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August 19, 2011
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What's a blog?
Posted on August 29, 2011 at 00:43

Welcome to my first blog in over 2 years.

So, uh. Yeah. Hi again. :3

I came here to share with you my tale. But, since I don't really have a tale, I guess I'll just tell you about some stuff that's going on instead. Those of you that know me remember my (now over 3 year old) guitar hero clone I was working on. Well, it died. Sad story. Oh, but it came back again! Not sad anymore! But then GM8 came out and broke it, so I ditched it again. But then GM8.1 came out and I found the bug, so I started on it again. That was 2 days ago. Before you tell me... I know music games are dead. I'm trying to start a trend where everyone makes fan-games of games that died.

Okay, not really. But I figured I might as well finish it, with it being so close. It's got some of the best (and unfortunately, worst) code I've ever written, why let it die? The problem with picking this back up is school. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be testing out of an entire class. I haven't studied at all. I'm about to go wing it, like I did last year. Hopefully it works this time around. :/

Okay, I'll come out and say it. Right here, right now. I still use the GMC. I know, it's a bad habit, I should lose it, but I still have that glint of hope that it'll come back. Of course, I know it won't, but still. I won second place in their little Jam competition, which is sad. There were probably less than 10 good games out of the 56 entries. Oh well, what can you do?

Also, school starts soon. Fuck that. That's about all I have to say on that topic...

I started playing minecraft :3 It's really a lot more fun than I expected. I host a server sometimes, let me know if you want to get on there and play it with us. It'll be fun.

The end. Yay.

The Insanely Awesome List
Posted on April 11, 2009 at 19:14

1. DesertFox
2. Morbs
3. PY
pi. Ludamad
4. Melee-master
5. RawrSpoon
6. Ross
7. None

There. That's the insanely awesome list. If you feel I have forgotten you, please comment telling me and I will most likely not add you to the list.

Thank you for your time.

An Awesome Haiku
Posted on March 23, 2009 at 17:59

This is a haiku
It is really amazing
Drool at its epicness

The Join Page
Posted on March 23, 2009 at 17:49

When I registered my friend, he claims to keep getting calls from his credit card company about him trying to purchase mass amounts of porn. Could this have anything to do with this site, or is it merely a coincidence?

Thank you guys for helping me out on this, I'm thoroughly confused.

Love the layout
Posted on March 23, 2009 at 17:25

It's so beautiful!

School Officially Sucks
Posted on September 03, 2008 at 20:21

Yep, I've finally decided that this year of school is going to official suck. I have reasons, too. First off, I hate, 4 out of my 6 teachers, not a very good fraction. 2/3 of my teachers suck. Oh joy.

First Teacher:
Evil science, not a very hard class, but she likes to drone on and on and ON about shitty rules she has. What a waste of time. Have her twice a day. Double suck suck.

Second Teacher:

Oh joy, the worst class ever. American History. Well, this teacher already wants us to start on a 25 page book report (!!!), and from what I hear, she's a mean one. My sister had her, and apparently the teacher was just as immature as my sister (Ouch, that's pretty immature) according to my parents.

Third Teacher:

Accelerated english. Wewt, not all that hard. This teacher seems to have a lot of cruel remarks, and we've only been in for two days. Sounds like a bundle of fun for the year. I have her twice this quarter. (double joy!)

Fourth Teacher:

Finally, one of the few good ones. This guy (Finally, a MALE teacher) teaches algebra one. He seems a little wacko, but he's awesome. He doesn't have a ton of unnecessary rules, which these other teachers seem to love so dearly.

Fifth Teacher:

The other good one: Band teacher. He's totally awesome, and yeah. I think that's about it for him. He's good with music :D

Sixth Teacher:

Compter Literacy. This class is plain out BORING. What could be worse than Microsoft (Or, as Score_Under says, MicroSuck) Word lessons? Come on. I think I'll go die now. The teacher isn't horrid, it's mainly the class I can't get over. Oh, and the thing that gets me: Why teach me how to use PS3 when I don't have it? Quite useless. Whatever.

That's it, 8 hours of the day. Ouch, sucky. I hate school so far.

