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Dark age!
Posted on January 08, 2007 at 11:37

Well, Its no Secret That me and my team (Jackal, Halfofastaple, Popple_Waffles, Thegamemaker, 69Poomaster69, Homestarruner, Darkburger and Bomb505) Are Working on a MMO-Platformer
I'm here to release a little information about it. Like, Its name Is Dark age.

Story: The world is full of swords and sorcery. In the world, manipulation of the elements is a science and art, as is swordplay and stealth. There were many wars and many eras, but none like this. A new era began, the "Dark Era"(Games name), when a "rip" apeared. Great powers all disagreed what to do about it, an "Elemental Master", the most powerful in fact, wanted to seal it again, but failed. Eventually, soonafter, he discovered a fifth "element" as he called it... exsistence. He studied the rip for decades after sealing himself under layers upon layers of rock, magma, ice, vacumes, and so much more as not to be disturbed. When he emerged, everyone had almost forgotten about him, and were barely even able to recognize him. He told all that he was now a master of 8 elements. In an effort to show his power, he revealed that the rip led to another world, and he had made contact with one of their inhabitants, a "Necromancer" as he called himself. The rip was a result of his mastery of his "Four elements". He said the whole time they trained each other, he learned "Necromancy" and in turn taught "Elementalism". The other world, he said, was much like theirs with wars and fighting. The master necromancers has been searching all levels of exsistance to find another world that would help them stop the wars before their entire exsistence was destroyed. The only thing he could find was complete destruction of many worlds. Then, he came across ours. He speaks that unless something is done, his world will perish, as will ours, but if we work together both of the worlds might be spared. No one believed him, he was asked to "prove it", and this is how it started. He was more than glad to "show off" his new power, as well as give a glimpse of the other exsistance. He opened up a portal to the other world, but it was empty. All was dark in his fellow necromanceer's lair, confused, he opened the gate wider, and began to fear for the worst. Suddenly, sounds were heard, and shortly after several Evo flew jumped through as did several necromanceers, the evo quickly attacked the crowd, ripping limbs from bodies, eating flesh, and slaughtering them. The necromanceers tore and decay them, but some escaped and ran. The survivors yelled for the Master of Elements to close the rip, before it had gotten bigger, but he was dead... an Evo cought hold of his arm, and a necromancer aged both the evo and him to a motionless corpse. This is the begining of "Dark Era".

You may think everything gonna be dark and Ugh! but there are going to be Light and colorful and peaceful places, sometimes, Like the forest. Trees Might have faces.. =D
We made a few banners but one was Dark ages (By darkburger):
The others were "Dark age"

They are pretty awesome
Now, Back to the game..
We have some sprites being done (I'll show you a little DON'T USE THEM!): (not done)

I'm not gonna let out much of the Features Since this is almost secret
But I'll tell you

- Jackal

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