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3-D Anaglyph in GM
Posted on April 06, 2009 at 15:26

Well, it's been about 3 1/2 months since I last submitted a game here. (Mine Race 3-D). It is still listed as number 2 in the Queue system, but I don't see the file in my list. If anybody want's to snag it, you can download it at...

Now I already did 3-D Kaboom ages ago, which used pre-rendered sprites for the bombs (created with 3-Space... a program I have used for creating graphics in many of my games) and used a program called 3-D Combine to make them in 3-D anaglyph format.

I wanted to try an make a more "true" 3-D game with Game Maker. Not Pre-Rendered graphics, but something that would calculate the difference in a real 3-D world environment.

That was my experiment called Mine Race 3-D. It's nothing was more based on testing a method of displaying real 3-D graphics in Game Maker (using the old Red/Cyan 3-D movie glasses) and kinda a speed test before the effect would break down.

These are two views from the game. I appologize for the quality since they are shrunk down. It looks much better if full screen.

Why two images? Well as you can see one is Cyan and the other is Red. The way I displayed real 3-D in Game Maker was to display the view for the right eye (Cyan) and then in the next frame have it draw the left eye (Red). It flip-flops rapidly between these two views.

Without the 3-D glasses it would look like a flickering mess. With the 3-D glasses on the right eye only sees the right view, the left eye only sees the left view. (In principle anyways....)

So how do you achive a real 3-D view in GM? As you can see my game looks pretty much "wire frame" style...kinda vector graphic-ish for the most part. This is not by accident!

Why not go with full solid graphics? The flicker from the screen starts to be overwhelming the more solid images apear....even with the glasses on. The 3-D effect breaks down. With just a wire frame look the flicker effect is greatly reduced with the glasses on.

There is a way to kina display 3-D graphics nicely without a wireframe look. It has to do with displaying the main view, then the left and the right views "added" to them without wiping out the original image. This would only be sutible for stuff where you are maybe taking "steps" in a game. Like how you move in games like Myst or Riven... You got one nice looking picture...move ahead, and it jumps to another view with no transition. As long as the previous images are not wiped out. It would only clear the screen to draw a new view if you moved. Very slow in real time!

So how does this 3-D work? Many already get the concept of how 3-D with the glasses work but here is a general example...

It has to do with what is visible and what is blocked out when you wear the 3-D glasses, and where it tricks your eyes to focus on.

The red lense can see red but not cyan. The cyan lense can see cyan but not red. This "allowing one color to be seen and one is blocked out" is what makes your eyes focus on what is "believed" to be the depth of an object.

In the simple diagram, red lense only sees red, cyan lense only sees cyan. Imagine the black line being the front of your monitor displaying the graphics. The position of the red and cyan objects determines the precieved depth of an object (the black circle).

So with Game Maker....if you know how to make a game in "3-D" already, it's just a matter of flip-floping between two different views. Instead of just one view where "X" is where you are focusing your camera on and Y is where you are looking just change Y a couple pixels either left or right from that "from" view.
I hope that made sense. Your target X,Y,Z locations where the camera is focused on can stay the same, but where you are looking from you need to change one axis a few pixels for the effect. (Depending what angle you are looking from).

So when it comes time to draw the view, just have the program flip-flop between two views. Like view=-view.
If the view is negative draw in red one view. If it is positive, draw in cyan the other view.

Other factors to speed (seems to effect how fast your screen is refreshed). Try to find a number where the flicker effect becomes a minimum with the glasses on. Colors to use...I tried absolute red and cyan (255) but could see both with the 3-D glasses on kinda. I toned them down a bit so red should only see red and cyan only sees cyan...or as close as I could get.

Try not to have images "jump" off the screen too much. If you have images coming "off the screen" you need to make sure both red and cyan views fit fully on the screen. Going to extremes your eyes will have problems fousing on the images as well. (Having the red and cyan images a mile apart expecting it to be 2 inches from your face)

Try to keep the depth centered where the front of the screen should be. That is, try to have the images come out no farther than how far behind the screen they should apear. As red and cyan spread out, it gets harder to focus your eyes.

Oh yeah, side note...
Way back I made a game called Mount Neverest. Some people thought it was "too hard". Here is a video showing that it is more than posible to get thru all the holes easily.

