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Finally going to post a blog instead of just thinking about it
Posted on March 08, 2016 at 09:45

You might have seen me in the comments every once in a while but for the most part I've not been active around here for a ridiculous amount of time. Also for some reason I didn't mention in my previous blog that I had gotten engaged to my highschool girlfriend a few months prior to it.

I've still been busy with work and have consistently been having problems getting enough sleep, which has resulted in an extreme reduction of productivity. Nevertheless, let's recap what I've been up to in the past 10 months.

I built my desktop computer, it's pretty awesome. Although just last week it developed a hopefully minor issue but I haven't had time to work on fixing it. I'm still 50/50 on whether it's a software or hardware issue =p I've been using it to record YouTube videos (still doing that!) so it's really important I get it fixed.

As far as YouTube is concerned, I've unfortunately been unable to keep a steady release schedule since I started my job and thus haven't really been gaining subscribers. I had intended to go back to 2 videos a day last week but of course my computer decided to stop working during the first video of my recording marathon >:( As soon as the computer is fixed (crossing my fingers for tomorrow, if it's not a hardware problem) I'll be resuming my goal of 2 videos a day and will be building up enough of a buffer that I should always have at least 1 video a day even in the worst case scenarios.

Sometime around when I finished building the computer my then-fiancée found a stray kitten that was only a couple months old and almost dead. We named him Chip and this is how he looks now that he is ~8 months old.

Then in December, I got married! Moved into an apartment with my wife, went on a honeymoon (my first vacation since starting my job D=) and have spent the past 3 months doing all the stuff that comes with moving out on your own for the first time. Exciting things like buying curtains and paying bills! And that brings us to today, where I randomly decided to post all this on 64d because I didn't want to go a whole year without blogging =p

As for what I've been up to in programming, I'm starting to mess around with HTML5 stuff a bit more. Could have some big plans in the future, if I ever manage to get enough sleep for more than a day or two =p Won't bother going into specifics because of my terrible track record in actually finishing projects =p

Building a desktop soon
Posted on May 06, 2015 at 23:04

Last summer I bought a really nice laptop (holy crap my last blog was before I got it), it's an MSI GT70 2pe-890us Dominator Pro.

I'll list the basic specs because I can't find a good page listing them (and the model normally comes with an i7-4800MQ so I got lucky):
Processor: Intel i7-4810MQ (2.8ghz w/ turbo to 3.8)
RAM: 12gb DDR3
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX880M
Hard Drive: 1TB 7200rpm

Anyway, I tell you all this because I am planning to build a desktop in a couple months and need help figuring out how to do it. In an ideal world I'd want to be able to record recent games at max settings 1440p 60fps so that's the kind of power I'm looking for. Although I'd really rather avoid spending the premium price to own this years latest and greatest graphics technology unless it's actually worth the price. If nothing else I want it to be a decent step up from those laptop specs.

The only problem is, I'm only vaguely familiar with building computers and choosing the best parts. For example, I know I should have an SSD for Windows to boot off of but I don't know anything about motherboards =p

I could keep typing more nonsense now but I think it'd be easier to see what (if any) suggestions I get and work from there.

edit: I guess I should mention that I already have a monitor/mouse/keyboard/etc so I only need to worry about the computer itself.

Want me to play your game?
Posted on July 26, 2014 at 18:54

Hey guys, I've been thinking about doing Lets Play videos of Game Maker games (or other games by 64d people) for a long while now and I think it's finally time to get around to it.

What I'd like to know is if anyone here has made a game they'd like to see me play on my YouTube Channel.

There's just a few things I need to know:
The link to the game for me to put in the video description. Your games website if it has one otherwise a download link or a web page (such as on 64d) or a forum topic.
The name you want me to credit as the creator of the game.
Whether or not you are ok with me monetizing the video (only say yes if you have the legal rights to all the content in your game, otherwise I might get in trouble with youtube).

