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January 29, 2008
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Ice Cream
Posted on June 11, 2008 at 01:28

has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, or the content it contains. However, it has something to do with the fact that I am terrible at keeping focus. It also has something to do with the fact that i've gotten my friend Joe back into gamemaker, and we are going to start a little 2-man "studio" if you will. We are currently working on a rpg type game with a view similar to the Pokemon titles for the gbc and gba.

This blog also has something to do with how i broke my first gameboy color trying to relocate the cartridge connector, and how i traded my same friend as mentioned up there^ a programming book that I had and never read, being the scrub that i am. I almost wish I had never found Gamemaker. It's like whenever I try to start a real programming language, I'm always like, "Wow this is wayyy harder than GM." Bahh.

My mommy(<333) bought spaghetti O's the other day. They're really good. Oh and I have 800 microsoft points and am thinking about either buying Marathon or Doom, Doom being for half of the price of Marathon. The only reason I'm buying them, well other than that they are probably entertaining is that I stumbled across the FPS Tutorial the other day, and I'm interested in making a game similar to said titles. Like 2.5d. I think that would be pretty cool if you ask me, which you probably won't...That is all. Peace.

Posted on May 31, 2008 at 01:58

I came up with a storyline for the game that the vast majority don't know i'm starting. It's an extremely small platformer, like 320x240 i think. And the entire game takes place within an aquarium that is housing a chameleon.
You play a small insect of one of the tribes that lives in the tank, and your tribe lives in harmony with the chameleon until one day something strange happens. (No i'm not trying to make it sound mysterious i just really haven't thought of whats going to be the strange thing that happens.) It's like something evil is inside the chameleon, which will probably have a name by the first demo, if not within ten minutes. It makes the chameleon sick, and you, being best friends with the chameleon, are asked by the chameleon himself to go inside of him, and destroy whatever it is thats making him sick.
I don't know if it's really that good. I mean, I like it, but i dunno. It's weird, it just like came to me while i was talking to Zane. I think that boy has strange powers. :P I think this should be enough content.
Ooooo i'm zane i'm cool i say you need more content lol. Uhm if you read my last blog on console hacking and modification, you should know that i purchased a game boy color for $10 at gamestop. Then i ripped it apart . I'm going to put it in the case of a ti-83 and call it a ti-boy. The only thing holding me back now is my lack of a soldering iron, because i need one in order to move some components on the gameboys motherboard, such as the bulky headphone jack, in order to make it fit. Alright, this is enought content. I know that for a fact ZANE!!!! GRR.

Console Hacking
Posted on April 13, 2008 at 23:47

So basically i suck at gamedev. Im taking up console hacking/modification as a hobby. I got a book on making many old gaming systems portable, and am getting a soldering iron and solder and other tools for my birthday.

I'm really excited, because the book is by the best console hacker in the universe, ben heck, so it should be good. Im really excited, thankfully i only need to wait until next sunday to start making portable versions of older consoles, althought it will be even longer before i start actually getting one done, because it'll take me a while to learn how to do some things. I'll post some pictures on here in the future of some of my projects and when(/if?) i get one done, i'll make sure to post a picture or even a video demonstration of it.

Hopefully, if i make one thats good enough eventually, i'll sell it on ebay, and make a little money to fund more projects. It should be a fun, but hard way to earn a little extra cash. I just haven't blogged in a while, so i felt that i should update everyone on whats going on with me, not that many here care but, yahhhhh.

I'll be sure to blog after my birthday when i get everything too.

Oh, and visit benheck.com if you too, are interested in making portable versions of classic videogame consoles.

Oh and final boss won the ferst even of the 2008 mlg professional circuit. Idc if you think it's a joke? I think it's cool? Ok bye.

Posted on March 14, 2008 at 00:52

I havent blogged in a really long time. Not like any of you care really, nor does it make a difference to any of you. I've been really busy lately. I made volleyball. Im either gunna play ds or setter. I've been playing halo3 quite a bit still. I'm looking forward to rainbow six vegas 2. I think i'm going to buy it.

I've been doing nothing game development wise. It's like im incapable. It's like i'm not meant to make games really. Bahhh I wanted to make a 2d counterstrike platform game, then i lost focus. I then wanted to make a not quite top down counterstrike game. Like looking down diagonal. I dunno what im gunna do now. I suck. Oh and if this gets off the front page thats bullshit. Like no offense, and i'm prolly gunna get a warn for this, but i think it's fucking bullshit that mods can put a single video in there entry and keep in frontpaged just because there mods.

Now i'm thinking about doing a cavestory inspired platformer....again. I like honestly suck bigtime. I just wish I could finish something. Even my single example was half-assed. I need to change the way i do things, in more aspects than just gamedev....but mostly gamedev...I need to get serious. I'm sick of doing shit games, and not even finishing them. AHHHHH oh, and hello, nice to see you again everyone, although i have been lurking around, you may not have noticed.

Posted on February 06, 2008 at 21:02

Alright, I've made a couple of blogs on here about programming languages and about wanting to learn one. I recall posting about c#(+xna), and java. Now i'm thinking about learning python. The question's i have for everyone reading is-

1. Is it a good language for programming games?
2. How easy is it to learn compared to other languages, including gml?
3. Should I go for it?

Yah this is really short, so i better lengthen this up a little bit. OMGWTFLOLWAFFLES. ok. While 64digits was down, i was surfin teh internetz and i came across a website that i'm sure 98 percent of you know about. Tigsource.com is a good site covering independant games, and their development.