Audio gets off track after a while, but you see it can be done.

Silver=Real Money
Posted on April 04, 2009 at 16:53

Wow, 64D is still alive? Been quite a ahile. Last game I submited was Mine Race 3-D. It was a very simple game I threw together in a few days to test a technique I figured out for displaying real 3-D graphics in GameMaker (using the Red/Cyan 3-D movie glasses for a real illusion of depth.) It has a wire frame look to keep the speed up and help illiminate the flicker with the glasses on. That was late December. I may put a link up to it if it dissapeared from sitting around too long.

In other news...Hmmm... Well, I turned 40. Like they say, better to be over the hill than under it. Vertigo came to a halt again. Wen't crazy with that "chicken or the egg" scenario trying to fix certain problems. Fix one thing, break two other things that were working.

I got laid off from my job for the next week. (More is comming I am sure). Could be worse, but I havebeen planning ahead since before October of last year getting ready for hard times.

I bought various items planning ahead for when money would be tight. One of those things I have been stocking up on is silver.

Hope I got that right for posting pictures. It's been a while. Just some of my collection. Mainly just different types of silver rounds/bars I have.

Larger views with both sides here if currious...

O.K. Chimp...why silver? Because the Fed has been printing money like crazy which is just going to devalue the dollar in the long run. Look what happened to Germany years ago.

Why not invest in gold? Well, gold is another great store of wealth, but I would only get the smallest denominations for it. Why? Say you got a 1 ounce gold coin. If it's value is near $1,000 or in that range now, what is it going to be when the dollar collapses? Are you going to buy a car with it? It's just got too much value unless you are just storing wealth you don't plan on cashing in.

Silver is the poor man'ss gold. It holds value but costs alot less. If I cash in a very valuable gold coin, I am cashing it in all at once. With silver, I can cash in whatever amount I need and still keep the rest for later.

By the way, the object of silver is not to "get rich" so much. It's more to "maintain the wealth that you have".
It's isn't so much that gold and silver are going up in value, but rather that the value of the dollar is going down. Now I am sure there is manipulation in the markets, but overall gold and silver have held value for thousands of years. Compare that with paper money.
Storing Gold and Silver is more of a long term investment.

Now I could throw a list of links to videos a mile long up here, because there are many aspects to owning precious metals. Here are some videos you might find of interest...

I'm not a real fan of Glenn Beck, I am more of an Alex Jones guy myself. But the chart should open your eyes a bit...

You are going broke...did you even know it?...

Further, like many others I would not recomend holding your gold and silver any other way than physically. If you can't hold it in your hand you don't own Jack. No paper certificates or letting someone else hold it for you in a vault somewhere.

Why not keep it in a bank?...

Some final stuff here... I started out collecting Silver Eagles. I kinda stear clear of that right now. They cost more over spot price than just straight bullion. Silver Eagles do have thier advantages, but I prefer just stright bullion rounds and bars. Silver is pretty much silver at the end of the day. It's kinda like buying shoes... both pair may work fine, but one pair may say Nike on then. Same stuff, just paying for a well known brand name.

All the silver I have is the same stuff. They are all .999 pure (except for a couple of Silver Maple Leafs I own which are .9999 pure.) I like the generic bullion, Just pure silver. I stay away from stuff like Numismatic coins that are based on how many coins are in circulation, what condition is it in, how old is it, etc... Same with "proof sets"...a waste of time for me. Silver is silver.

Would they try to confiscate like they did before? It's a posibility. But I feel the dollar is going to be toast in the long run no matter what. At least there is a chance of saving wealth with precious metals.

Well, that's it for now. Try not to buy PM's too high over spot price if you decide to go that route. (Young people saving money? What was I thinking?) LOL! j/k

Vertigo movie
Posted on September 28, 2008 at 18:32

Well, I started tinkering around with my project again. What sucks is if you walk away too long you forget alot of what you did in your program....and with Vertigo..Uhg!

I "may" have to try starting fresh with the way you move around. It works so close, but little bugs like being able to jump in mid air if you don't let go of the space bar and's driving me nuts trying to nail it down.