A few disclaimers:
The game needs to work on Windows 7, otherwise I can't record it.
I won't be doing videos of every game, it will be somewhat random.
It helps if your game runs in a decently sized resolution, 1280x720 is ideal but not necessary.
I'd prefer games that are complete
I'll still do videos that I can't monetize, I just need to know if I can or not. That said, copyrighted music will reduce the chances of me doing a video unless I can mute it.
Mild criticism is a possibility
I can't guarantee the video will ever get more than 5 views =p

KaBob Progress Report - June Edition
Posted on June 10, 2014 at 21:05

Wow, it has been a looooong time since my last blog. Things are, for the most part, the same as they were in my last blog.

My YouTube Channel continues to gain subscribers at a slow but steady pace. I'm at 150 now, which isn't bad considering I was at 54 at the start of the year. I had a bit of a slow down in subscribers around april but things seem to be getting back on track now.

I also released my most popular Let's Play ever on Saturday, a 5 minute video about Notchs new game Cliffhorse. It has somehow managed to reach over 1500 views in a matter of days which is just plain insane. I was expecting it to maybe reach 100 =p

I've also tried my hand at a few edited KSP shorts. Specifically this and this. They didn't get too many views but they were pretty fun to make so I'm probably going to be making more edited videos in the future =]

Programming and Stuff
In terms of web design, I'm working on a couple interesting projects. There's still the big ones like Pyco and Game Plague of course but I'm also working on a few fun side projects like a silly little PT inspired Cookie Clicker clone and I have plans for a relatively major project that I am going to start this week and hopefully release this month.

I've also got a free copy of Windows 8 Pro Upgrade coming in sometime in the next few weeks. So I will finally be able to start learning how to make Windows 8 Phone apps! I'm really looking forward to this, it might even encourage me to revive some of my old game projects in GM:S so that I can release them on windows phone.

Speaking of GM, something I don't talk about here much is Pokemon Twilight but I actually released a fairly major bug fix update to it recently. It's still essentially the same game it has been for the past few years but the v5.5 redesign is getting a lot closer now.

KaBob Progress Report
Posted on February 08, 2014 at 14:26

Well, it's been over a month since my previous blog so I figure it's time to post again.

My YouTube Channel has been growing slowly but steadily. This month I seem to be gaining a subscriber a day on average, much better than I was doing in January. I've also switched my video schedule up slightly since the last blog, this is how it currently looks:

Monday: RuneScape/Starbound
Tuesday: Block Hoarder/Starbound
Wednesday: Kerbal Space Program/RuneScape
Thursday: Block Hoarder/A Quick Look at Minecraft Snapshots/Starbound
Friday: RuneScape/Starbound
Saturday: Block Hoarder/Other Game (currently FTL)
Sunday: Kerbal Space Program/Other Game (currently FTL)

I plan on switching things up more in the future but the first video for each day will probably stay the same for a long time.

I've started doing custom thumbnails for most of my videos. It's adds a few minutes more work per video but I think it makes my channel look a lot fancier. I'm also only a few days away from my 200th video =]

Web Design
In the world of Pyco I've been working on a couple things. I'm still behind schedule but I've made some important progress on redesigning the main Pyco website and I might actually release it tomorrow =D It's not a huge update but it will make it a lot easier for me to add new features to the site.

In PycoForums, I've been making some progress on the translation features. I've had a couple users show up recently who were kind enough to help translate the forums into German, Hungarian and Slovak. You can check out the progress of the translations here: Translation Project. It has always been my goal to offer PycoForums in a large variety of languages so it's nice to finally make some real progress.

Owning a smartphone has been a big help in designing my sites this year. I've fixed some problems in my sites that I was only able to fix because I had the ability to properly test on a phone. I haven't started learning how to make apps yet. Mostly because I still need Windows 8.

A lot of my gaming nowadays is on YouTube for everyone to see but I've still been finding time to play by myself. Lately I've started playing on the 360 again, specifically Skyrim, From Dust and Dead Island.

