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May 01, 2014

FallenGrid Update
Posted on February 02, 2017 at 00:28

Hello again, 64digits! It's been a while, but seeing as how FallenGrid was primarily a project for the spring comp in its age, I have some news!

I have been working working on this game on and off, and am now finally at the point of where I feel the game is ready to push into a commercial title. FallenGrid will be updated to Alpha 0-1-7 on with the full game in progress regularly updated with progress.

Level 1 will be released on here as a refined version of the game submitted for the compo at the time.

Screenshot for flashies!

I'm back? And Fallengrid news.
Posted on June 11, 2015 at 02:12

Having finished up my college work, I'm back into the game dev scene in force, and working on an update for Fallengrid right now. I need to do more testing and such, but an update in the next couple days is certainly not outside of the realm of possibility.

That being said, here are a couple screenshots for FG.

(also, 64digits could do with a "preview blog" feature)

Post-comp dev and plans
Posted on May 10, 2014 at 04:34

I've been working here and there on an update to FallenGrid to put up post-voting period; correcting issues and improving the experience overall. The biggest is properly scaling everything; game difficulty, game graphics, and adding the content that I had originally planned to add. I'll be posting progress screenies and other content ideas as I go along for this game.

Thus, the first things I've "redone" are a touch-up to the boss graphics, with much more to come as I get it done:

Now that it's over...
Posted on May 01, 2014 at 04:29

I've been putting off several college projects that I need to get done over this weekend, so I'm going to be turning my focus towards them. Feedback is tasty, and I'll try to get back to everyone as it goes, but I'm going to be spending every day in focus mode. Look forward to the voting phase, and I'll get in as much playing of others' games as possible.

I also might be using this as my "main" dev blog dump from now on, or at least until I can fester the funds to get my own website up and running. As it stands, though, I think using someone else's format on a "free" site is well within reason. =P

64DSC - Game uploaded!
Posted on May 01, 2014 at 00:40

Uploaded my game. Hope it'll be enough to stand up to the competition. I'm also looking forward to everyone else's submissions, as I'm sure I'll learn something from seeing other's work in action.

#64DSC - final steps
Posted on April 30, 2014 at 22:30

Getting the final steps of completing and polishing my game up. Gonna get a few little menuy things up, and then uploading the game in the next half hour or so. After that I'll work on more content up until the deadline.

#64DSC Game Progress
Posted on April 29, 2014 at 16:52

My project's status is almost "done" for the compo; I have about 50% of the content that I wanted to get done. With college finals coming up, I was unable to get done as much as I wanted. The game is playable, but not as much as I had hoped for.

I'm probably going to not win anything, but you never know. I'm happy with what I got done in the time I had available, though.

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