It may sound like a simple fix but remember...I am checking movement on 6 faces with 4 posible directions each. Then checking at every level...(6 levels of blocks posible and you could be on the very top or that makes 8) The events start to get a mile long, and although I did put in comments heavily for the first time, it is still hard to sort out.

For those of you with high-speed internet you can see what you can expect for gameplay here with a video I put up on You Tube...

The resolution was recorded at 50% because capturing the video slows it this is about the speed it runs at on my computer...2.6Ghz. And yes the animation is smoother than the video, but you will need a fast computer to play this game at any reasonable speed once it is done.

I WISH there was some Z collision detection in GM 6.1.... it would simplify things greatl.! Having to check everything manualy...what a fricking pain!

Well, once this game is done, it is probably the last I am going to go nuts with all the camera angles and heights with.

If I could just get this jumping thing down I could start cranking out levels with the level editor. Another bug is that when you are jumping on the Z axis with the joystick it only moves one space ahead instead of two.

Land of the Lost
Posted on August 17, 2008 at 11:07

At last...I am back on-line! (Only away for like 7 months, except for a few brief visits using other computers). Hopefully my "nightmare" is over and I can move on with my life. I moved into a nice small 1 bedroom apt. closer to work. No propeerty taxes, no water bills, gas included, 12 minutes to work instead of like 28 on the freeway...etc. All around a perfect place for me.
The move was a pain of course. Took 3 days off and had 2 days for the weekend for 5 days of moving all the junk out of my old place to be picked up by the garbage men, or taking what few things I would save to be moved here. About 30 to 35 of those 30 gallon garbage bags all stacked up in my back yard, couch, tables, other furnature, on and on, all to be junked. All 5 days were solid moving stuff here or junking the rest...then back to work! =P

In the time before my move (No phone, no T.V. , no internet...not a single luxury.....Gilligans Island theme plays on)...I wasted a good chunk of my time with DVDs I special old kids saturday morning T.V. show from the 70's called Land of the Lost. (Not the remake serries they tried arround the early 90's).
I did have a T.V, later on but I waited to buy one. My other one fried out on me around January I think it was.
Had a red screen for like 3-5 minutes before the picture would finally "pop in" normal. After a while it would not turn on at all.

So what is "Land of the Lost"? Like I was geared towards kids. Was my favorite show back then...I was like 5 to 8 years old when it first ran. The scripts are written in a way towards kids for language and stuff, but the Sci-Fi elements had many of the parents watching the show with thier kids. All sorts of wierd and cool things were possible in the show.

It's hard to nail down as many of the shows had thier own twist that much of them tied together in other episodes. The basic idea is that a ranger named Rick Marshall takes his two kids on a raft trip down a river. Durring thier trip and earthquake happens and the river gets more rapid untill the go over a waterfall....but they never hit bottom. Instead they fall into a hole in space...a dimentional dorway into the Land of the Lost. A wierd closed universe populated by various dinosaurs, lizard type creatures called sleestack, and other characters as time goes on. The Zarn, a being made of light that turns red when arround human emotion, Pakuni, little ape like people that are sort of like a missing link. (And no, I am not one of them...but there is an actuall Pakuni language that was developed for the it is possible to figure out what they are saying if you pay close attention). A creature lives in a pit of fog in the lost city where the Sleestack dwell...but you never see it, you only hear it. The sleestack worship it as thier god.

And now some other cool thing you will find in the Land of the Lost....

Top left-Chaka is reminded by Big Alice about the high price of eggs these days.
Top Right-Grumpy eyes up a pylon the kids jumped into. Pylons are a strange metalic pyramid-ish that do all sorts of strange things. They generally have a matrix table of crystalls in most of them. A pyramid shaped key on the outside is turned (on most of them) to open them up. Turn the key and a section on the front just vanishes allowing entry. Some pylons have no key and only open when the 3 moons line up in the sky a certain way. Some of the pylons control the weather, others can open dimentional doorways to other times and worlds, there are 2 clock pylons which control the time in the sky..meaning the sun could be stuck in the sky forever or it could be eternal night if they are played with, another controls the behavior of the sun which can cause solar flares and such. Another can turn you invisible for a time if you enter it. Another is the time regulator that allows the person to run time forward of backward effecting everything outside of it.
In the bottom pictures however the kids have discovered a weather pylon. By touching the crytals they manage to cause lightning storms, red and dark blue skys, hail, huricane type winds...
Pylons are also strange as they are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside.

