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Retro! (as long as I'm here)
Posted on July 02, 2008 at 09:44

So... to follow the trend that I was unaware of:

Then: 10
Now: 15
Trend: I'm growing older as the years pass by.

Then: Mostly Classical Music (Baroque, Romantic, Classical, etc.), Jazz, and some old rock.
Now: Just about anything, minus modern mainstream music, rap, hip hop, and modern country. Yes, Be Bop Deluxe, ELP, ELo, Asia, Genesis, PATD, Dungen, etc, etc.

Trend: Slowly but surely heading towards the 21st century, decade by decade.

Then: Star Trek!
Now: Haven't watched a TV in months!

Trend: Umm... no TV?

Then: Very little.
Now: Just about any movie that I end up seeing.

Trend: I'm seeing more, now?

Then: LEGOs, Reading, BASIC (the horror!), and computers in general
Now: Music (Playing various instruments, songwriting, composing, attempts at building instruments...)

Trend: Shifting from Technology and Toys to Music and Music

Social Life
Then: Depressed due to a lack ofa social life.
Now: Finally, thanks to orchestra, have agroup of friends whom I get along with very well and hang out with.

Trend: Spreading my social butterfly wings!!! (please, shoot me for that)

Then: Random Browsing
Now: Tons of music forums... ukulele-specific, cello-specific, composing-specific, music theory -specific... Facebook, and Myspace

Trend: Communities

Then: Martial Arts
Now: Backpacking?

Trend: Still nothing all too special

Outlook On Life
Then: Utterly pessimistic
Now: Somewhat optimistic, though mostly realist

Trend: I'm happier.

Then: Uninformed Republican
Now: Well-informed Democrat

Trend: Left?

It's been so long!!!
Posted on July 01, 2008 at 15:33

Somehow, I'd yet again managed to forget that this site existed... this time for about half of a year. It has been about that long, as well, since I've *gasp* used GM at all. I really don't know if I am ever going to get into game-making again, so this is somewhat of a goodbye, though with a slight hope that I'll make something again, as a final project or something...

Does anybody thing that I should make a sequel to my semi-successful game 'blitz'


I could redo it... possibly in 3D or something... I don't know.

Anyhow, hello, goodbye, and... yeah.

I'll be hanging around for the next few days, but after that, I have no guarantees...


Anyways, in other news....

Life has been going well... I'm getting really active in orchestra and other music-related things (music has pretty much taken over GM as my primary hobby... for good or for bad). If you feel like laughing at me, head on over to


and watch some of my ukulele Youtube videos...

And, well, I guess that's all, for now.

Ukulele (again)
Posted on January 05, 2008 at 01:04

Yeah... let's see... only three months since my last blog.... haen't been all too active here....

Anyhow, a followup to my last blog: I'm still obsessed with the ukulele. As in, I spend at least 30 minutes a day playing it... if not a couple of hours.... eats away at my time for other things but... it's so... addicting!

...and, just to scare you all some more, I"m thinking of buying an electric one, just for the heck of it... it'll set me back a couple hundred USD, but oh well....

...and, for anyone who either a) wants to laugh at a horrible website whipped together by me in a few minutes or b) plays the uke and wants to add another uke blog to the list of ones they regularly visit (yes, I know if you're on this site, meaning that you are a computer person, if not nerd, adn you play a ukulele, you are bound to spend a good amount of time on the internet ukulele hunting and whatnot).... here's the link Uke Thingy

Yeah, I know that was really random... oh well.

By the way... thanks to everyone who has looked at the Barnstormer: 1920 Beta 2... all of y'all's feedback is great.

...and I'm gone again... hopefully not for three months... who knows.

Posted on October 01, 2007 at 00:32

So... my latest musical obsession.... the ukulele.

It's a danged easy instrument to fall in love with... and ever since I've started takin it seriously (I've had my uke for about ten years... just started seriously learning a bunch of songs for it about a month or so ago)... I've been playing it obsessively.

It's an awesome instrument. I don't care what all you guitarists say about it being some sort of child's guitar....

....it isn't.

So yeah... other than that.... nothing much going on for me..... sitting at my computer.... typing with one hand and practicing chords on my uke with the other. Heh.

Posted on September 28, 2007 at 22:08

Ok, for starters, I was going to post this a week ago... but when I pressed the submit button, 64D died for a week.

Let's see.... mid July I left for europe... I got back late August.... then I immediately got swamped by school....

...and somehow, in the middle of all of this, I FORGOT THAT 64D EXISTED!!!!

....I should be shot for that or something.....

Anyhow, after falling down a flight of stairs today and remembering that 64D existed, (these incidents were completely unrelated) I decided that I'd stop by.

...and by stop by, I mean, come, post a blog, have it viewed by about three people... none of whom will comment it,,,,

....at least, that's what usually happens... I don't know if things have changed in the last few months... the ratings on my games certainly haven't.... I think they've officially fallen into obscurity, now.

Anyhow, so I can actually spark some sort of discussion... here's a little conversation starter that I wrote up and have been posting all over the place....

...I mean it only to spark a philosophical discussion of some sort.... but... I've been flamed to death by a devout catholic or two already in other places.... gotten yelled at by an aethiest.... and in general made people mad at each other. So let's see what happens here....

The existence of the universe, the existence of time, the existence of anything and everything, is impossible. No matter whether you believe in a religious viewpoint of its creation, a scientific one or some combination of the two, they are all fail to explain how anything exists. However, the fact that you and I are both here right now (at least, that’s what ‘we’ assume), proves that this impossibility is, in fact, possible. To our best understanding (unless you can point out otherwise), one thing has to come before another; something has to come out of something. Something cannot come out of nothing (the good old “Matter cannot be created or destroyed” law). Whether you believe that God created all or that some freak cosmic event spawned the creation of the universe, you must realize that there is something very odd that has happened to get us here. Let’s say that God, or at least some greater being, created the universe. What came before God? God had to come from something; even if he has existed for eternity, isn’t it impossible for something to have existed for eternity? Can something actually exist without a start? And even if it does have a start, haven’t we already decided that something has to come from something else, again forcing that something has to have existed for eternity. However, with the idea that something has to start, yet eternity has no start, isn’t it only logical to assume that eternity, and therefore time, is impossible? How did time dawn, and what was there before the dawn of time? Could there actually have been absolutely nothing? I don’t mean an absence of matter or energy: I mean an absence of space, an absence of existence, and absence of time, an absence of eternity. It is beyond our abilities to fathom what the answers of these questions are. We are not able to comprehend the possibility of inexistence, eternity, or our existence. To the extent of our knowledge, the universe defies the very ‘laws’ that we use to describe it.

So yeah... I'm only going to post that... none of my other replies to replies and so on and so forth... start the discussion fresh... if there's any discussion to be had....

Have fun!

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