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I feel like tails!
Posted on July 28, 2006 at 04:15

Hi guys! Im back from my 3 week holiday.... 3 weeks are long, especially without computer!

But during my holiday, i did something awesome! I went paragliding!! I was at Lac d'Annecy (the lake of Annecy), and a guy named Pascal was so nice to show me the whole world from a birds' view =D!

<a href="">Here is a photo to show you what I'm talking about!</a>
<a href="">Did you like the photo? Click here for a short movie of my flight!</a>

I really felt like tails for a while, flying in the air heheh :P! That's probably why i like tails so much, because he can fly when he wants to!

Anyways, thats all for today!
- Fox-NL <img src=""; alt=""/>

Gone, 3 weeks!
Posted on July 07, 2006 at 15:31

I'll be gone for 3 weeks (holiday)...

Thats my blog, cya!

CA Screenshot!
Posted on July 03, 2006 at 05:18

Hi guys!

It's not that cleaning my room takes ages (takes long though!), but I was gone this weekend so I didnt had a chance to put a new blog on! Anyways, I had a very cool weekend, I've gone to the beach a few times because looking at the sun, it's really summer here!

I did some cool work on Cubes Arena, and I thought it's a cool moment to show you a screenshot! this screenshot is taken in the tutorial room, where Ogmo gives you a quick lesson on how to play Cubes Arena! Don't worry about the fps (crappy computer).

<a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border=0 alt=""/></a>

So what do you guys think?
- Fox-NL <img src=""; alt=""/>

Posted on June 27, 2006 at 08:21

Yeah! Today was my last day at school, I have vacation now :D... The last days at school were terrible, we had a lot of stress because of the musical, but the final performance was awesome :D

Anyways, this means that I have a lot of free time to work on Cubes Arena, but im not sure if I'm going to work on it in the beginning of my vacation... why? Because of 2 things:
- My girlfriend, we are going to a different school next year (long story), and because today was my last schoolday it also means that its my last day on the same school together with her! I'll probably go and visit her now and then...
- Holiday! Yeah I'm going on a holiday to France, w00t! :D

Well, I gotta clean my room now, its no mess at all but my mom things so... Take care!
- Fox-NL <img src=""; alt=""/>

My first Plus! Live Script
Posted on June 25, 2006 at 10:34

Yay for Messenger Plus! Live!

I studied the whole thing, and started writing some scripts.. first i wrote a script which would say hello to my girlfriend when she came online, and now i have a script which lets you steal display pictures from your contacts!

<a href=""; target="blank">StealDP 1.0 by Fox-NL</a>

How does it work? Well just open up a chat window and say ^stealdp! Voila, you now got the display picture of your victim...

Ofcourse you need Windows Live Messenger and the Msg Plus! Live plugin to install this script...

- Fox-NL <img src=""; alt=""/>

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