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Contest Ideas, Progress Update
Posted on January 24, 2007 at 17:04

Well first of all, I am glad to report that Aces High Over Verlor Island is again taking steps toward completion - the first single player mode (of three that are currently planned) is almost complete. Single player mode isn't really what I wanted to showcase with the game, but I think that each of the three challenges will provide enough variety and instant fun for people to be something that they continually come back to. The addition of a high score board for each of the three games should contribute to this as well, I hope. I really want to get the game done sooner rather than later, as it has been in production for a long time, and I am anxious to get something new on my plate!

Another thing I've been thinking about lately is having Reflect Games host a contest of sorts, in order to boost creativity and promote the people who are willing to put effort into it. The contest would run for a month or so, kind of a spring contest... but I'm not quite sure what the goal of the contest could be.

One idea I had was to do a "one level" contest, where you could make a level for a game that has yet to be made or doesn't exist. Any kind of game, any size, length, or depth. The goal would be to make the level as professional and polished as you could, and to make it seem as if it were just pulled straight out of a game. Any kind of story that is portrayed in the level could start and finish wherever you want, characters would not really have to be introduced, etc.

Another idea I had was a contest where the pieces are supplied, like a graphics pack, or set of character sprites, and the goal is to make the best WIP / finished game to go along with them.

Judging would be conducted via a forum poll, or something similar... Prizes... A cool banner? Reflect credits? I haven't really nailed down the details yet, since I have only really thought about it a little bit over the last few days.

So what are your thoughts on this? Would you be interested in competing against others in a contest hosted by Reflect Games? What other ideas would be good?

Anyway, I feel like this blog is a bit lacking in the content dept., but unfortunately I don't have much else to say, and it's about time for me to get back to work here (writing from work, gotta love it). So thanks for reading, and until next time!

There's nothing like a contest to help bring out the best!

I really like the idea of a one level contest.
Instead of worrying about the game as a whole, your putting all your effort into one level, the actual gameplay, without having to worry about the programming as much.

I'm looking forward to trying Aces High Over Verlor Island.
I know it'll be worth the download!

Posted by TwistyWristy January 24, 2007 17:13 - 10.9 years ago
| [#01]

So what are your thoughts on this? Would you be interested in competing against others in a contest hosted by Reflect Games? What other ideas would be good?

It would be interesting to see what people would come up with. Though I doubt I would participate, level design is not my forte.
Posted by Kaz January 24, 2007 17:13 - 10.9 years ago
| [#02]

Sounds great, I'm already tied up in a contest though. (Going great by the way.)

It's good to hear AHOVI is going so well. :)
Posted by Nighthawk January 24, 2007 17:16 - 10.9 years ago
| [#03]

I think the single level think is good.
Posted by DesertFox January 24, 2007 17:21 - 10.9 years ago
| [#04]

Ay carumba, go with the one-level idea.
Posted by Polystyrene Man January 24, 2007 17:43 - 10.9 years ago
| [#05]

^^Agree. Anyways usually when theres a contest it really helps me create new games.
Posted by blueBX January 24, 2007 19:42 - 10.9 years ago
| [#06]

I figure that once the contest is over, anyone who wanted to continue on the game they had started for it obviously could, so it's a win / win! [:)]
Posted by FredFredrickson January 24, 2007 20:03 - 10.9 years ago
| [#07]

The Single Level thing sounds cool
Posted by KaBob799 January 24, 2007 21:30 - 10.9 years ago
| [#08]

I'm in for the single level idea.
Posted by Kilin January 25, 2007 10:19 - 10.9 years ago
| [#09]

I'm too busy with my own projects to do a contest, however. I like the sound of the first one. (It's out of the norm)
Posted by elmernite January 25, 2007 13:07 - 10.9 years ago
| [#10]

Hey there FredFredrickson, I just want to let you know that you are one of my favorite coders. You always post in a professional manner and avoid getting into huge flaming debates. Your games/projects/examples are also all of top quality.

Here are some ideas of mine:
* The problem with having a forum poll to judge a contest will always be that people could cheat by creating new users, friend voting, etc. I think you should have a set of judges, who will each rate the projects. Then simply add the ratings. Or you can have a Judges vote, and User's vote...where the highest user's voted game adds a couple points to the judges overall (like a tilting system).

* Yes, competition is ALWAYS a good thing. This inspires ingenuity and motivation/drive to finish a project.

* I visited your site...very nice! I'm creating a Lemmings Engine (see wip in my blogs), and would like to implement your Reflect System. I have written my design document such that multiplayer is centered around 39dll, so I'm glad.

* I believe a competition with provided media would be great as it gives the coder the ability to focus purely in coding and ingenuity.
Posted by Carlos_Ramos February 02, 2007 15:37 - 10.9 years ago
| [#11]

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