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Oh noes, a 3D maze!
Posted on September 24, 2017 at 13:39

(I'm lazy, so this blog may make zero sense, but what can goat living in a mountain dew)

A wild gif emerges, you cannot fight it, you must watch it:

What is this?

It's a software rendered 3D maze engine that was supposed to be a "horror" game, but now I'm considering to make it a puzzle-driven maze game or something. Or just leave it as a engine and use it to make something totally different later. It was originally supposed to be just a technical experiment, and I got surprised it works, and pretty well: it uses only 1% of CPU (according Linux Mint system monitor), less than my textured triangle renderer used to draw one triangle!

The game/application is written in C for performance reasons. And because C is so fun language to program in. I don't quite like C++ anymore. Too many features I don't want to use but I feel "forced" to use since those features exist.

The game uses 64-color (6-bit) palette for technical reasons (I'm too lazy to explain it here). That darkness effect is created using good ol' dithering. Yay.

What next? I'm planning to do a week long "side project" and then move back to this one, maybe I'll have new ideas, then. Right now I have no idea in which direction I should move the project, so I just let it be.

I don't have a playable build, but you can get the source and use it to build the project:


Windows not tested, maybe not even work, but works fine on (64-bit) Linux.

0/10 no goofy goofy goofies that make you goofy over and walk on the goofy
Posted by Goofy September 25, 2017 10:25 - 2.8 months ago
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