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Hello everyone, my name is Aleksas and I’ve been referred by my older brother (Zuurix) to register to this site because it's "Awesome".

I am a hobbyist artist and I would be happy to post my art here every once in a while, if the community members won't mind. I usually work on Landscapes/scenery and fantasy digital art, I don’t like painting people except for an occasional shadowy figure. I draw with mouse (Which is apparently some sort of an achievement?) on a free program called "MyPaint". I mostly upload my art in Deviant Art and Imgur so I will try my best not to spam too much art in this site.

As far as my interests go, I love video games (what a surprise.), more specifically: Dark souls 1 (I don’t have 2 & 3 yet) and I’m trying to beat the game in NG+ right now. Other than that I love anything related to Game of Thrones, a huge fan of both books and the series even though they are quite different by now.

And that pretty much covers it.

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