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And I certainly don't understand....
Posted on August 19, 2010 at 02:49

Obviously this is supposed to be a blog, or some thing.... I think, not like I've been able to consistently update any blogs of mine for longer then two weeks before either getting to lazy or forgetting about it, or both. But no one cares about THAT now do they? No, they don't. I doubt this blog will be any different, but perhaps I'll get lucky or some thing, although now that I'm going to start going to some form of school, that seems even less likely.

So uh, yeah. I figured I'd have to post here some time. After all, why would one make an account and then just abandon it, eh?
And I certainly hope the whole "One blog post per day" thing was a maximum, not a minimum, because if it was the latter, I should probably be banned or some thing right now. Let's hope that never happens, who knows, you might hope that happens, but I'm certainly not going to be trying to get my self banned any time soon.

Now if you'd bare with me for a second, here's a picture of a hot spring:

Now, if you'll notice the earthquake on your right you can see the TV screen from afar, but this--once more--is besides the point.

So, as I sit here rambling on to my self, I kind of start to wonder what usual people put in these things. Because I could obviously ramble on for hours, and you wouldn't get a lick of actual content, it'd be like a Star Bucks that doesn't sell water on a hot day, and you ran to the Star Bucks, or some thing absurd like that. But as I was saying a moment ago, it'd be great to actually know what goes into these, I guess I don't lurk enough, probably should have done some of that first, it certainly would have made me more prepared to do this, but it obviously doesn't matter now, does it? Not like I'm going to just discard all this writing now, I couldn't, I wouldn't, it's just to much.

Now, I'm truly running out of things to say, so I'll just end it here, before any kind of awkward silence sets in.

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