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Astatine Walkthrough
Posted on October 29, 2008 at 20:33

Hi, all. Unfortunately IRC doesn't seem to work on my laptop, so you probably won't be seeing me on the channel there for another month or so. Life is quite busy for me at the moment, though that's not the focus of this blog. Instead, I'd like to let you know that I'm working on a walkthrough for Cesque's game Astatine, which I'll be uploading as a series of videos. It concerns the beta version, which was not, I believe, released to the public, so I hope that as I play through the game you'll enjoy seeing some of the game's later and more exciting parts. In any case my videos should be enough to convince you that Astatine is a great game that you should all be looking forward to playing.

I've already uploaded the first part of the walkthrough, which covers the city area and the first boss battle. Up next is the wizard's tower and possibly a few secrets. For those of you who played one of the earlier demonstrations, this should all be familiar territory to you. You can watch the first video here:


If you like it, be sure to check my page regularly over the course of the next few days, as new videos should follow quite soon.


Posted on August 21, 2008 at 16:01

Aliquot uestrum iam in IRC me inuenerunt, sed probabiliter reliqui non me recognoscunt. Ergo uobis declaro me multos menses iam hic adesse et solum cum nouo nomine scribere. Pueri cum quibus in IRC locutus sum crediderunt me Romanum esse, sed certe iocus fuit. Mea prima lingua est ea Anglorum, tamen Latina pulcherrima me uidetur, et hac causa illam linguam non solum scribere sed etiam loqui uolo.

Male, constat paene totos ascripticios huius loci Latinam non cognouisse et fortasse etiam eos meorum uerborum taedere. Heri cum amico locutus sum, et quaesiui ex me ipso num in Internet essent loci in quibus Latina scribitur. Amicus respondit istum stultum esse; tamen in Internet homines stultissime agunt. Tunc inquisiui, sed nullum locum eiusmodi inueni.

Ergo cum quo loquar? Hic amicum habeo quem in IRC conuenio et qui Latinam cognouit. Sed certe uno multi sunt meliores, et hac causa nunc quaero ex uobis num alii adsint qui mecum loqui possint. Spero ut adiuncti meliores fiamus et denuo hanc pulcherrima lingua ad lucem feramus.

Salus uobis sit!

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