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Posted on March 31, 2017 at 11:37

EDIT: When you get inspiration to write a weird blog, you'd better do it. I did it. And here's the result:

Paths. What are they?

When you begin your life, you have only one path to walk along. Eventually, you’ll reach a crossroads. Which path to take next? You can never be sure where the paths will lead. But one thing is sure: you’ll never have a chance to go back and choose another path. You can just keep going forward. You might think you’ll encounter the same path options again, but they are never the same. Let’s say you have to choose from paths A, B and C. You choose C, but a few crossroads later, you regret it. You think you should have taken path B Fortunately, you’ll reach a crossroads with path options D, E an B’. B’ looks like as the exactly same path as the path B. However, if you had chosen B in past, it would have lead to a crossroads with possible paths F and G. But if you choose B’ now, it will lead to paths H and I. The path may look like the same, but it it will never lead to the same result. You may regret a path you have taken, but on the other hand, you cannot go backwards, you can never fully change your decisions.

Because that’s what paths are. Decisions. Each decision will lead to a different result and new decisions. Decisions – or paths, if you prefer – define your identity, what you were, what you are, and what you will be. Each decision will give you new cards to play. You may lose some old cards, but very likely you’ll get new ones. And the cards, just like paths, are never the same. They may have the same picture in it, but each card is always different. They are no identical cards.

When you have made some tough – and bitter – decisions, you might think that if you could get back in time, to a previous crossroads, you would do things differently. But would you? Yes, with the knowledge and experience you now have, you might be able to predict where the optional paths would have taken you, but without it, you would the same things again and again. And if you had the knowledge and were able to go back in time, can you be sure the paths you could have taken would have led to a better future? Sure, you know that choosing path A would have given you five different cards, now you have only two, but more cards – more options, more possible decisions, paths – isn’t always better. Consider this: would you rather take two good or average cards, or five possibly bad ones?

So instead of crying over the cards you possible could have got if you had made different decisions, taken different paths, play the cards you have and look back only to learn from your mistakes. Because, after all, what else can you do?

Okay, next time I'll write a short humorous blog about nothing, they are much easier to write...

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