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Chaz's first home based server!
Posted on November 24, 2008 at 17:22

Yup, by gawd I've finally done it. I've setup my own server. And I'm looking forward to making a nice community. And in this community of mine, I highly promote giving away pdf's that educate about computers, usually around programming. And other pdf's too. I also plan on having lots of people posting wonderful software that they can find. The forum so far has only members that I know. And I would love to have more people. The more people, the more I am encouraged to post wonderful things. It's a homeserver so my ISP blocks lots of ports before data can even get to me so you have to specify 25640 in my direct ip URL. I don't plan on buying anything soon so people are now I guess just stuck with my IP, but be sure to book mark it. And hopefully my IP will not refresh in a few years, so far it hasn't that much.

So here it is, it's young so please guys don't flame on my for being the biggest noob on earth:

Um, this cooked?
Posted on November 20, 2008 at 19:07

Today, when coming home from school, I was bestowed upon a rarely particular but exciting meal. Of course my mother cooks only food of the Vietnamese variety, she is not to be particularly successful in imitating any western dish. She attempted to cook Ravioli. Now, into my first bite, I knew something wasn't quite in place. Ravioli normally contains a substantial amount of beef and a runny amount of tomato sauce. Referring to her behavior of always assuming to be correct, she decided to use an attempted mixture of cheese and ketchup. Now this isn't the first time such a appalling mixture was used, but more than once was successful. As I recalled a compilation of chicken wings and legs was used in this mix and was not that intolerable. Compared to that, I think what I just ate(3 lbs of) was not the most prepared meal I've ever famished. However, the amount of beef was not in moderate abundance, nor was it the correct substance. I could only describe each Ravioli piece as incorrect in amount. The beef was in a paste like form and only amounted to just the fifth of the total of a usual beef stuffing. Not only that, but it's taste was far from close. I believe it was uncooked pasted chicken.

Well, hopefully the amount I ate won't greatly affect my body in anyway D:

Make a for GM in
Posted on October 05, 2008 at 22:27

I can't say the whole thing here, but I made a tut here at yoyogames:

Any COD4 players?
Posted on October 01, 2008 at 20:11

i just recently bought an awesome PC that's only 6 days old in model and it runs pretty swell. Still trying to program on it, and I just installed COD4 and I must say that this could be the game that i will glue my eyes on! lol. So I was wondering if there are any players that have xfire that want to play direct ip? It's a real legit version and I have a working serial. It's PC version by the way. My xfire is chazzeromus.

I'm a real noob, so I'm working forward to working on my skill.

New programming language
Posted on September 24, 2008 at 19:49

Yeah, I want your ideas on what makes a good programming language. I'm getting very close to an actually testable assembler and I'm going to design a higher language compiler for the the assembler to layer out. So far I'm working on the arithmetic stack tree(what make's expressions and parenthesis so awesome). So what features would you like to see in the new language? Some name suggestion perhaps(keep it to a minimum of 5 derogatory words)? So far I can't think of anything but a C clone, hah.

Quit on gm assembler
Posted on September 15, 2008 at 00:52

It's simply the most insane Idea for me to keep working on this in gamemaker, it's far too limited and direct linear data structure manipulation(such as in C) are a necessity. So I'm writing it in C instead, check out my desktop at my deviant profile to see the project going at .
I've also been working on Revolution, the OS I'm making. I'm trying to load up the kernel at the first megabyte of memory and I need to enable to A20 line on the 8042. So far, I really don't like copy/pasting code so I download a specification for the 8042 and trying to develop a way safely detect and enable A20 instead of using the crap given in that crap community OSdev.
When the assemblers done, I'll use it as a DLL instead. Hopefully, that will be as equally impressive.

So, that's what's been going on, that and me trying to mess with v-ray in 3dsmax. Trying to be an artist and a developer too.

REAL Compiler IDE
Posted on July 14, 2008 at 23:45

Hey guys! Its been a reeeeeeeeeeeeeally long time since I ever touched this site! I've been so busy with everything! So sorry for those who've tried to contact me and failed, I'll update my profile so those who can e-mail me can get feedback immediately. I have G-mail notifier so that means I'll get instant notifications for e-mail.

What I've been doing.
I've been moving onto stuff besides gamemaker, such as writing programs in C and such. After 2 years of programming experience, I had enough knowledge to start working on my OS I've been twiddling with. But I've apparently lost interest because at the time of developing the kernel(Kernel is the name of the core component of the OS), I've popped ideas about other projects and just couldn't help myself! So I went ahead and stopped messing the keyboard driver I was writing(Did you know the Pause key has more byte information than any other key?) and started on a LAMEasm.

My Project.
I've went ahead and started on a project called LAMEasm. It's going to be written in Game Maker to prove to everyone that I can do it and it'll be really fun! Everything well be pure GML and no External Libraries or Executives will be used. Judging by the name, it's actually a Intel x86 assembler that has a sweet GUI. After seeing gear god's GUI, I went ahead and tried to make something even better than his. A GUI that has all common elements such as buttons, Scroll boxes, Multi and Single line edit controls, check boxes and etc all governed by a MDI(Multiple Document Interface) system. I've removed cool effects such as gear gods shiny effects. If you want to check it out here's gear god's blog:
I've removed the stuff like that for performance, wouldn't want to move a window around with extreme lag would you? Right now there's a problem with drawing text or sprite with transparencies onto surfaces and is currently dragging the project behind. If anyone knows how to fix this, please contact me immediately and I will be more than happy to credit your assistance.

After the GUI is done, I'll start working on the assembler which will eventually be used for my own programming language to easily write large sections of code without looking at lines and lines of assembly. The program will able to compile and link win32 obj files. I'll using DevC++'s libraries for linking(Hope they don't mind) win32 programs. The linker is modulated so differenct formats can be linked, but right now just win32 coff(common object file format) object files. Several Examples might be supplied when the release is stable, these example are:
- A sample OS*
- Win32 Hello World Console*
- Win32 GUI Hello World*
- A MP3 player example
- A Game
- OpenGL Example

*These will be definitely supplied and I will try my best to get them done.

And of course for everyone who doesn't know assembly, I'll try to write a tutorial along with the program!

So is anyone willing to help(Especially the surfaces part)?
Any comments?

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