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Posted on October 28, 2009 at 18:47

Alrighty, so I'm pretty hyped up right now since things have been going so well right now its not even funny(actually one story is but thats besides the point).

First off my friend Cory is back in town from being away for like 6 months from working so I'm glad he is back(and he is back for good this time). I knew he was getting back sometime this week because me and a bunch of our friends are going to a concert tomorrow so he had to be here for it. But yeah I got a call like last night from him and he was like "SKEARD YOU SHOULD MEET US AT TACO BELL BECAUSE TACO'S ARE DELICIOUS" and then the phone hung up. I was confused so I called the number back, found out was him and did meet up with him and my friends at Taco Bell. The funniest thing is though when i got there, one of my friends turns to me, points to all of my friends there and makes the drunk hand signal. I sat down with them and immediately started going through procedures to see if they were actually drunk...turns out they were and it was hilarious. So me and my other sober friend spent the rest of the night acting like parents to them and making sure they didn't get into any trouble. Needless to say, it was a good night(though I wish'd I was there when they started drinking).

Today though, we went out to Halifax(oh shit, you know a relative location as to where I live) so I could get my concert ticket along with my other friend. I was stress'd out as hell cause its the day before the concert and I didn't think I would get my ticket. I did though, and fuck was that a load off my back holy shit bricks! After we got that we started walking around waiting to get picked up by our friends dad and we came across a bunch of posters advertising the concert and we took a bunch of them and we all have them on our walls cause were that cool. Now for those who have been bother'd by my avoidance of the band at which the concert I'm attending. The band I'm going see is Lamb of God! *crowd roars* Yes, yes the amazing Lamb of God¹. They are like one of my favourite bands, like seriously go listen to the song I'm gonna link at the bottom and listen, they are amazing! But yeah, Job For a Cowboy and GWAR are opening for them and JFaC is pretty good, and GWAR...GWAR you'll have to look up yourself if you want to know what GWAR is.

And other than that there is some personal stuff about woman that I may or may not like, may or may not have just broken up with her boyfriend and I may or may not be making it more and more obvious that I do like her, but thats besides the point.

All together shit has been going well recently and I hope it stays this way for a little while(or at least till I get secure a job).

Was a parent for my drunk friends
Got my Lamb of God ticket for the concert tomorrow
I may or may not have a girlfriend soon

Broken Hands - Lamb of God

¹: If you do not know of this band, raise right hand and proceed to slap oneself in the face

Posted on October 17, 2009 at 01:00

Its been over a year actually, but w/e things are AWESOME...sorta!

I've finally decided on what I'm do for college(after 2 years of endless ideas ranging from welder to undersea welder) and it completely shocked me on what I finally came down to deciding to do!

CULINARY ARTS MOFOs! Thats right behawches! I'ma be cooking some mad Souffle up in this hizzouse! I've actually made a few to date(most delicious thing ever!) along with a few other things. Thing is though, kinda stripped for cash so I haven't been able to apply yet, but I'll get that money just you wait, yeah about that job...there was this indecent where I got sick..and they didn't believe was a mutual separation...<_<

Stuff thats been happening since last year...Grew out of my "depression" as one could call it...lets not talk about him and his stupidity. Month or so passed and got hit with a +2 shovel or reality: +2 common sense...Thats it about that, phase in my life has gone into the wind and I glad its never coming back. Other stuff is that in March or so I got into Dungeons and Dragons and started a party with a few friends of mine. Its been going strong since, and i took over DM'ing after ours left because he had to go to school in Ontario...dick! Its really fun tbh, I didn't think it would actually be as fun as it is, but damn fighting dragons and then looting their corpse to find a dick tonne of treasure is kickass! The worst thing about it though is it eats up my entire Saturday cause we play hardcore! We play from like 10am till like 12am or later, thats how intense we are! This is also where I got my interest in the Culinary Arts, silly parents and them deciding they were tired of making us food...