*goes and cries in a corner*


Posted on August 20, 2008 at 14:06

[13:44, PM] noob123321rox: um
[13:44, PM] noob123321rox: do u maik gaims???/
[13:44, PM] noob123321rox: wit gaim miaker??/
[13:45, PM] noob123321rox: cuz i hav a qestin
[13:45, PM] noob123321rox: about game maiker
[13:45, PM] MAHVICTIM: Hello..
[13:45, PM] noob123321rox: o gud u ther
[13:45, PM] MAHVICTIM: first of all how did you get my email adress?
[13:45, PM] noob123321rox: uhh
[13:46, PM] noob123321rox: one uv my frends sez u maik gaims
[13:46, PM] MAHVICTIM: .... okay...
[13:46, PM] MAHVICTIM: before you ask your question, did you look it up in the Help file or the YoYo forums?
[13:46, PM] noob123321rox: uhh
[13:47, PM] noob123321rox: wa?
[13:47, PM] MAHVICTIM: the little "?" icon in gamemaker?
[13:47, PM] noob123321rox: help?/
[13:47, PM] noob123321rox: o
[13:47, PM] noob123321rox: i uze d an d
[13:47, PM] MAHVICTIM: look for it, get some better grammar skills, and if you still don't succeed, give up.
[13:47, PM] noob123321rox: i dun kno how ta uze gml
[13:48, PM] noob123321rox: i trid
[13:48, PM] noob123321rox: but it didn werk
[13:48, PM] MAHVICTIM: what? grammar
[13:48, PM] noob123321rox: cen u help/
[13:48, PM] noob123321rox: i tried
[13:48, PM] noob123321rox: but it didn work
[13:48, PM] MAHVICTIM: okay, a bit better :P
[13:48, PM] MAHVICTIM: what didn't work?
[13:49, PM] noob123321rox: i need to maik sumfing
[13:49, PM] noob123321rox: fore a skool prahject
[13:49, PM] MAHVICTIM: I take it you're not native english?
[13:49, PM] noob123321rox: i am i just yung
[13:50, PM] noob123321rox: but i not sposed ta tel peeple dat
[13:50, PM] MAHVICTIM: okay..
[13:50, PM] noob123321rox: ok
[13:50, PM] noob123321rox: so i nede to make balls bounce
[13:50, PM] MAHVICTIM: using D&D?
[13:50, PM] noob123321rox: ya
[13:51, PM] noob123321rox: wel
[13:51, PM] noob123321rox: idk
[13:51, PM] MAHVICTIM: well what type of game is it?
[13:51, PM] noob123321rox: i nede to maik a gaim
[13:51, PM] MAHVICTIM: a platformer?
[13:51, PM] noob123321rox: platfurm
[13:51, PM] noob123321rox: ya
[13:51, PM] MAHVICTIM: can you make the ball know if it hits the ground?
[13:52, PM] noob123321rox: ya
[13:52, PM] noob123321rox: collizinz
[13:52, PM] noob123321rox: bud
[13:52, PM] noob123321rox: but*
[13:52, PM] noob123321rox: i nede to it bounce
[13:52, PM] noob123321rox: then wurds com up teh screne
[13:53, PM] MAHVICTIM: Do you have ANY idea how gamemaker works?
[13:53, PM] noob123321rox: cen u help/
[13:53, PM] noob123321rox: ya
[13:53, PM] noob123321rox: u maik gaims wit it
[13:53, PM] MAHVICTIM: Actually i never made any games with it.
[13:53, PM] noob123321rox: :o
[13:54, PM] MAHVICTIM: and anything you do needs a little bit more of your attention
[13:54, PM] MAHVICTIM: so try harder
[13:54, PM] noob123321rox: wel
[13:54, PM] MAHVICTIM: okay, do you know how to reverse the Y speed of the ball?
[13:54, PM] noob123321rox: i giv credets
[13:54, PM] noob123321rox: Okay, I can't do this anymore.
[13:54, PM] noob123321rox: It's too hard to drag this out realistically.
[13:55, PM] MAHVICTIM: Okay, so who the fuck are you? =))

I had to do this after what jaxx did eariler. (Pranked me about wanting to be a modeler for SS, my game, and I got kinda mad)

Anyways, it made me feel a bit better, so yeah. It was worth it. My victim even ended up laughing too, so it's all good.

(Here's the part where I sneak in a bit about how Scorching Strings is doing)

Scorching Strings is coming pretty good. Lately I've been redoing the site, and it's almost done I think, so it'll come out sometime soon. The game itself has a new menu on it's way. I've got some new artwork to post next blog, as well as some sneak peak screenies of the new menu. Anyways, yeah, this was just to make me feel better. I'm sorry it's so short, it's just that I didn't want him to waste a bunch of time making an example of something I already know how to do. ;)


Why YYG Is Odd
Posted on August 14, 2008 at 11:52

Are you one of those YYG supporters? I'm not anymore. I recently had my profile's guestbook spammed by a n00b. It kinda sucks, because I think it makes my YYG profile look bad. (Not that I use YYG for my games, it's just that it makes ME look kind of bad).

I can see where the guy who spammed me was coming from, because he thought I couldn't make games, due to the fact of me having no projects on the site. Sure, that's fine, but he continued to spam the hell out of it!

"Play my other game."
"Let's see your games."
"I'm a beginer and I jus got Game Maker a month ago so for a beginer you've got to say I'm okay at this, right?"
"I can help you make games if you want."
"I think you are a fatty pants."

Those are his comments on my profile after I left 1 comment on one of his games. I reported him, and nothing happened. That's really retarded.

On a better note, Scorching Strings Website is coming along, and I "borrowed" the badge system idea from 64D and implemented it into my website. I'm in the process of adding blogs (?), bbcode, and maybe even smileys, into the comments feature. I may also add a better profile system and a neato avatar (Yay for avatars).

I was also a runner-up from the Marty Blog contest, so I got a $5 steam game. Great and all, but it doesn't run. Ah well, at least I got the motivation to sign up for steam finally!

So yeah, this blog seems kinda long, maybe not. W/e, I really don't care.


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