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Valentine Four Digits - TIME UP!
Posted on January 13, 2012 at 23:27

Deadline is February 14th, 00:00 PST, 08:00 GMT

Alright you guys, so I've decided to host the compo after Kilin's Frosty Four Digits (which I originally said I was gonna host, but you know how shit happens). This compo, however, will be about Valentine's Day. Which means that this compo will be about...

<3 <3 LOVE! <3 <3

The goal of this compo will be to make the most emotional game, centered around the theme of love. And by "love", I don't just mean "romantic", it can be about love in general. Love between friends and family, pets, acquaintances, etc. There is no bias in the compo if you choose to do something romantic: heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, bisexual, trisexual, quadrisexual, pansexual, transexual, omnisexual or that thing where the chick ties the belt around your neck and tinkles on a balloon, IT DOESN'T MATTER! (Please follow the site rules, however. I'll discuss this in a bit).

I'm expecting the games to put more emphasis on storytelling rather than superior gameplay, but if you can find a balance between the two, that's great! So if your creative writing skills are better than your programming skills, this compo would be appropriate for you. But a storyline is not exactly mandatory, so you should be fine as long as you think you are adhering to the themes of love and emotion.

Your game can be a simple linear RPG/adventure game, visual novel/dating sim, cinematic platformer, etc. Personally, I don't see the point in putting more effort into coding a game with superior and complex game play if the game cannot draw any emotions from the player whatsoever. For reference, look at the numerous artsy pixel indie games that are out there, with these two being very good examples in my opinion (made by the same creator, lol):


Copied from Toast's blog and modified to my liking:
1. The aim of the competition is to develop entirely your own game within the time limit (14th Jan- 14th Feb). You will have to keep up to date with my blog posts to find out how and when to submit your final game.
2. You MUST have stated you are going to enter before the 21st of January 2012 (read further down for details).
3. You MUST submit your final game before THE GAME SUBMISSION DEADLINE (further details to come).
4. You MUST NOT include anything in the game that you don\'t have full permission to use.
5. You must not include anything in the game which has been in a game you have already released on the Internet - within reason and common sense. This rule is only valid until THE GAME SUBMISSION DEADLINE - you can then share your final game entry elsewhere and do whatever you want with it.
N.B. You shouldn\'t release your final game before the 14th of February because of this rule.
N.B. You can still post screenshots and videos anywhere you like - just not the game. If you want to send demos to each other, do it privately!
6. Your final game MUST somehow pertain to the main themes of love and emotion. Romantic, family, friends, whatever. Surprise us.
7. There are no programming language/game engine restrictions except that the game MUST run on Windows 7.
8. Don\'t be a cheater.
9. ONE entry per person.
10. You MUST be at least 13 years old to take part... the competition entries are likely to involve mature content.
11. Content-wise, your game cannot violate the site's official rules (including, but not limited to: excessive swearing, hateful speech that attacks a particular person, ethnic, cultural group, etc., pornography/graphic nudity and extreme sexual themes, and excessive violence). If you need some clarification that your game ideas and content do NOT break the rules, please talk to a site moderator before you begin working on your game.
12. I reserve the right to update or otherwise change the rules and to disqualify any entrant who breaks the rules.


I'm planning to have the compo finished by February 18th, and the deadline will be Valentine's Day, February 14th, 00:00 PST (February 14th, 08:00 GMT). NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO DEADLINE EXTENSIONS, SO YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO HAUL ASS IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY.


Q: What is your stance on adult content and themes within our entries?
A: If you choose to implement adult themes within your game, please keep it to a reasonable level. As in, no unnecessary/explicit/prolonged nudity, such as what you would see in a sex scene in an R-rated movie. So let's try to keep things around here high-end PG-13.

A good perspective is to put yourselves in a moderator's shoes and ask yourself if you'd accept your game to 64digits. So don't expect us to accept a full-on eroge or something. But I guess you could get away with nudity if you keep things classy, but this is subject to moderator discretion. Just because one moderator is fine with it does not mean that others will be as well. So in the end it's really up to them.


- [user=JID]
- [user=MMORPGguy]?
- [user=Unaligned]
- [user=Gordy] and [user=pounce4evur]
- [user=Kilin] and [user=Purianite]
- [user=Mega]?
- [user=Iasper]
- [user=Gift of Death]?
- [user=SpectreNectar]
- [user=JuurianChi]
- [user=DaggerHog]?
- [user=Taizen Chisou]?
- [user=Panzermancer]?
- [user=Qwilderwibben]
- [user=Stevenup7002]
- [user=colseed]
- [user=svf] and [user=XSGBrettB]
- [user=dswscorpion]
- [user=thernz]
- [user=Rolf_Soldaat]
- [user=Rez]
- [user=SMP]?
- [user=LoserHands]
- [user=sir Xemic]
- [user=Zac1790]
- [user=Toast]
- [user=Acid]
- [user=Mairu]
- [user=2DEmotion]

Jesus Christ, 64D.