Dead Island is actually better than I expected so far, especially since I got it for free. I'm enjoying it more than Dead Rising 1 (haven't gotten around to 2 yet). From Dust is not quite as good as I expected. It's still fun, don't get me wrong, but I can only do a level or two before I have to play something else. As for Skyrim, to keep it short I'll just say I'm enjoying it much more than Oblivion =D

I'm also expecting to get Minecraft for the 360 at some point this month (extremely late Christmas present)

Well it's a new year
Posted on January 01, 2014 at 12:11

Thinking back, I'm not really sure what I did in 2013? I guess I programmed a lot of stuff but it's hard to remember what specifically I accomplished. I will try my best.

I recorded 80 Let's Play videos in the past 6.5 weeks. There is a good chance I will surpass 1000 if I don't take any breaks this year. I've been slowly climbing in subscribers, I'm at 54 now. I think there's a feedback loop with subscribers so things should accelerate as that number rises.

Creating the videos has been a lot of fun and doesn't really take up much time. I can release 1-2 daily videos with less than an hour of work a day. I can easily create a large backlog of scheduled videos so I should be able to keep a steady release schedule going no matter how busy I get.

As for Pyco, I mostly focused on behind the scenes stuff this year. I rewrote lots of systems and I prepared for a lot of future features but I didn't have time to actually use any of the upgrades to any real effect. I also worked on redesigns of both Game Plague and Pyco but I'm behind schedule on those, I plan to fix that this month.

CheeseMod kind of fell to the backburner this year. I still worked on it a lot but waiting on bukkit updates has delayed a lot of the big stuff I was planning. Like Pyco I spent the year rewriting old systems and planning out new features. I've amassed countless text files of ideas which need implementing. I'm holding off on programming most of them until my other more important projects are released. I also learned some basics of single player modding this year but it doesn't look I'm going to release anything anytime soon. I'll look into it again once the official API is out.

So you could say I've spent the last few years preparing to do things. 2014 is the year where I have to actually do it all.

As for new things in 2014, I got a Lumia 520 for Christmas so now I'm wanting to learn how to program apps for it. The main issue is that I need a computer running Windows 8. I might be able to install it on my backup hard drive and boot my laptop from that but I still need to actually obtain a copy of windows 8 (I don't pirate) and figure out how to become a windows phone developer.

If I can solve those issues, I hope to make a Game Plague app for keeping track of games so that I can stop maintaining this cumbersome list It will also do things like private messaging and so on.

Last but not least, the list of Christmas presents I got. The last few years I've gotten more than I expected and this year continues that trend.

Lumia 520 (although I'm still on a prepaid, no data service)
Skyrim Legendary Edition (360)
Fallout: New Vegas (360)
Batman Arkham Asylum/City (360)
Pokemon White
NES: Castlevania (GBA) from kamira
Halo 2 (pc)
Chick-fil-a calendar (with special coupon card)
Don't Starve (from lody)
Some money
A few other minor things

This year I also gave out more gifts than I expected, which is the first time I've been able to do that =p I learned a nice tip to keep in mind for next christmas, maintain your steam wishlist. It's a great way to get notified when games go on sale and it makes it a lot easier for people to buy you games =p

Apparently it's make a blog day
Posted on November 17, 2013 at 14:32

So it's wall of text time!

I haven't blogged in a long time, I've been busy with random things and recently I ended up deciding at the last minute to go with my family to visit my grandparents in Indiana. Which is always fun but it requires spending a minimum of 2 days without internet and the rest of the time I'm getting like 4 hours sleep so I'm always too tired to program =p But I'm back home now and getting back to work on all the stuff I unfortunately had to pause for the past 10 days.

