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The Origin - a comic
Posted on June 27, 2017 at 12:07

Read it here

I decided to draw a comic. And I did. I started drawing it and telling a story without any idea how the story would end, or even what would happen in the next page. I let the inspiration control me. And the result was... interesting.

It's ugly as hell. That's intentional. I did not use a marker or even a ruler, just pencil and rubber. The story makes no sense. It's intentional, too. The text is hardly readable. Well, yes, I could have tried to make it a little better. There are a lot of typos and bad English. Well, what a big surprise, this thing was written by a Finnish guy, what did you except? Shakespeare?

Try to enjoy it. It's very experimental, and it's not even supposed to be good. That's how it works. Inspiration. Art. Stuff.

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