In actual gaming news... I've gotten a laptop so i can actually play some MMO's now decently without my computer being a dicktit... Me and a few other friends started up a Diablo campaign a couple months ago and we play like once a week(or at least we used to) and were about 1/4 through nightmare difficulty. We'd be farther if we could play more often. Its awesome though cause I play a sorceress so I'm a few levels higher cause I rape shit AoE style! This computer can actually play rumble fighter unlike my desktop and its one of a kind error >_>, but I don't really have the urge to play it because its horribly unbalanced for players who do feel like spending real money on the game. Lost Saga on the other hand, which BTW just finished up CBT which was alright, coulda used a few more hero's than just 4. I started playing the korean version and if anybody plays, we should totally play because...playing with Koreans is no fun if you don't understand what they are saying(there is a bunch of English talking people on there, I'm not the only one). Other than that I don't really game a whole lot anymore cause my XBL account died way back when I started D&D, and I'm really stripped for cash so i cant re-buy it '>_>

I figure I might as well do something besides rant about by life and stuff...SO! For those who really like metal music I figure I'd recommend a band or so because they are pretty under-rated for such an awesome band IMO, idk. The band is Blinded Colony, they got a bunch of really good songs, only one album though cause they lost their singer and blah blah blah stuff...ANYWHO! I'ma put my favourite song by them down below so you should listen to it...cause its awesome...

Taking Culinary Arts in college
"depression" is gone
I'm out a job
I play D&D now
pc gaming is alright <_<
awesome metals below!

Blinded Colony - In Here
Click to go watch it cause the Youtube BBCode doesn't want to make the video appear...

Posted on September 26, 2008 at 21:31

Isn't alright but a least shes staying. Things went more south than Antarctica, but I got her to stay. I don't love her anymore, realized love is a lie, now I hope somebody is willing to give me a chance but nobody does cause that how my goes.

On Thursday, the day everything went south, I felt like shit so I went to Wendy's with a bunch of friends and i bought a 12 patty burger, cost me $20. Ate it all, patty by patty until like four than ate it like a burger.

Other than that things have been alright i suppose, Thursday was a awful day.

She's Leaving...
Posted on September 22, 2008 at 21:02

I won't go into detail, but the one girl I truly love is leaving.
She is moving in with her dad do to recent events in her life.This is not good because her dad lives like an 2 hours away from me and she'll be changing schools and everything.

Now you may be saying "are you sure you love her?" and the answer is yes because we have known each other for 4 years now and we tell each other everything. And now that she is moving we are talking about stuff and things we wished we should of done while we did know each other. I'm finding out things one person would never want to hear from the person you love. And she is finding out things now that I thought were really obvious.

Now we still will be able to talk to each other, but its the fact that I will never get so see her ever again. Talking over MSN isn't the same as being in her presence, and actually being able to see her beautiful face. Also, talking over MSN you can't sense emotion.

I've done all I could to convince her to stay, but she won't budge. I'm just hoping she'll change her mind before Thursday because that's the last day I get so see her and its a day I never want to come. But life must move on and if this is her choice I respect it. I just wish it wasn't.

Posted on September 16, 2008 at 22:11

Mef, decided to make a blog because I'm bored and such and such.

Anywho, how goes the school you may be wondering (if not you are now). I got most of the courses, and after about a week of changing them around so it could have certain classes with friends and such, its all fine. Only has three courses each semester.


Astronomy 12: good class, one I didn't have to move. Teacher is cool, though her figure is confusing, her hips are like her elbow span. The class itself is making me look up space videos and shit on the interwebs and its tripping me out. Universe Size here is a good example. Stars and Planet Sizes and that one is just cool.

English 12: HATE ENGLISH! I only take English cause the school makes me. I have a bunch of friends in this class and that's what makes this class worthwhile. Other than that I hate this class.

Production Technology 12: Woodworking course. Has more of a point than English. Me and a friend are building a trebuchet and we really don't know how to do such and such, so I was like "Sure why not".

There is a dance at our school Thursday, the first in a year. Its basically a test dance to see if everyone can actually act sensible. We all know people can't, so me and my friends are going for shits and giggles and once its really obvious that the dance is going down the shitter, we are going to start a mosh pit, yes a mosh pit. This is only possible because my school has a triple gym and the DJ is only in the center of the three gyms, so they crowd there. We plan to do a few other things, but the mosh pit is the big thing.

