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March 22, 2007
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Aces High Finished!
Posted on March 17, 2007 at 20:34

Greetings everyone! I'll be submitting this to 64 Digits soon as well, but figured it'd make a good blog post too, after a month of inactivity. [:D]

After months of development, I have finally finished Aces High Over Verlor Island!

For the uninitiated, AHOVI is a 3D top-down arcade shooter where you pilot a biplane, and compete against other people online, or against yourself (and the clock) in the 3 single player modes. You are capable of performing a few special maneuvers, and various power-ups occasionally appear in order to help you stay alive.


Each of the 3 single player modes has an online high score board set up so that you can compete against others, and of course, you can also compete directly with people in brawls of up to 8 people at once! For each single player mode, and the multiplayer mode, you can earn Reflect credits, which are basically just a way of showing others your skill level, and how much you've played.

Using menus:
LEFT MOUSE - Click to activate a button
UP & DOWN ARROWS - Navigate menu options
ENTER - Activate a button
ESC - Close the current menu / exit the game

Playing the game:
LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS - Turn your aircraft left or right
LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS (double tap) - Do a barrel roll
UP ARROW (hold) - Speed skill
DOWN ARROW (hold) - Slow Skill
DOWN ARROW (double tap) - Perform a vertical loop
SPACE BAR - Fire machine gun
ESC - Exit the game

Multiplayer only:
ENTER - Begin chat type mode / send message
SHIFT (hold) - View scoreboard

/players - view a numbered player list
/kick # - replace # with the desired player number from the player list to kick a player

F4 - Toggle windowed / full screen mode

Click here to download (5.56 Mb)
Like a few of my previous games, (Evolites and Linked), in order to submit your high scores, earn credits, and play online, you'll need a Reflect Account. You can find out more about how the system works, and sign up at the Reflect Games website. It's free, fast, and painless!

A special note about playing online
If you want to host games online, you might have to set up your router to use port forwarding. you can find out more about that here. Just make sure TCP port 27782 is open, and you should be good to go.

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That is nice. <i>Nice. <b>Niiccceee.</b></i> I can't wait to play it, the way the 3D looks is awesome, some of the smoothest GM 3D graphics I've seen. The powerup idea is good.
Posted by LoserHands March 17, 2007 20:38 - 10.8 years ago
| [#01]

Gonna take a while...
Posted by LoserHands March 17, 2007 20:40 - 10.8 years ago
| [#02]

Looks awesome. Oh, a link. I'll download, then.

Hey, is this playable over Reflect Games? In that case, I'm logging in.

Posted by Kilin March 17, 2007 21:01 - 10.8 years ago
| [#03]

Running, scrambling, flying
Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Run, live to fly, fly to live. aces high.

Screens look cool. i will have to check this out.
Posted by brosbm March 17, 2007 21:04 - 10.8 years ago
| [#04]

FredFreakingFredrickson, how do you make things like this?
Posted by Kilin March 17, 2007 21:10 - 10.8 years ago
| [#05]

Just downloaded newest and havn't played yet, but the beta was amazing.
Posted by IdiotProof March 17, 2007 21:15 - 10.8 years ago
| [#06]

Nice, have been looking forward to this for a long time :)
Posted by hobomonkeyc March 17, 2007 21:18 - 10.8 years ago
| [#07]

YAYAYAYAYAY this game is way cool. I've been waiting for it to come out.
Posted by Rusky March 17, 2007 21:20 - 10.8 years ago
| [#08]

Played the tutorial, dogfight, and ballon burst. pretty cool gameplay. I just encountered a "missing sound" error when shooting the enemy planes several times.
Posted by brosbm March 17, 2007 21:21 - 10.8 years ago
| [#09]

I Can't wait to play.
Posted by elmernite March 17, 2007 21:24 - 10.8 years ago
| [#10]

OH MUH' GAWD! He does it again...with this amazing good for words. This seems to even exceed HT3D from my perspective. This is just...AWESOME! I love it. Once it's rateable, instant 10/10 from me. No way it could get any less...
Posted by Crane-ium March 17, 2007 21:30 - 10.8 years ago
| [#11]


is there any real estate available of Verlor Island?

It's sweet!

Anyway, some of the AI was slightly unrealistic. They obviously haven't learned the rules of dogfighting, like attacking your enemy's vulnerable 6 o'clock. Also, I'm reading the memoirs of a WWI fighter pilot, so i'm gonna give you some harsh criticism.
The enemy did seem to know about the scissors defensive formation, but i doubt you programmed that. A WWI fighter couldn't take many hits, and unlike any other aerial war, damage to the plane wasn't what caused many of the planes to be downed. Biplanes were so small and slow that to take down a plane, you basically had 3 targets, the pilot, the engine, or the fuel tank, and it only took a burst of 10-20 roudns to take out a plane. Also the best planes, like the Albatross (what I'm assuming we're flying, as it was the Germans who painted their planes red, Britian painted their's silver and america was green) and the Spad had two machine guns. It seems like we're flying Nuiermports, as it only had 1 machine gun. Also, I'd like to have seen some co-op, where you're in a two seater, one guys a pilot and one guys the rear gunner.
Posted by abacus March 17, 2007 21:40 - 10.8 years ago
| [#12]

Co-op would have been sweet, but I have yet to brave that front in one of my games. Maybe in the next! [;)]
Posted by FredFredrickson March 17, 2007 21:45 - 10.8 years ago
| [#13]

That looks awesome. I love plane games.
Posted by Pobble-Wobble March 17, 2007 21:59 - 10.8 years ago
| [#14]

Hehe, good to see this game is finished; nothing better than seeing GM's true potential.
Posted by Josea March 17, 2007 22:01 - 10.8 years ago
| [#15]

It's a beautiful game, no doubt about it. It didn't really seem that fun, though. I think the most limiting factor was the time it took for the plane to "recharge" after doing a stunt. Doing a couple barrel rolls in the dog fight paralyzes you forever. I had to fly away like a "coward" [;)].

Otherwise, a very slick game. Incredibly frustrating, though.
Posted by Polystyrene Man March 17, 2007 22:03 - 10.8 years ago
| [#16]

Im top of the highscores in DOGFIGHT
Posted by Xxypher March 17, 2007 22:18 - 10.8 years ago
| [#17]

Darn you, Xxypher. I'm only in like...5th place or something.
Posted by Kilin March 17, 2007 23:06 - 10.8 years ago
| [#18]

Awsome! *downloads*
Posted by KaBob799 March 17, 2007 23:23 - 10.8 years ago
| [#19]

Posted by Graydon March 17, 2007 23:46 - 10.8 years ago
| [#20]

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