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Crenshaw Punch
Posted on December 08, 2011 at 18:57

"Cause I'll fuck you till the morning, so stay GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNEEEEEE!!!"
My favorite part.

Now that that's out of the way. Here's what you guys usually look for in my blogs... or should I call them 'art blogs' now?

First comes the doodles.

And this is the work in progress final assignment for my art class.

"I wanted to make this like a second tribute to Clemente Suave, as his style has heavily influenced my own ever since I discovered his work.

This dude wrestled line and form like and made them all his bitch."

That song: Whatever.
The rest : Cool.
Posted by JuurianChi December 08, 2011 19:07 - 5.7 years ago
| [#1]

Don't you dare 'whatever' the Deftones. You will die.
Posted by Eva unit-01 December 08, 2011 19:30 - 5.7 years ago
| [#2]

Great arts.
Posted by Rez December 08, 2011 19:31 - 5.7 years ago
| [#3]

Deftones? More like the Tonedefs. Like, tone deaf, amirite?

But really, it's okay, tone deaf people do make really cool music sometimes.

oh and nice art
Posted by MMOnologueguy December 08, 2011 21:11 - 5.7 years ago
| [#4]

not the best Deftones song by far. chorus is fine though. Digital Bath is probably their most ecstatic song, but i'm sure i'm forgetting one.
Posted by hel December 09, 2011 1:35 - 5.7 years ago
| [#5]

I don't know why, but that art reminds me of Brink.
Posted by LAR Games December 09, 2011 1:49 - 5.7 years ago
| [#6]

@hel: Man, I love Crenshaw Punch though, lol. It's from their B-Sides & Rarities album, which is pretty epic. Actually, I haven't heard a bad song from them.

@LAR: I'll accept it. I love the art style of Brink, and I played it a few days ago with the Steam free weekend thing. Love the graphics, sooo, it's safe to say I'm pretty influenced by it.
Posted by Eva unit-01 December 09, 2011 2:40 - 5.7 years ago
| [#7]

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