In the pics on the top this time we see Enik with Will Marshall in the lost city trying to open a dimentional doorway back to his time to warn his people. Enik is an Altrusian. At first he thought he went back in time thru a doorway and the sleestack were his kind from the past. Instead he discovers from the Marshalls that his city is in ruins and the sleestack are his barbaric decendants who de-evolved into warlike stupid creatures and let his world go to hell in a handbasket.
The bottom pictures show the sleestack. The ones on the left are from the original 70's T.V. series. The last picture shows what the sleestack are supposed to look like in the new Land of the Lost movie that is supposedly being worked on. The release date is supposed to be like Summer of 2009. I hope they don't blow it...there are just too many cool elements for a good Sci-Fi movie with this stuff. I guess the people who actually played the sleestack in the original series were all UCLA basketball players if I remember right.

What else is cool in the show? Remeber the glowing crytals on the matrix tables? Well the crytalls can also do things when they are combined by themselves. The shows did screw up some of the proper combinations I think but some examples are...
Combining a blue crystal with a green one will make a temporary invisible force field shocking anything that touches it.
Trying to remeber some other ones for the right colors.... Red and blue mixed with a yellow will give you a paralizing electric shock if touched.
I think Red and green make light. Add a yellow and it will create a giant flash of light that doesn't last long.
Red and Yellow...I think make an explosion.

Other interesting stuff... Like I said, the Land of the Lost is a "closed universe". When the Marshalls climb a mountain and look thru a pair of binoculars they see people on another mountain far away. But looking closer they realize they are actually seeing THEMSELVES from the looking all the way around the world and seeing yourself from behind. There is a river that runs in a circle all the way around the Land of the Lost...complete with waterfall defying physics. One of the pylons is like a "subway car" in a sense that the door opens and closes...but each time it opens again it takes you to alternate type Land of the Losts or even back home.

Season 1 and 2 had many of the better episodes. Season 3 is pretty much the worst. There are still a couple decent ones in season 3...Aftershock, Timestop, Cornered (with Torchy the Dimetridon who breathes fire). Repairman was OK. But the worst episode by far had to be Aboinable Snowman!Hard to stomach watching that one. Medusa and Survival Kit were pretty lame as well. Well in Season 3 at least Rick Marshall "gets out" of the Land of the Lost using a pylon. Uncle Jack falls in the same way they got in at the same time. Lulu was a kinda cool creature as a 2 headed Loch Ness monster that lived in the swamp.

Episodes I liked from seasons 1 and 2 were Skylons, The Stranger, Elsewhen, Huricane, Circle, The Test. Gravity Storm, The Pylon Express, Split Personality, and Black Out.

If you try to watch this stuff, remember....this was really a Saturday morning "KIDS" T.V. show. Which know they are not going to have anybody die in the episodes. (Well, Spot does get caught by Grumpy in Skylons but nothing to grusome.) The dialog and acting is....well, overacted. They can only really "threaten violence". You are not going to see blood and guts or deadly weapons. And the was a pretty high budget for a kids show back then, but they did have to cut corners...meaning they use alot of the same dinosaur shots over and over because it was so expensive to make. Dinosaurs are all put in with that chroma-key stuff into the scenes and have that "jerk-o-rama look to them"....hey, Jurassic Park wasn't going to be around for another 20 years! The rubber pupet head shots were quite noticeable as well when the shots changed. I think they must have lost the Grumpy head in a fire from the first 2 seasons, because they use the wrong head at times in the 3rd season.

