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Holy shit.
Posted on March 27, 2011 at 16:23

I was thinking about how I haven't visited 64D in just about under a year, so I said I'd give a check up, and daaamn, V3 is out. [It is V3, isn't it? :P]

I've been registered here for 4 years now, and had roughly one year of proper inactivity, but, 64Digits was like, one of the first sites I joined once I had gotten my dirty 13y/o hands on the internet. So I'm feeling all nostalgic as I type this, thinking of the friends I made off here, all of about 3 who I still keep in contact with. |:
So with these feelings, I'm going to quickly walkthrough my highlights here on 64D. :D


Joining the site and starting every fucking PM with "Yo!".
Embarrassing times, this isn't a highlight, in fact, it is the total opposite of a highlight, it is a lowlight. Looking over some of my PMs, I really question why people even responded to them. To those of you who did, ily, to those of you who didn't, wise choice.

Learning all about the 64D memes and such.
Being the noob that I was [and still am, deep down], I began to learn all about the various community events and all that crap. Envying all the tiny badges on mods/senior members pages, learning never to feed Chicken, and being told where to leave my sanity upon entering the site. Good times. :')
I soon learned about the mythical thing known as "V3", and it feels weird seeing this myth come to life. |: Naturally, there's other stuff, but I've forgotten them. :D

Blogging about games, talking about games, PMing about games, and only uploading 1 game.
Before I get into this, I remember deleting like, all of my blogs, and now I really regret it. |:
Anyway, I remember all the countless blogs I'd made about making some shit game or example, and then, after all that, I only uploaded one crappy game. :') Shows how dedicated I was, and still am.

Sapphire Tears
Who can forget this game? :D
Soo many hours spent on this, a sad amount, really. I remember being top of the leaderboard for all of about 5 seconds, then plummeting. The weapons testing and the CTC matches. T.Awe and..forgive me but it seems I've forgotten like, all the other factions. |:
And there was that erm..picture of me spouting like 30 orbital beam lasers, that soon developed into chaos that still haunts me to this day. <3

And I can't think of anything else. So wow, I don't know what brought 64D back into my head but it's nice to see the place still up and going.
I turn 18 tomorrow, so I'm glad I managed to get one blog in prior to me gaining this foreign concept of "responsibility" and before my testicles finally descend.

So yeah, great to take another look at this place. To all 3 of you who will actually stumble across this blog, and to the one person who'll actually read it, I hereby grant you my respect for all of 3 seconds, and by the time you've finished reading this, the 3 seconds will be up. ^^


Posted on April 08, 2010 at 10:03

Since I finally got my SH5 copy, I decided to do a small little review to show how it holds up to the previous Silent Hill installments, in this case I'll refer mainly to 2, and 1.

Homecoming [5], to my knowledge, is the first Silent Hill that was not made by Team Silent, developers of the original series [1-4], so there's bound to be differences. This game was developed by Double Helix, an American team. There are very obvious differences in this game, the horror aspect isn't present anymore, in my opinion. I did tense up during some parts of the game, but there was no proper psychological fear like SH2 brought.

The most obvious change, though, is the combat. It feels much more like an American game now, due to the over-the-shoulder gun system, and the melee-weapons have instant kill moves, along with the ability to combo. Team Silent originally had the attack system fairly awkward and slow, I guess this added effectively to the fear that the other games brought because you couldn't just decapitate an enemy with a combo.

Another change is the movement system, although a welcome change, the dodging seems a bit extreme for an SH game. The new movement system is well done, because the older games had a very awkward camera and the old movement made it very difficult to maneuver your way through the game.

The monsters, one of the few things I was looking forward to in this game. They're very well done, granted, they don't have the same type of grotesque feel the older ones had, and they aren't derived from Alex's mind, or fears, etcetera, but they're still very well done. There's a huge variety in them, it makes a nice change to try out the new combat system. Following a pattern, though, the monsters also have grapple attacks, which generally result in instant-death.

The storyline was very well done, in my opinion. Alot of SH fans disregard it due to the fact it wasn't written by the original Team Silent, but I think it was quite well-written. The endings, and the progression really suited the game overall. Very cult-like with alot of religious references.


Movie References
There's a bit too much taken from the SH movie, the nurses, giant fans, and some of the hell-areas. It's acceptable, but since the movie was majorly based off Silent Hill 1 with Silent Hill 2 references, they should've changed things up a bit. One reference, though, that I did enjoy was the transition from the normal-world, to the alter world (hell).

Pyramid Head (Aka "The Bogeyman" [FAIL])
The penultimate figure from the Silent Hill series, Pyramid Head. First appearing in Sh2, this monster frightened the living shit out of me numerous times. He had a strong backstory of being James' (SH2's Protagonist) conscience, his guilt for [spoiler] killing his wife [/spoiler]. After SH2, they decided to keep him out of the series as he wouldn't fit properly in Sh3 or Sh4. However, SH5 has brought him back to be Alex's personified guilt. Interesting, yeah, I like seeing Pyramid Head return, but WHY. WHY. WHY. Call him "The Bogeyman"?
One more small note on Pyramid Head, his original appearence in SH2 was much different to his appearence in Sh5, which was basically an extract from the movie. He fits into the game with this appearence, I guess, but his original appearence will always be my favourite.

