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I'm very forgetful
Posted on December 20, 2007 at 01:40

I forgot this place even existed... AGAIN!
this is at least the 3rd, maybe the 4th freakin' time that I have done this.

I highly doubt that any of you really remember me, cause I didn't really make any significant games or examples. I'm not very good at starting a project and continuing working on it. I haven't made a game in probably almost a year now.

I'm not gonna say the whole "well I think that I'm gonna start a new project so I'll keep you guys posted", because on a scale from one to ten, the chances of me actually doing so are about two.Anyways I've been working alot on my spriting skills lately and have greatly improved. That is one thing I am planning on working on alot.

Greatly addicted is certainly what I've been to a new online that I've dicovered. Rumble Fighter is the name of the game. It's generally an MMO but you have to make matches, and can ONLY PvP. it's hella sweet and is made by OG Planet. (I sound like an effin' commercial)

Anyway, this is some sort pof status update which really isn't very interesting, but I felt bloggy, so w00t.


What do you mean 1000?
Posted on March 31, 2007 at 16:01

Not to long ago I was here with the whole kirby customizer thing (donno when I'll update that, maybe this weekend) then I went away for a couple weeks.

I came back yesterday, and noticed something kinda weird. When I went away I was at 800 hits after my latest blog at the time. The blog was spammed off the page abnormally fast, adn I only got 3 replys anyway.

I come back, and, wait....What's this now?
My Hits went up 200. What the duece? It makes me feel like I'm being stalked or something. I donno, 200 is alot for a couple weeks, and no blogs.

Anyways, I'm working on a new project right now (multi tasking again XD) called Game Maker Revolution. It's kind of a Game maker styled DDR that I've been planning for a while now. My little experience with collision timing made it impossible a little while back, but I finally was able to do it, so you'll see it up soon.


Juggling 2 Games
Posted on January 08, 2007 at 21:27

I'm sure all, or at least most of us have done it.
Making a game, have a different idea for a game, so you start working on the other game, and forget about the one you were working on first.

Right now me and Forbic are working on a couple games, and doing a pretty good job on not forgeting about the one of them.

There's the Kirby Customizer, which I'm sure some of you have played, where you customize a kirby's colors.
Currently we are working on making it like a color select, not can you just chose from select colors, but there's a color gradient to make the color whatever you want. Darker and lighter shades also. We also need to add abilitys, and accesories.

The other is a game where you play as 1 of 4 characters, Kamerek, Forbic, Suraku, and Dregin which are all dragon anthros. It is a okayly long game that right now we are just working on sprites for/ideas for the enemies. It is a game where you search to kill The Angel of Death (which Really doesn't make sense, but it was based off an RP that was once created).

Since technically making sprites, isn't exactly a game yet I guess I should change the title to "Juggling 1 ga- no that wouldn't make sense, maybe "making a game"...or should I?

There is a game I made a long time ago I made called Xeonmisx, it was a castlevania like exploring game.
It had to many collision, and other problems, so I gave up on it.

Now I am remaking it as a 16-bit comeback.


STORY: This is a story about a person named Kamerek. Kamerek is a drahon anthro that is for the majority human. When he is about fifteen he sneaks out of his house tonight to take courses on becoming a Ninji. one night he goes out and the training base is demolished, Kamerek,frustrated, goes back home...He was late that day... He goes to school and fortunately get's detention. When he comes back his house is destroyed. he sees a dark figure in a trench coat. This man curses kamerek, making him part dragon and giving him a cursed sword of souls. Kamerek, figuring out he can generate a sword out of his hand, is frightened and quickly makes it go away.

Kamerek now goes back down to his training base and train's with his dragon ability and soul. This sword is bound to Kamerek, and an evil is stirring inside of him...he put's that to his advantage. The name of this darkness inside of him...XEONMISX.

GAMEPLAY: go through a very large dungeon looking for a man that ruined your life. Special abilty's will be earned, get potions and other healing items. Get a large variety of items. Get sword upgrades till you reach Ultima ability (unlisted). Earn mini-games and other extras. Fight a large variety of enemies. Use special sword magic attacks (elemental only).have fun.

random pic from the old version-

16 Bit Sprites-

Why M.E.?
Posted on January 05, 2007 at 17:44

[b]Why did they create such a crappy computer?

