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lol i'm actually making a game
Posted on January 12, 2017 at 22:07

An old friend gave me a code for the latest and greatest GameMaker Studio a couple months back, which he got as an extra from a Humble Bundle. It was a "long time no see" reunion gift after like a decade (we were besties back in the day)

And now, I am doing the inconceivable: I'm actually making a game.

It's tough to find the time between work, but I am hoping to actually make a fucking game this time, not a tech demo or other assorted bullshit that I always used to do.

It's going to be a top-down tile-based puzzle/adventure type thingy. It's going to have pseudo-3D. I want to sell it on mobile. This will be a fun adventure.

Which reminds me, I'm here to gather one of my old code examples because I don't feel like re-deriving my fake-3D solution from scratch.

I'll show screenshots when I have something worthwhile.

Feels good to be back.

Wow, it's been over 10 years, apparently.
Posted on September 11, 2016 at 22:07

Not that I do anything here, ever, at all. I wonder how many people I knew are even still here.

Good to still see it kicking. I noticed it was down when some of my hosted images weren't showing up on the intarwebs, and I was like "oh no they killed 64Digits :c"

Good to see it's just the same old unreliability we know and love.

Couple of things
Posted on November 22, 2012 at 10:47

1) www.unitedequestria.com

Brony community, formerly but no longer associated with that game known as "CyberNations." Come hang out! And someone help me figure out how to make the shiny domain name I bought do more than just redirect =[

user was banned for mention of ponies

2) Minecraft

I appear to have been de-whitelisted. Which is sort of unfortunate. Would like to be able to build things again D=

3) Wuv


I still exist!
Posted on October 16, 2012 at 23:21

Not much to say. Trying to get my website operational, don't have the passwords for my FTP anymore, and Kitsune is nowhere to be seen ;_;

srsly where is Kit I miss him?

Oh and you should see my pony collection. And how much money I have blown on it. I need a goddamn job.

My forums
Posted on April 09, 2012 at 19:09

Where are they? We have hundreds of members that depend on these forums. Please don't lose them in this server move, please please please. I don't even have a recent backup of the database. Dear god.

ATTN: Bronies
Posted on February 13, 2012 at 18:12

Get in here! Your help is needed! United Equestria, a brony gaming community, urgently needs your help!

Remember when I used to lead that 64Digits alliance in CyberNations? Well, it sort-of transformed into a brony alliance known as United Equestria. We are doing extremely well, at 100 members, and we have an active and vibrant community. We're in a very tight race trying to take the White Team Senate, and now more than ever, we need more heads to vote for our candidate!

Below is the recruitment spiel that gets posted everywhere, but you guys are a special case since the origins of our pony alliance lie in 64Digits. Join today, you won't regret it! ~♥


Hello there!

We are United Equestria, an alliance in a game called Cyber Nations. We are a tight family of bronies having the adventure of a lifetime! We rank among the top 100 alliances in the game, and are in the top 40 by membership count. If things like massive conflicts between thousands of players, political intrigue, an easy to play game with very little time commitment, and being part of a tight and loving family of bronies appeal to you, then you may have what it takes to be a part of United Equestria!

Right now, we have a heated senate campaign underway, and your votes are needed to keep our candidate in office and put us on the map!

So, what exactly is Cyber Nations, and how can you help?

Cyber Nations is an "online political simulator" game. Basically, war and politics. But, it's a very community-oriented and user-driven game, and there is no better community on the whole internet than the brony community, so it's a perfect fit! Cyber Nations is nice because it allows you to stretch your brain muscles a bit, and building your nation takes literally 5 minutes a day - There is no level grinding whatsoever, and it can fit around whatever your daily schedule is. It's also totally free to play! You don't need a big nation to have a big impact, either - anyone can contribute to politics just by being present and active in the alliance.

As for United Equestria itself, we stand for honesty, integrity, respect, and loyalty to our friends - the brony way. One of our main goals is bringing, and adapting as necessary, the brony mentality to our method of play. We're still going to have fun, we're still going to play the game, but we're going to bring something special and unique to the mix. Don't worry about imposing our fandom on others; practically every subculture, fandom, political alignment, religion, and nationality has their own little themed group. We are no different - this is an opportune moment to be ourselves and even gain new members of the Herd!

How to Join:
The first thing you have to do is create a nation here: www.cybernations.net
Set your team color to White and your Alliance Affiliation to "United Equestria" (Pick "select other" in the drop down menu and type it in - Spelling counts!)

The second thing you must do is register an account and fill out an application at the following address: http://cybernations.64digits.com/ponies/index.php?board=14.0
We will try to mask you as soon as we can. You need a nation before this point for security reasons.
Membership in the alliance requires a forum account, but it's definitely worthwhile given the plethora of helpful guides to help you on your feet right out of the gate. Additionally, some funding methods from some of our in-game allies are available only through the forums.

Optionally, if you are familiar with IRC, we also have a public channel at #ponies on irc.coldfront.net

Don't know how to use IRC? No problem, just click the following link and it will drop you right into our public channel!

Hope to see you soon!

Minecraft Admins
Posted on January 15, 2012 at 16:44

Pls ad Monkzaon to the whitelists, thx <3

Posted on January 10, 2012 at 13:47

Who all are fans of ponies now? I've not been keeping up like I should.

Database crashed
Posted on October 26, 2011 at 21:10

Need a 64Digits admin to contact me immediately. Please ;_;


Fuck the internet
Posted on August 28, 2011 at 12:42

Things used to be simple.

I used to be able to have a Hotmail address for YouTube.

I used to be able to sign into my separate YouTube and Gmail accounts.

I used to be able to just check my Hotmail without it interfering with MSN.

I used to be able to run programs without them downloading an automatic update every other day, and I used to not have to dig through complicated menus to disable it, for the few programs today that still let you disable this invasion into your computer.

I remember when Facebook kept quietly to itself and didn't try to connect your real-life and online identities.

I remember when sites like Facebook and Twitter were simple web pages and didn't take 10 minutes to load all sorts of flashy useless features that have a tendency to break often.

I remember when things were simple. And I wish these companies would stop fucking with all the things I love.

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