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1,000 Reflect Gamers
Posted on February 20, 2007 at 15:15

As is commonplace with Apple's X Server, we (my work) currently have the server shut down for maintenance, after a few more days of intermittent service. If we don't do this, the server becomes more and more erratic, crashing more frequently every day until something becomes corrupt on the hard drive and our database of information must be rebuilt, a process that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Sometimes it's good, since it allows me time to browse websites, post on forums, chat with people via IM... and of course, write blogs!

So here I am, back from a 2 night / 3 day mini vacation in San Francisco. The weather was great, I saw some awesome stuff, and got to spend a lot of time with my girlfriend. I feel fresh, revitalized. I am ready to get back to work on my projects. And 'm kicking it off with a status report, courtesy of my blog. Let me say first though - if any of you happen to ever get the opportunity to stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, by all means, do so. I think the elevator there was more fancy than a few entire hotel rooms I've stayed in before! Fancy, fancy stuff.

Anyway, big things! Reflect Games has now officially reached the 1,000 member landmark, with 1,000 users joined by friday, and (to my surprise) over 1,020 currently as I write this! I've been working hard to add new things to the site, and I will continue working on it in order to make it the best site possible for players of our games, and our third party developers' games. This summer, I may also undertake the project of re-writing a lot of the underlying server code, so that the Reflect System will be more well-rounded and able to support more of the features both players and developers want, like friends lists, in-game messaging, etc. It's a long road ahead, but with over 1,000 members, a great line-up of first and third party titles, and more to come all in under a year's time, I am very happy with the way things are heading. Don't forget to check out the site's newest addition, the <a href="">Reflect Forum</a>, which you can use your existing login to access.

I also wanted to touch on the status of Aces High Over Verlor Island, which, though slow, is progressing. I recently completed two of the three single player game modes, and I've added a lot of new stuff to the game, including music (courtesy of Ds, of EO fame), new effects, and a large bag full of fixes and touch-ups. The 3D tile system was also re-written to allow the game to run a bit faster, and I will be continually looking over the code and trying to find things that can be optimized as I finish up the game. I'd like to get the game out on GM7, if the conversion is mostly painless, but seeing as we don't really know when GM7 might be out, I'm having a hard time pacing myself. There aren't really any features of GM7 that I need to get into this game, but I would really like for the game to be compatible with XP and Vista... so we'll see. Regardless of all that, I am really happy with the way the game is turning out, and I hope that you guys feel the same when it is eventually released.

I've been debating what I want to work on after AHOVI, and I'm just not quite sure yet. I've already done quite a bit of work on Hover Tank 3D 2, and I'd like to continue that, but I also have been having some ideas for a couple of other games recently, including a more RPG-ish sequel to Evolites, the oft-delayed Gunner McJack (kinda like Soldat), a Worms: Armageddon type of game, or possibly a "massively single player" top-down sci-fi shooter akin to Starship Troopers. I've got big ideas for all of these games... some of them I think would make for a really fun time too. I just don't know what to do! Oh well, I really should focus on finishing up AHOVI. I'm also (still) finishing up my commissioned paintings, as well as a website I've been contracted to construct, and of course, the massive amount of video games I have to play.

Ah well... I've got more to say (I think I always do), but I think this is enough for now. Try to stay patient for GM7 everyone, and thanks for reading!

Congratulations on the 1000th member. Reflect games seems to be growing really fast.
Posted by marbs February 20, 2007 15:29 - 10.8 years ago
| [#01]

Yes, but still no one host any servers for more than 3 minutes. [:(]
Posted by Nighthawk February 20, 2007 15:33 - 10.8 years ago
| [#02]

Soldat and Worms: Armageddon FTW!
I've been playing them non-stop last week. More Soldat then Worms though.
Posted by Grand-High Gamer February 20, 2007 16:10 - 10.8 years ago
| [#03]

Congrats on 1000 reflect users. It'd be intresting making a game Reflect enabled.
Posted by Kenon February 20, 2007 18:51 - 10.8 years ago
| [#04]

Congratulations! You've won a free... Sorry, no prize here.
Well, heres a picture.
Posted by Rob February 20, 2007 20:43 - 10.8 years ago
| [#05]

Don't make Gunner McJack!
I'll bet it'll blow Cell Burst out of the water.
Nah, I'm just kidding. Though I bet it would be better.
I personaly like the sound of Worms: Armageddon type game.
Posted by elmernite February 20, 2007 21:55 - 10.8 years ago
| [#06]

Posted by frenchcon1 February 21, 2007 13:24 - 10.8 years ago
| [#07]

You know, instead of the strings of random and disjointed messages that seem to be the norm here, I try to write out a coherent and (hopefully) intelligent blog every time I post. If a handful of spell-checked, thought-out, and logically assembled paragraphs are a "wall of text" for you, then don't bother posting a comment.
Posted by FredFredrickson February 22, 2007 1:24 - 10.8 years ago
| [#08]

I like your blogs. Very nice, and pretty much everything you stated.
Nice job on the 1000 user mark.
Posted by elmernite February 23, 2007 13:13 - 10.8 years ago
| [#09]

*You know, instead of the strings of random and disjointed messages that seem to be the norm here, I try to write out a coherent and (hopefully) intelligent blog every time I post. If a handful of spell-checked, thought-out, and logically assembled paragraphs are a "wall of text" for you, then don't bother posting a comment. *

i...partialy understood that. Not that i'm dumb (i go to one of the best schools in the UK), my brain just doesn't function well at the weekend.
Posted by frenchcon1 February 24, 2007 12:13 - 10.8 years ago
| [#10]

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