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Drag & Drop library editor for GameMaker released
Posted on August 31, 2017 at 00:57

I spent some time this summer working on hobby projects and learning this new framework called Vue.js which is similar to Google's AngularJS. It basically solves a lot of UI engineering problems by making things like data binding super simple. It also introduces an interesting paradigm, that other ephemeral ad hoc frameworks haven't, called single-file components which is very similar to class composition.

I wanted to put all of this to good use and ended up creating a new action library editor for GameMaker called ActionMaker. It really wasn't my goal from the beginning, I just wanted to really take a crack at finishing a project from start to finish by myself.

It supports all of the older GameMaker versions and GameMaker: Studio 1.4 as you can see in the following screenshot:

You can give it a try in your browser right now by visiting the official announcement at the link below and I'd be interested in hearing from Safari users!

Wow, that brings back memories of the one Marc Overmars made for the old GM. Nice project, will give it a spin!
Posted by F1ak3r August 31, 2017 1:23 - 2.6 months ago
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Vue 2 is awesome. With the debacle over React licensing, I've all but abandoned everything for Vue.
Posted by leemcd56 August 31, 2017 16:03 - 2.6 months ago
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Vue certainly has my attention, as it seems like a nice middle ground between React and angular. The single file composition stuff is really nice, too.

A good alternative to react is Preact, as well. The maintainers are great people, and the library gives you just about everything React does, in the same API, but its only ~3kb.
Posted by twisterghost September 01, 2017 7:13 - 2.6 months ago
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I know it's even nostalgia for me too kind of. This whole data binding thing is something we've been chatting about for a while though. Looking back at all the desktop frameworks, I am really honestly surprised at their lackluster support for this.

1) .NET has it but unless you use WPF it's not going to great out of the box
2) Closest thing Qt has is QDataWidgetMapper which you have to extend a lot
3) wxWidget's has MVC stuff like Qt but also a more functional wxUpdateUIEvent that is closer to immediate-mode GUI's in game engines, I tested it yesterday though and it don't work with number spinners
4) Java has always had beans, but JavaFX builds all of its components out of them, they just have poor support for transitive dependency and everything

By and far it seems the JS frameworks have the most robust and scalable data binding solutions.

That said I just took a look at the live URL and noticed the drag and drop on the action list wasn't working which I did fix just before I fixed LIB image writing. I checked it out locally and rebuilt it, git status told me the blobs changed so I committed them and when I went to push it said everything was fine. I went to GItHub and noticed the commit logs were the same for the gh-pages branch including my commits for those two fixes from 7 days ago. Checked the site again and the list dragging was working just fine as was lib writing.

Not sure if this was a GitHub server error or what, but I really don't think I messed up git. Either way, if you tried to use it and LIB saving failed, I implore you to try again. Sorry about that.
Posted by Goombert September 06, 2017 0:49 - 2.4 months ago
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