There wasn't much of these, unfortunately, and they really kept the old Silent Hill's interesting. The puzzles I did come across in this game were very simplistic, there wasn't much of a challenge, and the majority were based on luck, imo.


Overall. I really like this game. it isn't necessarily a good addition to the Silent Hill series, but overall, it's a sturdy, polished game. There was alot of moments where it got tedious with drawn out, un-needed segments, but the new 'feel' to the game made up for that. The combat & movement system are a huge change to the older games, but they fit well, regardless if one of them wasn't an addition people wanted. I did enjoy this game, and I'm looking forward to Silent Hill 6.

I'd give it an 8.5 / 10.

Fallout 3 [Game of the Year Edition]
Got my F3 GOTY just yesterday, absolutely loving it. Mothership Zeta is one weird DLC though, didn't really enjoy it, but it's good for EXP & weapon collecting.


Other shit in life

Silent Hill Homecoming is a good game, big change from the old games. 8.5/10
Fallout GOTY is sexy.
Music is hardcore.
Life is over-rated.


Woot Bday.
Posted on March 28, 2010 at 17:22

17 now, woot. Day's been interesting, didn't do anything special for it 'cause I'm sick, sucks tbh, but meh, was still enjoyable. :D

Addicted to Silent Hill and Metal Gear Online again. I've been scrutinizing SH2's riddles so I can hopefully pull off a speedrun to shove SOME content on my YouTube. I'll have my copy of SH: Homecoming tomorrow, hopefully, can't wait. =D Even though it's not developed by Team Silent (SH1+2+3), it still looks good - not a psychological horror game, much more based on combat and figuring shit out, still looks enjoyable, for me anyways.
MGO is the same as always, lags a bit, got alot of immature players, but still, enjoyable. I really should record a game of me using shotgun, anybody you kill tries to kick you, and then says they're gonna report you, always makes me lol.

Mixed bag lately, alot of rock/metal, but then I revert to artists like Akira Yamaoka (SH Soundtracks) and Daft Punk. Variety is win. ^-^

Got quite a bit of money today, around €120. Didn't expect that much, but yeah, €120, nice. ^-^

I really wanna make something, or do something with my spare time, but I can't find the inspiration to. :( Been ages since I've actually uhh...properly used GM, I've forgotten everthing. D: Oh well, time to RTFM.

Fuck them. Regardless of it being an occasion for me, I still hate them. ._.

Spring Break
Mine has started, and I plan to do 3 things, eat, sleep and game. Sad, yes. Well, stuff'll come up, from what I've heard. I could organise some stuff, but why would I take that fun activity from some of my friends? :D

Nothing else to say, so errr...ty for reading. <3



..2 years later..
Posted on March 25, 2010 at 16:53

Well, I last blogged 2 years ago today, 3 days from my bday, woot.

..has been up and down. I've been sick for the past week, which should have consisted of my exams, so that's kinda a win, then my grand-uncle died on Tuesday, so had a funeral.. uh, moved on from 360 to PS3 last year (well, nearly 2 years now), wasting hours away on games such as Metal Gear Online, Modern Warfare 2 & BFBC2. I really don't have anything to say about my life, how amazing. Oh well, I'll leave life @ this, not that anyone cares. ^-^

I only recently found out about GM8, and seeing as I haven't touched GM since like...08/early 09, I decided to download it for the fun of it, and see what's new. New icon is nice, past that, I lost interest, and from my few weeks of browsing 64D again, it seems alot of people are moving onto the more uhh...managable languages/etc.

Blah blah blah
Wow, I really dunno what to blog 'bout, guess I should make up for lost time:
Happy Easter 08, Happy Halloween 08, Happy Christmas 08, Happy New Year 09, Happy Easter 09, Happy Halloween 09, Happy Christmas 09, Happy New Year 2010 woot.

No hatin' prease.

whars v3
lol imagine if anyone took this seriously. I almost forgot what V2 looked like in my absense. D: And wow, this place really did die down. o.O Shame there's not a bit more activity.

Recently rediscovered Silent Hill 2, god, I love this game. Torrented the Director's Cut version, just so I can whore the game even more. =D Ordering Silent Hill Homecoming tomorrow, anybody here play that? If yeah, would you recommend? I'm iffy about it, I liked SH1, I loved SH2, SH3 was ..meh, SH4 was rancid. So yeah, opinions please. Doesn't look like a proper SH installment, which is understandable judging by the whole feel of the game. Who knows, I'll give it a shot.
Oh, and the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition release? What a cheap tactic for sales, why not just make it downloadable. ._.

So yeah, hi thar. Wonder if anything has changed around here. o.O Guess I'll see.



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