Well, dinosaurs, pylons, matrix tables, crystals, dimentional doorways....I hope they don't screw up the 2009 movie that is hopefully still in the works. Too many cool ideas that should not go to waste. Take care evrybody. =)

Still Alive, Still game creating
Posted on June 15, 2008 at 15:18

Yeah, I'm still here. Have no phone (by choice) for now untill I move, but most of my past problems are over. Using someone elses computer for the moment. I have been killing my time watching my Land of the Lost DVDs (The 70's version). Otherwise I started another project back around early February. I am taking the 3-D crash course with Game Maker 6.1. I have looked at many of the examples here which helped quite a bit. (And credit will be given in the game). I was tinkering with a puck bowling project in 3-D way back but never got far with it. This time I am getting a much better understanding how to pull things off. My current project is Vertigo, which is a Roll Away style game. My first game was somewhat of a Roll Away clone, but was only in 2-D. Well, with the 3-D the gameplay changes entirely because you can be on any of 6 sides of a cube. What happens is when you run into a block in front of you or in some cases when there is no block in front of you and you move forward, your whole world view will flip 90 degrees. So when you jump you can fall down, or up, sideways....

(Hmmm...not posting pictures like I was able to do before. Trying this as a different way. Sorry) =(

It plays the same way as Roll Away, except it is in 1st person perspective instead of 3rd. (I don't wan't to hear head is still swimming after trying to pull of everything I did so far). It took me like a month to a month and a half just to get all the dives, climbs, movement, rotations, etc... all working properly. There are 6 Levels of blocks for the Z axis for 8 possible heights you can be on.
Most of the objects are done...Normal blocks, hot blocks, ice blocks, laser blocks and the 4 colored lasers, switch blocks and all the switch colors, Time blocks (New since my last version), Bonus blocks (for Roll Away style bonus levels), Keys, Exit blocks, Glass blocks (Invisible untill sunglasses are picked up) used alpha blending on it so it looks nice. The breakable and fading blocks may not make it in (complications for how it detects things moving around...there are invisible flip blocks that control diving...and with these objects in, there would have to be some other kind of invisible flip block that changes the level where sometimes you flip, sometimes you don't. Don't know if I can pull it off. (Or would wan't would be a mess to try and put them in.)The "block types exist", they just don't react to the player. Also put in Gold, Silver and Bronze chimps to collect for points, bonus multiplying, bonus level... I was going to do diamonds but after trying about MANY different ways I can't get the effect I want from them for how they should look rotating.

Here you can compare Vertigo to Roll Away. The upper 2 pictures are from the original Roll Away for the PlayStation. The bottom 2 are Vertigo. I have a Level Over animation somewhat like the original where the whole level spins in front of you where you can see things you may have missed, etc.
I thought I would be finnished with this thing around April when I started...LOL! It just gets more complicated... Fix one thing, break two others. That and how I have to repeat everything for every level on the Z axis in the game, check which of 6 faces you are on, which of 4 views for each face, which height you are at... It's working pretty well right now (actually works better with the joystick, but thats because I was trying to "fix" something with the keyboard input). Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get this thing done, but I would say it is about 80% done. Need to put in more levels. (I had to make my own 3-D level editor to do this right...very slow, and not the most user friendly but it does the job for me).
After I move, I plan on getting DSL so I will be back on a regular basis then. Untill then....more game creating.

There is nothing wrong with your monitor...
Posted on December 14, 2007 at 22:45

There is nothing wrong with you not atempt to adjust the picture.....we are controling transmision.....

You are about to participate in a great are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to...

<a href=""><img src=""; border="0" alt="Image Hosted by"/></a><br/>

You saw every episode of The Twilight Zone? (I have about 90% of them myself on 8 tapes)

Well, why stop there? Lately I have been scoring a number of Outer Limits tapes from a local used media place for $1.99 a piece. I know there are DVD sets with the complete seasons out there...I may break down and get one yet.

For those that don't know... The Outer Limits was a T.V. show that came out about the same time the Twilight Zone serries came out. glorious black and white. The best way to describe it I guess would be, "Twilight Zone-ish" but usually having more monsters...and a VERY tight budget. The stories almost always have a twist to them in some way.

It's kind of like retro-games...For The Outer Limits, the serries had a shoestring budget, but the scripts for the stories were very well done in many cases.

Some of the effects were downright laughable. Using vasoline on the lense, aliens from the future wearing rubber shower caps, etc...

But again it's the stories (like gameplay) that make them good. Some were forgetable, but a good number are worth watching. Some I have (and one I lost) include...

<a href=""><img src=""; border="0" alt="Image Hosted by"/></a><br/>

From left to right...

