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finished banner game and link to.
Posted on August 17, 2008 at 03:13

Well I'm working on a banner game about my banner. it's going to be fun =D. you play as the blue guy and you catch the falling yellow people out of the sky by moving your player left to right. iIf you don't manage to catch a yellow guy when he hits the ground he is dead =O =(. When you catch a yellow guy person you get 1 point for saving his/her life. To win you need to catch at least 64 (thus 64 digits) people or more to win but if you don't then you have yourself to blame that you have let many people died and not have saved as many as you possible can =P. This game DOES sound easy but believe me that it is not. your points are displayed at top middle of the screen. This game can be played at full screen too (F4 of course). You move your player with mouse cuz it would be useless and unfair to use arrow keys that wont let you freely control fast movements and etc.. I have been working on this game for an hour and have taught myself how to control your guy with mouse during the making of this game. The ground you walk on is a red line (like banner) and has white score. so it ha every color that my banenr has. =D So who's gonna play my game when I finally get it done? It has retro graphics like my banner.


My story of my Atari 2600
Posted on August 06, 2008 at 06:28

Alright, I got my Atari 2600 about 2 years ago because I got interested in it and its games. I kept thinking that I wanted the Atari 2600 so bad so after a while of begging my mom to spare me some cash so I could have just enough money to buy an Atari 2600 she finally drove me to a shop near my town where they sell all video games in their store.

The price of the Atari was about 80$, it came with two joystick controllers and one paddle controller. I had a little bit of money left so my mom let me buy some games for it. I bought Pitfall, StarMaster, Keystone Kapers, Kaboom! and (Yes, I got this game because I loved the movie and thought the game was interesting looking because I was wondering what the game would be I bought it so I could find out and the game cartridge looked good and not cheaply made) the last game I got was a game that I now know is one of the most hated games and is called by some people the worst video game... E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. When we drove home before I even got to play my Atari my mom had me do a small chore by helping her paint the wooden swingset in my our back yard.

I was trying to hurry as fast and get it done fast so I could get to play my Atari as soon as possible because I had been excited ever since I held onto the Atari in the car on the way home. After a while I finally got done helping her I rushed up back into my house up the stairs, grabbed my atari, rushed into my room and set it all up to my TV. The first game I played was pitfall and it was fun, I quickly changed the game to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and didn't understand it at all so I played kaboom, kaboom is mainly the one I spent my most time on playing the most, after that game I played Keystone Kapers and that was a lot of fun too.

About a week after that one I found that one of the cords for my Atari swtich box was pulled out of the switch box and tore open. I forgot all about atari for about 2 years since it was broken and I didn't have internet so I could buy a new switch box and there wasn't a store in town that had a switch box, not even the one I bought my Atari 2600 from. So in the 2 years after all that I finally had internet but dial-up and I still didn't remember my atari 2600 so ok moving on...the NEXT year we were able to finally get broadband in the area where we live and then a few months after that I took out all my old game systems and found my Atari 2600 so it brought back my memories of its cord not working and I not being able to play it for a long time. Still today, (a few more months after that) I have still been looking and searching for a new switch box for my atari 2600, I even went to radio shack and bought a couple of things...but they ended up not working.

Today I have found a site with something that might work so tomorrow I'm going to maybe order it and see if it works, if not then I might just have to buy a new Atari 2600 for 70$ I'm really wanting to play my Atari and I will even buy a new one if I really have to.

Mario Bros. for the ATARI 2600 and other stuff.
Posted on June 22, 2008 at 00:08

Did you know that Mario Bros. came out for the ATARI 2600?
Here's a video of some gameplay.
I didn't know that for a while because we generally see the NES version, I never heard of this version until today when I was looking at youtube videos. I want this game, you can even play two-player at the same time on it. Looks like a great game.

By the way, how do you put a youtube video on here but not the link? I tried the embed but it did not work.

Here's what Super Mario Bros. would look like on the ATARI 2600:
Also, here's a review for it:
I would definity buy it if it was on ATARI 2600. It would be awesome.

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