Yah i discovered python too. Good times. Oh and i looked into soldat and link-dead, and they really inspired me to make a platform shooter, but i'm not sure if i should make it in gm, or make it slowly while i'm learning python, if python is what i decide to learn.

Oh and the other day, my gym teacher made us do 150 pushups and 200 crunches, just because some kids in the class were messing around in the hallway before class. It was really hard, and it really pissed me off that the gym teacher was trying to be such a hardass. But oh well, he's actually a pretty cool guy too, which was what bothered me. Anyways, i'm gunna go do my hw now. Later, and isn't it great to have 64digits back?

Posted on January 31, 2008 at 22:13


Uhm yah, I havent blogged in a while, so i felt like doing so. You might not know, but the adventure platformer example i submitted is on teh front page, and i would rele appreciate it if you would download it and rate it, and leave a comment, keeping in mind that i only decided to upload it ten minutes prior to doing so, because the development just wasnt really going anywhere. OMGRANDOM I might have a snowday tommorow, and fat Albert, I mean, errr melee-master, is jealous, even though i prolly won't have one.

I've had nothing to do really, so i've been working on a small platform shooter that right now is unnamed. I want it to eventually be like 2v2 or 3v3 online multiplayer, but then again, who doesn't right? We'll see where this goes. I've implemented movement, and ammo so far, and ammo was a lot easier than i thought it was going to be, even though the way i used probably isn't very effecient. I use 3 variables- total_ammo, subtotal_ammo, and shots_fired. Ehh it's dirty, but it gets the job done, and no thats not what she said.

It looks pretty decent so far, as far as the HUD goes. I'm trying to make it half-life 2-ish, with pale yellow numbers over tranparent black boxes. Lol that's like the exact same thing i said to PY in an IM. But yah, I have a math test tommorow, and i should rele go study, so i'm gunna end this guy right nao. KTankz.

Oh and yah, if you got time, check out my example. I know it's not great, i'm not a moran, but i think it's pretty decent. Oh and does anyone have any ideas for this Half-life and counter-strike inspired platform shooter.

So far the idea(s) i have for names are-


Anyways, later.

I suck
Posted on January 21, 2008 at 20:58

at making games, and finishing things in general. I worked on Pone for a little less than a week, and lost interest in it, and made it into an example for noobs. I think i wanna make a pokemans engine nao. Like gba-style. Those are probably some of the funnest games i've ever played. Getting the movement down is going to be relatively hard for me tho. I'm not even completely sure i'm capable of doing it, but you nevar know if you don't try right?

Omg i've been so hungry all of the time lately, and my moms not too good at this buying food thing, so i've basically been living off of protein shakes and ramen. And i've been working out like 4 times a week. I've gained like 6 pounds of muscle in like less than a month. Which basically means im the strongest man in the world. Kthx.

Uhm I havent been playing a lot of videogames rele. About the only thing that I do play is h3, and thats only on weekends rele.

Does anyone have a panda express near them? It's suuuuuchhhhhh goooooooddd chinese fast food. Orange chicken is basically a mouthgasm.

Oh, and i joined facebook. :]

And I havent played cs: source in about a month.

But yah i'm starting to think that maybe i wasn't meant to make games.:[ Everything that i start I end up throwing aside. It's pretty unfortunate. I read someones blog having the same problems and his idea was to have everything set that he wanted to do for the game, and then do it.

And yes, I do wanna do the pokemon game nao. Even tho there are a lot of them made, I still think it will be a good learning experience. Like Pone. The little i got done was a struggle for me, even though it was basically all d+d, but i ended up learning a lot from it.

OH, and to everyone you has a 360, the arcade game "Undertow" will be free from wednesday to either saturday or sunday i believe.

Buh-eye. (Phast)

EDIT** I put in to change my name to "F1u" btw.

Posted on January 21, 2008 at 00:59

I think the word s-hit gets turned to faggor.

lets try.

shit .

Pone updates?
Posted on January 17, 2008 at 18:16

Pone is an action adventure platformer inspired by Zelda, Cavestory, and Ultim8p00's TU. You play as a young boy, who at the age of 14, finally gets to see The Oracle, as do all boys of Hilo, when they turn 14. So you go to see The Oracle, who is just a sacred, talking orb in some cave, and he/it tells you that darkness is about to bestoy apon your land.

He tells you that many years ago, in 3 areas in Hilo, a Darkness fell apon Hilo, and that many men were sent in to destroy the darkness in each of the three areas, failing every time. He tells you that to keep the people safe, he closed off the three areas, waiting for some one who was brave enough to destroy the darkness. He tells you that you are that brave soul. He gives you something to take along on your quest, and sends you on your way, hoping that you will be able to finally kill off the darkness. Otherwise, it will destroy all of hilo.

OMG RELE? It sounds like a zelda game? no shit.

So far i've basically got movement from DF's foxengine, a healthbar, a gem counter, a basic sword engine, one enemy, one npc, and that's about it. The game will have 3 temples/dungeons when complete, and I will be constantly updating this page whenever i make something new. I was gunna have themes for each of the temples, but now i'm not. I'm thinking three dungeons with the same theme(but a different layout and different rooms obviously), with a different boss in each.

Things to do:
Basically the entire game, but here are some important things-
[]Shield usage
[x]Sword usage
[]Hopefully around 50 different enemy types. Hopefully.
[]Lotz Moar

*I just copied and pasted this from my projects, because I just did it like 3 minutes ago. If i'm not allowed to do that, then feel free to take it off the front page. Although I think this is allowed.*

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