- [user=anthonyloprimo], music, sound effect, basic sprites?
- [user=Toast], coding and such
- [user=LAR Games], graphics


- USD $25.00 from me (all at once not guaranteed)
- USD $20.00 from svf
- USD $20.00 from SpectreNectar
- random Steam game from Kilin
- a Steam copy of either Terraria/Dungeon Defenders/Nation Red for one of the winners to choose from, from Unaligned
- Donations from the community? I dunno.

More marshmallows (and info) to come.

Oh, and in unrelated news, I made myself a mod in the Minecraft server for the purpose of using MCEdit and setting warp points. Feel free to demod me if you want, but I just want to make it easier for myself to make large projects.


EDIT: The V4D Avocado Plant (updated Feb. 7th, 2012):

Updated once a week until it sprouts, then it will be updated every day for the next three weeks until the deadline. Perhaps if the plant grows big enough, we should offer it as a grand prize for a compo (or at least a shoot of the plant people can use to graft onto something).

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Posted by JID January 14, 2012 15:14 - 5.6 years ago
| [#041]


Puri and I are entering together, by the way.
Posted by Kilin January 14, 2012 15:14 - 5.6 years ago
| [#042]

My ending will have a personal connection.
Posted by JuurianChi January 14, 2012 15:15 - 5.6 years ago
| [#043]


I am simultaneously excited and upset :V
Excited because it's you two and upset because I'm not helping you / entering the competition so I can beat you :D
Posted by Taizen Chisou January 14, 2012 15:24 - 5.6 years ago
| [#044]

Yes, Yes.
The Touhou Nerds should all team up.
Posted by JuurianChi January 14, 2012 15:29 - 5.6 years ago
| [#045]

But you can't make a shmup about love!
Posted by Aistarin January 14, 2012 16:47 - 5.6 years ago
| [#046]

Oh yes you can.
Posted by Acid January 14, 2012 16:51 - 5.6 years ago
| [#047]

I know, I specifically said that to troll Touhou fans.
Posted by Aistarin January 14, 2012 16:51 - 5.6 years ago
| [#048]

I'm in. :D
Posted by BP Scraps January 14, 2012 17:13 - 5.6 years ago
| [#049]

If there is no explicit nudity, can the main character be a buttplug?
Posted by panzercretin January 14, 2012 18:15 - 5.6 years ago
| [#050]


Coming Soon: Marisa Kirisame's Love Quest
Beat Down All Those Ladies Who Want In Your Skirt
Posted by Taizen Chisou January 14, 2012 18:19 - 5.6 years ago
| [#051]

And the antagonist is Alice?

Posted by Kilin January 14, 2012 18:25 - 5.6 years ago
| [#052]

@Stevenup7002: Y U NO POST THE IMAGE WITH THE CAPTION ALREADY IN IT? There's sites for that, y'know.

I actually took the effort to make it on quickmeme, but unfortunately it doesn't allow hotlinking.
Posted by StevenOBrien January 14, 2012 18:29 - 5.6 years ago
| [#053]

You know Panzer, I'm not gonna hold you back on expressing your creativity, so why not? :)
Posted by Aistarin January 14, 2012 18:31 - 5.6 years ago
| [#054]

Oh dear oh dear oh dear, this just might be amazing. Now all I have to do is actually make something.

COMING SOON MAYBE: Illegitimate Grandfather Farnsworth in "Milk Me Gently Spiderman"
Posted by panzercretin January 14, 2012 18:35 - 5.6 years ago
| [#055]

Someone should make a game about a pedophile that falls madly in love with one of his victims.


Twinsoul Panzermancer, I demand you make that game right now.

Featuring this guy as the pedophile:

Posted by JID January 14, 2012 18:41 - 5.6 years ago
| [#056]

Or a game about an objectophile who must seduce more and more ridiculous objects by dry-humping all their major areas.
Posted by panzercretin January 14, 2012 18:45 - 5.6 years ago
| [#057]

Posted by JID January 14, 2012 18:45 - 5.6 years ago
| [#058]

You mean Doctor Teeth? The Magical Shrinking Man who Violates Your Insides? Fuck it, I'll just make the original Doctor Teeth for this competition.

In all seriousness, I am so totally entering the shit outta this.

Here's an idea. A poor homeless virgin, who has three weeks to live, must scrounge up enough money for a cheap hooker while he still has time. He could get money by doing various odd-jobs for all the alleyway crooks that live in his part of the city. Different endings depend on how high-end a prostitute you go for.

Worst comes to worst, I guess I can help by giving people some of my surplus ideas, if they want any.
Posted by panzercretin January 14, 2012 18:46 - 5.6 years ago
| [#059]

^Needs moar lobsters.
Posted by BP Scraps January 14, 2012 19:10 - 5.6 years ago
| [#060]

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