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The Dream
Posted on January 31, 2016 at 18:34

when I first got here, 64digits was

A) elitist as shit
B) fun
C) a bunch of young hackers finding community and solidarity for the first time
D) organic and evolving

we started on Game Maker. When I started GM, it was version 4.1 I believe. I had to be like 9 years old. I don't think I found 64d until GM 5, at like 13 years old.

I don't know what the pre-v2 days were like really. I joined right around when v2 was released. As far as I know, we evolved mostly out of the old Game Maker Community forums. There were a few other community sites that I barely remember the names of that we effectively competed with, but I think our fun spirit and blog platform is what really set us apart from the other Game Maker game publishers. Some people resented our elitism but we didn't care because we all had the same things in common. We were all young kids who loved to explore this new evolving Internet and its peripherals. We all had loads of creativity that was expressed and fostered by our own standards for quality. We had community figures that gave back to the community, which was constantly breathing new life into itself via fun hacks and some not-so-fun. Or, we'd all hang out in the latest JakeX game, or compare achievements in the latest LOLOMGWTFBBQ...

They were grand times indeed. And many of us have gone on to get higher education and careers in computer science and the like. I just think that's awesome.

I'm not sure what we are now.
I mean, that's fine. That's life. Life goes on. Things get old.
But the thing about this community, I think it's spirit is still relevant today.
We're a community that sees code as art, and code as community.
We have a community with a passion for creativity in many forms.
We're more than just a website, we are a virtual kingdom. (Remember 64RPG? Ha!)

I think we can build on what we have, and evolve it further.
Computer science/engineering meets art and music.
I suppose at the core, it's all about game development, and the assets related to game development. But we have a community that creates many different forms of media and having the ability to showcase those things is what made us awesome.

I think user profiles should be like customizable portfolios that can display our projects, blogs, game/site achievements, and other media.

The submissions process should be open to multiple forms of media that is well-organized and meets our historic standard of quality.

I'm awful at explaining my ideas but maybe one of these days I'll be able to show you. :)

I just really think we can still make something of this. Forgive my nostalgia. :)

Posted on April 27, 2013 at 19:51

- need a list of staff members easily accessible somewhere
- generic userpage widgets/css, tessellate?
- find link to v3 suggestion thread when not lazy
- rich text editor? smashboards has spoiled me
- file manager image viewer


Posted on April 19, 2013 at 15:00

this website makes me so sad nowadays

Posted on December 17, 2012 at 20:06

Hello beloved and esteemed community,

As Overlord of 64digits, I entirely on my own volition and without opposition hereby declare the following message the fundamental principle of 64digits' existence:

Please be nice :(

That is all.


64digits: Masters of Irony
Posted on May 31, 2012 at 19:20

In other news, the file uploader works again. Sorry for the downtime, but you know we do. :)

Posted on May 09, 2012 at 20:55

So I've been playing Freespace 2 SCP again, since I finally got my joystick working properly on Linux. I beat the FS2 campaign last time I played, so now I'm playing through the SCP's souped-up Freespace 1 port to the new engine.

Freespace 2 is arguably one of the greatest space combat games out there, and since Interplay released the source code into the public domain, the community over at Hard-Light has been pouring their sweat, blood, and tears to turn this decade-old game into a modern gem. They've done a damn good job.

Here's a video of my shitty FS2 piloting skills!

I'm looking for people to play through a campaign with, so if you're interested go grab yourself a copy!

Also, I'm looking for people to play Descent 3 (6-degrees-of-freedom shooter made by the same company) campaign or deathmatch with. Any takers?

Posted on April 29, 2012 at 15:25

So I've been doing some contemplation on the future of this fine website like I always do, but I've been so out of touch with the community for the past two years that I don't know what direction the site is/has been moving in.

It feels like I've come back to a shadow of what this site once was. Where we were once a thriving, active community, full of inquisitive minds and delusions of grandeur, I see now the remains of some wasteland that's been striving to rebuild without direction. We all moved our separate ways, I suppose; that's an unfortunate circumstance of real life. Despite that, I know that we can still collectively breathe new life into this place and rebuild our great community.

There's been talk of a new myth dubbed 'v4' that's certainly not coming to fruition any time soon. We can dream, though! After all, the last myth actually turned out to be prophecy. While we, the goderators work in the shadows to bring you the latest in lazyness-driven technology, I'd personally like to have the community's input on what 64digits is and what you think it should be.

Since we're not really a Game Maker community anymore, I like the idea that we're a Compsci/Engineering community. That's pretty much what we were in olde times yore, but few of the active members of the community then were actually enrolled in a university...

However, I digress. Here are a couple of ideas that I've been rattling around in my head regarding v4:

- Games/Examples become 'Projects' and Projects can be a package of one or more of Code (games/examples/apps/etc), Art (with an emphasis on reusable art for the purposes of other projects), and Music (with the same emphasis as Art); As far as submissions to the site are concerned, anything featured should be of some utility or entertaining value to the community. There's nothing stopping you from posting your own private works in a blog!

- Member Points become 'Digits' which can be earned by interacting with the site and posting quality content. Digits can buy you things like being featured on the front page, coloring your username, custom icons, extended file manager privileges, maybe things like special powers in Minecraft/Teamspeak/IRC, private Git repositories, items in the 64RPG...

- Oh, yeah, let's revive the 64RPG, too. Having an RPG built into the site would be sweet. And of course, Digits would play heavily in the RPG.

- Badge list acts as a trophy case: you can choose which badges are valuable to you and display them proudly on your userpage. This then ties into the idea of:

- 64API: proposed to me by Chiken, would allow games published on 64digits to interact with the site for Authentication and Achievement (whichever form they may take) tracking. Games would then have the authority to distribute badges a la ColumnsX and could use our user database a la Reflect Games.

That's all I've got. What are your thoughts, 64digits?

Here's an idea...
Posted on April 03, 2012 at 18:36

64d should host private git repositories. You could buy them with member points or something.

Oh, and why no link to the IRC next to Minecraft and Teamspeak?

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