Demon With A Glass Hand - Someone wakes up alone. The Kiban (check spelling) are a race from another world that takes over earth in the future. Trent (our hero) is in the past, but does not remeber much. He has a glass hand that is like a computer. It knows where all the people of earth (of the future) have gone. But he needs to gain back the pieces (fingers) to find out where they are. The Kiban come thru a time mirror to stop him. Will Trent defeat them (and learn the truth?)

I Robot - Adam Link (a robot) is put on trial for murdering his creator. Will the evidence stack up against him? Will his actions show the credibility of what really happened?

The Hundred Days Of The Dragon - The Chineese perfect a liquid, which injected into a human, will allow a persons skin to become like silly putty for about two minutes. Being able to take on any shape (with a mold of a human face) they try to make an impostor...of someone that is sure to be elected president of the United States.

The Sixth Finger - A machine is created that will show what man was in the past...or what he will be in the future. A subject submits himself to the experiments, and evolves quite rapidly...with new powers and reasoning that could be a threat to all of mankind. The subject seems unsatisfied with his current powers and wishes to go forward in time (evolution) some more to become like God.

The Inharitors -This could have been a full movie on it's own as it was in two parts....and one of the best. Four soldiers are shot with bullets to the head durring war... with a special type of bullet. The metal came from a metor that crashed in the area years before. Suddenly all four soldiers (who should have died) all live..and aquire new knowlage.... One becomes a finacial wizard, another becomes a specialist in metalurgy, another works on air-conditioning systems of a sort, while the last developes a device that is anti-gravity. Soon children are snatched up. Not ordinary children but crippled, weak, blind. None of the men know why they are doing what they are doing but they all work together under the control of one alien brain wave (one alien brain)

Soldier - In the future things are not so pretty...but they are not very complicated either... It is just two sides of humanity fighting to the finish. The soldiers are trained to kill the enemy and that is all. There is no mother, father, individualtiy, etc.... Humans are bred for war to fight "the enemy" depending which side they are on. Crossing laser beams, a freak accident sends one back in time to the present (or the 60's). Quarlo finds himself in a world he does not understand. Love, Frriendship, etc, are things he can not grasp. Will he learn from the past or will his future instincts prove he was trained right all along?

There are tons of Outer Limits episodes I am dying to get my mits on. I probably will break down and buy the DVD stuff soon. If you can stand extreamly low budget effects with a good story line, you won't be disapointed.

What does a chimp look like?
Posted on December 10, 2007 at 21:27

OK...that should have been what "did" the chimp look like. Yeah, I am a chunky monkey again at the moment. Saw photos of some of the other users here, so... (Well, I am not going to let you see me at my worst now, am I? LOL!) Besides, I know I am going to get there again. These pics were from 2001. (On a very flakey Yahoo digital camera. Used it to keep track of my weight loss progress. In the end I lost a little over 100 lbs. Low weight average was like 173.

<a href=""><img src=""; border="0" alt="Image Hosted by"/></a><br/>

You would be smiling too if you went from a size 48 to a size 30. =) Give it about a year and I'll be back there again.

<a href=""><img src=""; border="0" alt="Image Hosted by"/></a><br/>

I kept it off for like 3 years (maybe gained 10-15 lbs...but was well under control). Then all the chaos in my life started after day after day.... Well, it should be ending soon. Got a couple more things to get done and I will have my life back. The day to day BS... I just didn't care anymore and didn't have the time or ambition for workouts.

Been in one of those "agressive" moods tonight. Searched thru my CDs and found music I haven't heard in ages. Perfect for when you are ticked. The band is Halo In Reverse. Was somthing I downloaded for the hell of it back then. Sounds a bit like 9 inch nails for many of the songs.

Songs I liked on there the most were...

Whittled To An Edge
Where Were You
I Machine

Some songs suck, but I liked many of them. The lyrics usually pull no punches.

Industrial strength agression music.
Used to be able to download the stuff easy. Now they got one of those players up that have the majority of the music. Skipped for me on dial-up.

Well, the junk is mostly cleared out of the house. Starting the diet/excersize stuff tommorow.