The Windows Millenium Edition (ME, hence pun) Is a computer made by Microsoft that was recalled, due to it well....sucking...

It was replaced with the 2000, which in my opinion, is more than worlds better then the Millenium Edition.

Why does the ME suck is a question those of you who have never fallen prey to one. It has very many crappy points....

For one, This computer is insanly vunrable to virus'. It doesn't matter what virus protection you may have, It's going to get virus' (I've had to reboot this computer about once a year since we've gotten it).

Every single time it's rebooted it has something different horribly wrong with it, once no aplications worked, another time It wouldn't run internet, the next I got internet to run, but it only worked for 5 minutes before it expeirienced an error, and asked me to report the error (everytime I did that it shut off.

This time around it has more than one major downfall.
For one, half the time I shut the computer down, it won't turn back on for around 5 miutes to an hour, also, every once and a while my keyboard and mouse will stop working for an extent of time (till I shut it off 2-3 times), and the last, it won't run ANY exe files.

I've had to deal with this piece of crap for years now, and I am once again rebooting it, beacuse I can't test out game maker games since EXE's don't work.

Seeya after the reboot-

Hello All
Posted on January 03, 2007 at 00:09

[center]Hey everyone I'm back.

I left for a while because I was grounded from the computer, and kinda temporarily forgot about this place after.

I've been working on game maker quite a bit lately with my friend, just messing around basically.

life's been pretty boring, for the most part anyway.

Finally got to play the wii. when I figured out my friend got one I was friggin pshyced.
I figured I'm insane at the bowling game on Wii sports, best score being 187.

What persuaded to come was- well actually there are 2 things.

1- The fact the LOLOMGWTFBBQ4 has finally came out, with a fairly hard boss (in my opinion).

2- My insane obsession with Kirby has finally made me, and my friend make a game in his honor.

The Game is called the kirby customizer.
In this game you... well... customize a kirby...
So far we've only gotten the basic colors down (cheeks, body, shoes, eyes).
we are currently working on abilitys, and accesories.

Quick Question...
Where would I post a non completed game? (say a version 1.0 or such)?
would I just post it in the game section, or is there no place to post one?

64D blogs
Posted on October 02, 2006 at 19:47

I have my own perception of how this blogging thing works.

You see, if someone post about there life, it's probably not gunna get to many views, unless it is found interesting. (dramatic, climatic, etc.)

If it is a series (an ongoing blog) such as, Bom-Fizzle Game update #13, it will probably get a decent amount of views.

Basically if the word game is in it it's going to get quite a few views, and comments(seing as that's what 64D is really all about).

Now, if you put the numbers 1337, chances are you're going to get alot of views, because 1337 is just....the 1337est...

Also if you put the magical "64D" in a blog name, it will also get a decent amount of views.

Basically if you want views/comments, the number one method-

Well that's how i see it anyway.

let's see what you think...

A really....REALLY.... wierd dream....
Posted on October 01, 2006 at 14:21

This is probably one of the wierdest dreams i've ever had that i can remeber.

SO let's start from the begining.

Me and my friends mitch and zack are going through a swamp. We look back to see a sign that says "Splorg is coming..."

Next thing i knew, i was getting off of a bus in a strange looking town. To fight splorg off, me mitch and zack went to get supplies. While our other friends (that mystically apear) get to go to the arcade (fair huh?).

So while there i'm getting alot of food, and mitch and zack "get food".

I see many strange foods, such as "Splorg Flakes" and "Splorg Tarts".

Suddenly i know the others are dead and we start to leave (without paying, the register was on the other side of the store as the exit, smart huh?)

so while out i have ALOT of food. I look over to mitch, and he has sour spray e_O. I look to zack, and he smiles really big, flings a candy bar up, and says "3 Musketeers!"

Then i woke up...

P.S.: I wasn't on anything XD *cough*marbs*cough*

Posted on September 30, 2006 at 16:32

hey guys this is DarkSpark

here's a little bout me for all of you to know.

I think kirby is a very cool VG character. I love making games, but often have a hard time finishing them. I love dark colorsm my favorites are red, black, and dark violet.

I enjoy quiet time with myself, and long walks on a sandy beach! no not really...

I have a great sense of humor, and i am not a mean guy, unless someone gets me PO'ed...ot a good thing...

well there's a little chunk of my life.



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