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February 28, 2015

Venzi & Hanzi
Posted on May 31, 2016 at 22:03

The name for my new game is stupid, but so is the game.

Basically my idea is for 2D sidescroller and 2D top-down view to collide, into a risk/reward dungeon crawler with different items granting you certain abilities or maybe even killing you. You control two differenct characters, Venzi & Hanzi, whom you can switch between to your liking. You start with 3 lives and are occasionally granted XP for clearing stages or losing a hp/xp gamble, in your search for the blackbird. You can use 10 XP to get to the start of your room if you mess up, or spend your hard-earned XP on specific upgrades like more HP or whatever. I just want the game to be filled with a certain degree of RNG, secrets and mystery! Maybe even quests later on.

I've been working on this very on-and-off for a while now. Should be fun to see what I end up with.

Maybe I'll get back to my gaming roots and finish that other game too, Nature Calls.

Who knows. :^)

Forgot to mention that you can only see some stuff as either Venzi or Hanzi, as showed in the screenshots below:

Basically my idea is for 2D sidescroller and 2D top-down view to collide

So you mean the guy on the bottom jumps and the other guy on the wall is seen from above right? Awesome, I love it when games challenge conventions. I've been working on mixing 3D and pixel art for a while now for instance.

The graphics in your screens are rather dark I think. Looks cool with the lave and all but IDK I think I like colors. But then I'm also a painter. Enough about me :p

I'm going to check out that other game now.
Posted by SpectreNectar June 01, 2016 8:49 - 1.2 years ago
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Yeah! And you can use the black-haired dude to jump onto the other guy so that he'll carry you, so you can navigate through areas and stuff. The game started out completely black and white and I added color with time and updated the player sprites and stuff. I see where you're coming from though, monitors being different and stuff. It looks pretty alright in fullscreen on my PC. My largest problem is probably that I'm pretty bad at programming even though this is all in gamemaker... I feel limited lol. Thanks for the comment!

EDIT: I added some new screenshots.
Posted by Intaler June 01, 2016 9:25 - 1.2 years ago
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Sounds cool, but wouldn't the top down guy be way OP in comparison to the side scrolling guy?
Posted by Ferret June 02, 2016 14:52 - 1.2 years ago
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Lol, well that's some legit concern. As of now you can reach the blackbird with any of the characters, but if I upload the game you will only be able to clear stages as sidescroller. The other guy is more of a helpful resource. I'll make top-down puzzles aswell later on.
Posted by Intaler June 02, 2016 19:13 - 1.2 years ago
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