The Lets Play thing, I decided not to do it because I can't get the audio too sync right and other reasons.

My mother declared haircut on me the other day because my hair is getting rather long and it looks really messy, I like it so I don't give 2 shits. But i decided I probably should get it trimmed, so I'm dying my hair blue first. No not an obnoxious colour of blue, a dark blue that you know is blue, but you look twice to make sure. I've found once place that sells blue hair dye, but its too dark, so I went to a professional hair salon and they priced my hair and such and they said up to $100! I was like WTF. But they do custom colours and they make it the exact colour you want and its professionally done instead of my friends in his basement.

Currently, I'm trying to get a new job at Tim Hortons, as for the Pizza place, they are giving me shit all hours and I'm not making enough money to satisfy my needs. Also my friend works there so I'd rather work with him than some other people.

There is some other stuff i could get into but that would cause other people to get angry and such, and i try to avoid that. I'm more of a comforting person that people tell their problems to.

School Time!
Posted on September 02, 2008 at 19:10

Well, Today is my last day before heading back to school. Grade 12, last year before I'm done with craptacular school. I've got no idea if I got the courses I wanted, if not... I don't know what I'll do. Lots of weird stuff is guaranteed to be happening this year. Oh yes, very wierd things indeed.

Summer; How it went
Well, I'd have to say this summer was probably my worse summer out all my school summers. Lets see why. My brother came down for 3 FUCKIN WEEKS after I got home after spending a week or so at Jakes House (Requiem). T'was the most annoying 3 weeks I've ever had. Luckily some of my friends bailed me out so I wasn't home all the time. After my brother left, my friends grandparents were down for 3 weeks, and nobody was allowed over. I probably wouldn't of minded if his grandparents were annoying, but NO! His grandparents are bible thumping, goin' to church everyday, no meat on fridays grandparents. I think they also drove him crazy because I managed to get him away from his grandparents for a few days and before he came over he said they had him washing his house. Over all this summer had more downs than ups and I'm kinda looking forward to school because of those downs and ups.

Job news
Had my training done. We are opening either Wednesday or Thursday. Apparently cheese is so exspensive that we have a cheese chart which tells you how many ounces or grams (can't remeber) to put on each type of pizza. Now, if we go over said amount, we can be fired if we do it to much, but if we go under we get praised. Other than that, the food is godly. The pizza place is called 'New Orleans Pizza'. Its Canadian pizza chain, this is the first store that is out of Ontario. I work with two of my lesser friends, but we joke a lot, and we get free pizza every now and then. Our boss is a chick and lets just say she is pretty damn good looking. My favourite job so far is cutting the pizza because not only is it the easiest, it requires the least amount of effort.

Random News
I'm considering starting a 'Lets Play' series on YouTube. I'm having trouble chosing a game to start with. I have a video recorder, done a few tests with a few games to make sure that it doesn't cause lag, and I has a microphone so I can do audio. So at the end of this blog I'ma leave a few choices and an open request so hopefully I'll get a decent amount of responses to help me choose. A few requests about the game requests. Must be able to play on emulator and preferably not on PS1, I can get one it just requires massive effort.

A. Seiken Densetsu 3
B. Golden Sun
C. Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
D. Random Request

Posted on August 28, 2008 at 18:21

A tribute to Buzz Killington.