Oh yeah...for the currious...what is that thing on my left arm? It's a tatto of a Pac-Man with an eye-patch I got when I was like 18.

Find out how your life will turn out.
Posted on December 02, 2007 at 10:43

Ever want a second chance at living your life? Wonder how things may have turned out if you made some different choices? Currious how your life may turn out in the future? Then you may want to try out this game online,,,a remake of the old Activision game Alter Ego.

<a href=""><img src=""; border="0" alt="Image Hosted by"/></a><br/>

Alter Ego is a game that is unlike just about anything else for it's time. No shooting aliens or jumping over things. The game is pretty much all text (With some better gaphical icons in this new version.)

Text? Boring! Well...not really...the game can be quite interesting, as you are presented with situations you would normaly encounter thru your life. In fact if I remember right I think physcologists either helped with the design or had some say on it about the situations.

The game presents you with various situations thru your whole life you can pick in any order for your age at the time. You select the answer you would give from a multiple choice list. The situations can be a bit comical (mom neading help in the kitchen, but you ignore her to watch your super-duck cartoons. Throwing parties when your are a teenager and the folks are away), or it can be quite serrious... (A stranger offers to give you a ride,,.).

You could die at any time depending on the answers. It could be a freak accident. (Being hit by a fly ball at a baseball game), or thru stupidity (You take that ride with the stranger in the car). I died once by pushing my luck in a row boat when I was an old man having chest pains.

The questions cover just about every aspect of your life.. Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Family, Physical, Vocational...etc. Scores go up or down in categorys depending on your answers. You have scores for calmness, confidence, expressiveness, gentleness, happiness, thoughtfullness, trustworthyness... also keeps track of money, your income per turn (if you have a job), thoughtless spending... ( can have low income but you are still going to waste your money on the super computer, and awesome stereo system, aren't you?) ;)

When I say this game covers your whole life...I am not kidding. It goes from moments before you are born to the grave (whenever that will be).

You can date other people, change jobs, go to college... or maybe stealing in your youth has shattered your chances a bit trying to get ahead, throwing wild parties, backstabing friends to get ahead in situations, being caught in lies...

You can play as Male or Female so the questions can suit you better. Long before games like The Sims, Alter Ego was totallty different. Best of all, you can go back and play again and see how your life would be if you were a really nasty person, lived like a saint, etc. As for me...I am avoiding row-boats in my future. ;)

It can read your mind!
Posted on November 30, 2007 at 20:42

Ever play a toy so smart you would swear it was posessed? That describes the handheld toy 20Q pretty well. (Don't own one? Not a can play a simulated version of it for free to follow...)

<a href=""><img src=""; border="0" alt="Image Hosted by"/></a><br/>

This is the model I have. Comes in different colors, but this thing is fantastic at figuring out what you are thinking of.

I am sure everybody has played, if not at leat heard of the game 20 Questions. One person thinks of something and the other person asks a serries of questions trying to narrow things down to guess what you are thinking of. Well, this little toy is WAY smarter than you can imagine!

Now you won't get an answer like "You were thinking of a Casio CTK-551 Keyboard....or something so picky. But the answers this thing will throw at you will shock you most of the time. I would say it has like 90% to 95% accuracy when it comes to the things I throw at it.

The online version you can play for free here....but make sure you don't play the default game that the page goes to.... read on....

From there click on "Other Games" in the upper right.

On the next page select the round looking toy in the upper left. This is basically the same as the real toy, only with a couple extra buttons. Be as "honest" with your answers as possible or pick the best answer you think will fit.....and prepare to be amazed!

I had someone's jaw drop when it correctly guessed "Are you thinking of a pet rat?". My brother was in shock when if correctly guessed "Are you thinking of a slinky?". Yep...I have tried this thing over and over, and it's accuracy is really unbelievable. Even if it were wrong, many times it is so close you would still give it credit.

I have had it guess correcetly things like "Is it a bottle of window cleaner?, Ist it a pyramid?, is it a Rubik's Cube?...etc..."

I find it incredible that it has so many answers in memory...let alone, knowing which questions to ask to get that answer. Sometimes it may take it going to 25 to 30 questions to get the answer, but that is still VERY impressive for such a small little machine.

