Level 2 ( hard ) got some enemies removed on the first section .
- You will not fight Yellow Skull in level 5 (normal and hard ) anymore . As a result an additional section has been added to the level .
- Minor modification on level 8 ( normal and hard )
- You can now shoot with A , Z or CTRL and jump with S , X or ALT .
- Health shows on top of the player only at the beginning of a level on checkpoints and when a hit is taken .
- Title screen , credits screen and all menus now look different .
- Deleted many unnecessary objects .
- Minor fixes on the platform engine .
- Minor sound edits .

I wish my game had MIDI or Chip Tune music . Anyone is welcome to create some but I would like it to be exclusive for this game . Your name will appear right after mine when the game begins like " music created by ( insert your name here ) " . Credit is all I can offer .

This version includes the .exe file and .gmk file of both versions of the game .

I hope you enjoy this new version of the game . I sure enjoyed working on it .

Here are the screenshots :

And here is the link to the game :

When did this happen?
Posted on April 09, 2009 at 23:57

64digits is up again and I am the last man on earth that gets to know it . I am ashamed of myself . Also , does anyone here knows how to make custom text boxes that are RPG like ? One more thing , I would love to meet people with musical talent , I love midis. Anyone? I'm doing this from the Wii so I hope the shortness of this entry gets forgiven.

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