So, there once was a bridge over river in Cat-man-do.
This bridge was a very sad bridge, because nobody knew that Cat-man-do existed except one stickman.
The bridge was tired of only one stickman to stick his suspension wires into.
So, it began to shake rattle and roll all about so it could stand up tall.
After a few earthquakes, over 200 casualties and a flying cow named Frog, it stood up and started to head towards...
The bridge had a hard trip because Cat-man-do was in an alternate dimension, and he couldn’t fit in a rip in the time space continuum.
Eventually the bridge found a rip known as gate 9 and 3 ½.
As he walked through it he found him self in a plane station.
The plane station was full of plains.
So that could only mean he was in...
He noticed that all the plains were flat, and it didn't look much like a station, but he decided to not ponder it much.
Not knowing what direction to travel in because the place is so fucking flat you never know where you’re going, she whipped out a compass from her ass.
He gave it a flick to see if it still worked after he stole if from the flying cow, and it did.
She waits for the needle to point NWNWN, and then heads SESES.
As the bridge approaches the border into the states, customs stops it.
Customs exclaims they have to check her for illegal material.
When they began their search they find...
The condoms are only from the dimension he is from, so of course he is arrested and sent down to...
Aunt Arrtika is a very nice lady.
She bakes cookies out of hermaphrodite sperm all the time.
These cookies tasted like Tiki masks.
The bridge was happy that it had Tiki mask tasting hermaphrodite sperm cookies.
But sadly, the cookies did not satisfy his needs for scerwable stick men from SAN FRANDICKO.
So he gave Aunt Arrtika a big kick to the shins and he was on his way.
As the bridge walked down that lonely road, the boulevard of broken dreams.
The bridge realized that the boulevard of broken dreams was in SAN FRANDICKO.
He had made it.
But where were all the stickmen to screw with.
Moments later, Aunt Arrtika, Frog and Customs woke up the bridge and told him when he woke up this morning, a stickman had gave him a good knock on the head to make the rape more pleasurable.
The walked in moments later exclaiming the bridge better watch her back cause next time its going to be a head butt in the ovaries.

Recipe for Tiki mask tasting hermaphrodite sperm cookies.

Pour 8oz of hermaphrodite sperm in.
9 and 3 1/2 cups of souls for flying cows with names from other animals
8 ‘8 dicked bastards’ from SAN FRANDICKO
And shake rattle and roll from Cat-man-do to customs.

That is all.

Ps: If you don't know who Buzz Killington is...YOU FAIL!

Posted on August 19, 2008 at 01:26

Well's I gots my name changed to what it was originally supposed to be. I am now AppleHawk. Griffeonix shall only be refered to when Shirley is mentioned. For those who do not know of Shirley, you may or may not find out.

Other news; Jetpack Ninjas are douchetastic. I recently started playing Ninja Gaiden for the NES and I'm at the point where the jetpack ninjas are raping me beyond all beleif. I thought this game might be easier now since I'm older and more gaming experienced. WRONG! This game is still hard as high hell.

Other, other news; I've been bored out of my fucking mind the past week or so because there is nothing to do! Started playing CoD4 again after about 5 months break cause I have someone to play with for a few more days. Jaxx's xbox of phail is basically a phailbox. It needs to go in for repairs for 3 weeks! So I've been basically haunting the computer and such. If you has a 360 and xbl, message me or summat and we might be able to play a game or something, I DON'T KNOW.

Other, other, other news(this is the news nobody really cares about); I now has job. YAY! that means after months of saving paycheck after paycheck from this job, I can has new computer, and ditch this one. As for what I do at this job, well. I make...PIZZA! Damn straight. And I get 50% off all meals so HALF PRICE PIZZA FTW!

Well, this seems to be quite a lot longer from my other blog, so I'll stop around here. Also, if you know of any good console RPGs, let me know. Just do not tell me Final Fantasy. I don't care how good it is, I don't like it.

I'm Slightly New
Posted on July 29, 2008 at 22:35

We'll, yeah as the title says, I am slightly new here. I used to have an old account here, which was never really used and had a god awful name.

On to other buisness. As for game making, I am in the same boat as Scythetastic. I'm really lazy and haven't really gotten around to learning GM. I do have occasianlly try to learn it via random conversations with Requiem. Though I did make one game, everyone has probably either made it or ignored it entirly. Though after I finished it, Requiem claimed he could make a better one in 5 minutes. Lets just say he won that battle.

Anywho, you probably don't give a hoot about this, or rather who I am, but god damnit im going to tell you anyway.

Griffeonix isn't really my nickname, that would be Skeard. My online nickname is usually AppleHawk, but 64D refuses to let me use that one. A few people do know me on here, as I've mentioned I do know Requiem and Scythetastic. I do also know Kamira, Ross and a few others who's names escape me.

Well this is getting to be rather long for my first blog, so I'ma cut it here.

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