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Posted on March 11, 2017 at 02:54

You know why I haven't written a blog for a while? I have nothing to say. Then I realized that hasn't stopped me earlier, so let's write a blog about pretty much nothing!

I have been trying to make games, but for some reasons all my projects have failed. I was wondering why, then I realized it might be I've been playing too much games. So I decided I'll stop playing games for a few weeks, until I get a new game (or programming) project started. I might still play a few rounds of Overwatch now and then, but... no, no I won't. I don't need those damn loot boxes, no no no no.

Fun fact: I have started over a dozen new game and programming projects, and my current game engine has code from all of these projects. Pretty scare, huh?

My studies are going fine enough, nothing to say about them.

I've been drawing a so-called "tennis comic" with my friend. We draw a single page by turns and see how long we can continue it. It's pretty much fun, and it also improves my comic-drawing skills - whatever they are, though.

I haven't been writing as much as I had liked, mostly because visual arts are more fun. I rather draw or make games than write pure text. Nevertheless, I have promised myself I'll write a book before I turn 30, and I'll do it, no matter what. Publishing a book is a different thing.

I have unlocked 332 out of 339 achievements in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth + DLCs. Too bad the remaining ones aren't much fun: do dailies, do more dailies, have 5 win streak with different characters etc. To make sure I won't play that game I uninstalled it. If I know want to play it too badly, I first have to install it and thus wait a few minutes, just enough time to change my mind and not to play it.

English math terms are sometimes confusing. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who mixes up "null set" and "empty set". In Finnish, null set is called "nollamittainen (joukko)" and it literally means zero measured (set). Okay, maybe it's we who lack of a good term, since null set has measure zero, but is every set with measure zero a null set ? (I would say, yes, but I cannot say for sure)

Wow, I really did have something to say, even though I had nothing to say. This means more short blogs about hardly anything coming soon!

Forgot to mention that Visual Studio Code is pretty good lightweight code editor, maybe the best I have used. And it works on Linux!
Posted by Jani_Nykanen March 11, 2017 4:29 - 5.5 months ago
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VS Code is nice, but I wish it had more formatting options... unless they updated that with one of their daily updates... (are they still doing that?)
Posted by Alert Games March 12, 2017 14:25 - 5.5 months ago
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Posted by spike1  This comment was marked as irrelevant by spike1. Show
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I'm pretty confident that every set with measure zero is a null set, especially in Rn, as that's basically the definition of it. So the Finnish one makes a lot more sense.

Null set is more used because sets with measure zero just aren't as significant as those with measure normally, iirc.
Posted by Kenon March 13, 2017 16:17 - 5.4 months ago
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Quote: spike1
Any idea what sort of book you'd write - fiction, non fiction?

Fiction, of course. Either a classical murder mystery or epic sci-fi or fantasy (or sci-fi + fantasy, something like Stephen King's Dark Tower series)
Posted by Jani_Nykanen March 15, 2017 14:28 - 5.4 months ago
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