Hangly and my future games...
Posted on November 21, 2007 at 17:42

I got some more time to sit down and work seriously for hours at a time on Hangly Plus. I had a couple days of vacation I took the past couple days so I pluged away at it. I am hoping I can finish it soon. Got quite a bit done getting rid of a number of bugs (or things that were not addressed yet in some cases).

<a href=""><img src=""; border="0" alt="Image Hosted by"/></a><br/>

I have two new mazes I made up. (3rd one is the original hangly maze again...only blue). Banging out a maze is the easy part really. I have all the pieces ready to go, so it doesn't take long.

So new features/fixes...
Energizers are random now like Pac-Man Plus...eating one can turn all four ghosts blue...or only 3 of 4, or it could blank out the maze. (I may make 4 more for a blanked out maze and 3 of 4 ghosts blue. Would be pretty quick to do).

Eating the center prize now acts like an energizer (like in Pac-Man Plus). The ghosts turn invisible untill the time they would be flashing blue/white and scores double points...400, 800, 1600, 3200 (Still need to add the 3200...just need to plop the sprite in)

Previously the ghosts were turning blue again exiting the pen if the energizer was playing. Fixed it now. They only turn blue in the pen if they were not nailed yet.

All mazes have 4 "safe zones" now like the original Pac-Man games and hacks. Some could not be placed "exactly" where they normaly are but are close as posible, depending on the maze.

Ghosts slow down in the longer tunnels. (Actually in the real Hangly Man the ghosts would slow down passing over the area where the original tunnel "used" to extend to. The tiny openings at the top and bottom had no difference in speed from what I saw.

Fixed the scoring again on the ghosts. Score 200,400,800,1600 normal. I tweaked something putting something in and score only increased if the ghosts were piled up when you nailed em, or they would revert back to 200.

Slowed down the ghosts more when they are they are easier to catch.

The eyes going back to the pen and turning back into monsters works fine on the graphics. There is a rare bug of it playing the "eyes" sound and "energizer" at the same time. Still tracking it down.

Orange I need to tweak again. I was "half" right from what I saw. Orange does chase you to a point and then backs off, but from what I can tell, it tries to always back off to the bottom-left if posible...meaing it is trying to get to his corner briefly.

Other various tweaks correcting minor stuff has been done.

In other news I have been hanging out on an old site I used to go to a bit.

I was looking around in the forums and saw they have an "on-line arcade". I kinda went nuts in there for a few days going for all the high scores. 46 trophys so far. I told them alot of the games were pretty bad. (In the sense of remakes not being very close to the originals.)
I was playing the online Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. Yeash, Ms. Pac-Man was BAD! I wrote someone there about maybe doing more accurate games for download that can send the high score up. I sent him what I had done on Hangly Plus so far, and he seems up for the idea. Thinking about it, I am probably going to do some more "retro" style games for the site (time permiting) where you can send the high score some way.

Most of the games there had one problem or another.
They would be FAR too getting a high score is only a matter of how much boredom you could endure.

Some would flat out try to "cheat". Galagon (A Galaga spin off) had red enemys that moved so erraticly going in formation in later stages it litterly looked like they were trying to stab you. The Donkey Kong game (One whole level...over and over) are going along fine and then a barrel glitch causes a barel to apear right on top of your guy at the start of a level, killing any remaing lives.

Some games had a bug you could exploit the hell out of for tons of points. Bubble Bobble was great for that on the site. Jump into the walls and launch bubbles rapid fire getting 10 pts a piece poping them. Thousands of extra points a level.

The video poker game drove me insane! Not trying to win a hand....Just trying to place a fricking bet large enough to get the high score on say 2 pair or 3 of a kind. I thought I was playing Track N' Field I as smashing the mouse button so many times rapid fire for like a minute a bet or so.

I like the way this Hangly thing is coming together. Mostly done, and very playable already. Debating on adding intermissions...would add something new if I did. The way this one turned out, I think I will be doing more "retro-remakes" for EC if they give it the green light. (Sounds like they are game). So I don't know if some of my future stuff would wind up here. May be like... awww, thats old, or ,thats simple....
Just want to make some more accurate "oldies". Looking at many of the online versions (with hi-score support), it can't be that hard.

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