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Posted on May 08, 2007 at 09:51

Hi everybody...

In the last view weeks I've made two homepages.
One is dedicated completely to game maker...
and the other to my band membrane.

On my game-maker homepage you can find all the games I've made so far, and a lot of examples for people who wanna learn GML. So if you kind of starting with gml you sure will find some helpfull little things on my page. Some of the examples may also be usefull for advanced GMLers.
On the other hand you can see some preview-pictures of my new game ROBBY OF WAR 3D. Including bone-animated 3d figures made with blender 2.43 and than exported them as md5-files (Doom3). They are working perfectly with xceptions engine - xtreme3d. And all I hope is, that I can finish this one day. ;-)

On our band page (the first page I've ever made)
you can listen to a preview of our debut-album, called "epos". I'm playing guitar and singing. We've recorded the album over the last year. Finally it's finished.

Thanks for reading...

Hello there!
Posted on November 29, 2006 at 13:05

It's been a while since I've joined this forum... so tata... this is my first blog entry... Better late than never. :)
I'm from Germany/Bavaria, 32 years old and interested in playing music, singing, making games, and sometimes playing games.
My first try in making a game goes way back... I think I was around twelve years old, and I've started with some kind of "Basic" on a "Sinclair Spectrum". Later I've had some experience with the "C64".
But my first really working game was a "TRON"-clone on the "Atari ST 512". 2 Players stearing a single pixel (making lines) with two joysticks, and all written in assembler. That was fun, but hard to make. I think the code in it's total was about 10.000 lines... for such a tiny little programm. (How I love game-maker, now)
I've written a Tetris game (on a 386-PC) with TurboPascal 5.0 when I was about 20 years old.
But then I've lost interest in making games. The last 10 years I was more into music than anything else.

But as my old band (The Tasters) had broken up I was at a kind of creative lowpoint. And I always need to create something, or I don't feel happy... May sound strange, but so I feel.
2 years ago, I found the GameMaker 6.0 on the internet. And I emediately fell in love with that programm...

Breakris-online is now my first, nearly finished game with game-maker. So I hope you like it...

Thanks for 64digits for this great service this site provides. You are the best... ! :)

Greeting Jürgen
BTW: In a few weeks my new band "membrane" is releasing it's first album, so if your interested in good rock music, you may take a listen...

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