So what have I been doing? Well, too much to list. But just this month I decided to start putting up videos on my YouTube but unlike all the videos I put up 4 years ago these new videos will have audio commentary! Yeah, this is basically the first time any of you guys can hear my voice since I don't do TeamSpeak or Skype or etc. Here's the link to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/KaBob799 The first video series I'm doing is FTL and I'm hoping it can bring in a few more subscribers and likes and so on so that when I start a more important series like Minecraft or Kerbal Space Program I will be able to get a more reasonable amount of views.

Outside of that, when I was without stable internet I put some time into developing a few tools for people training pokemon in Pokemon X/Y http://pycosites.com/pkmn/ It was mostly just a fun diversion since I couldn't really work on anything else, unless you're a hardcore pokemon trainer you probably won't even know what to do with the calculators =p

I also started a bit of a major overhaul of the Pyco subsystems, this time focused on the layout of the main user database. I'm trying to make it as efficient as possible and also much easier to update in the future. I'm also doing yet another redesign of the password system, this time primarily focused on how you reset passwords, how you share passwords between different pyco sites and how pyco handles the "remember me" cookies. This is mainly motivated by my decision to actually release a beta of Game Plague V5 this year, which I think will be much easier to do if I fix up everything else first. So far I've only done part of the cookie update because I have some other website stuff I need to work on first, which I'm already way behind on thanks to the vacation =/

As far as CheeseMod goes, I am still waiting on Bukkit 1.7 to come out. Apparently Minecraft 1.7 changed a ridiculous amount of code and also introduced a few glitches that will prevent a completely stable bukkit release. They haven't really gone into any detail of what the issues are yet, I'm guessing we'll find out when they release the first development builds. But hopefully it wont be anything too serious or maybe we'll get lucky a 1.7.3 will come out and fix whatever issues they are having. Since its been so long since I last blogged though, I have released 2 new versions of CheeseMod for 1.6 You can, as usual, check out the changelogs and so on at http://cheesemod.com

Finally, I don't know how many people here use Twitter but I'm somewhat attempting to use mine more often. If nothing else, I'm having YouTube post to it every time I release a video =p So if you want to follow me for whatever reason, https://twitter.com/KaBob799

What I've been up to since March
Posted on June 22, 2013 at 15:52

It's been a few months since I've blogged but don't worry I'm still here! I've gotten a fair amount of things done since my last blog, although maybe not as much as I would like.

I don't think I've actually touched CheeseMod since my last blog, don't worry though it's not cancelled or anything it's just that bukkit hasn't really been updating and I've had other things I need to program. I'm still planning to get some decent work done before 1.6 comes out, so I guess I'll be working on it pretty soon.

So what I have been programming? Well I'm working on a clothing website for a client, that's almost done now. I've also been working on updating The Curse of Kaumaha from GM5 to GM: Studio. I'm trying not to change the gameplay, but I have added widescreen support, xbox controller support and every level now has a checkpoint. It's still in semi-private beta testing right now, but I'll be posting a blog whenever its ready.

I'm still working on my minecraft mod with Jeremy in my spare time, but it's a side project so I'm not sure when it will be "done" We've made some good progress though.

I've also been working on my websites of course, but that's where the "maybe not as much as I would like" comes in. I really want to be making more progress on Pyco than I am, but I've been too focused on finding ways to make money to really get anything done. On that note, if anybody needs some paid website work that needs done I have a lot of free time for at least the next few weeks

In the world of gaming, I've been expanding my steam game collection like crazy without actually spending much money. Which is good because I only have maybe $50 in spare money atm and I'm saving it for Pokemon.

I also got into the steam card beta and I've made $16 in steam cash from selling those worthless cards =p But card prices aren't as good now so I doubt I'll be making much more unless I get another foil card.

Website Question & CheeseMod 1.5
Posted on March 17, 2013 at 12:30

How many of you would be interested in a website that's focused around listing all the games you have beaten/owned/played? I know websites like that already exist but I don't know anyone who actually uses them. It seems to me like a great way to keep track of all your games and also, for multiplayer games, a good way to find out which ones your friends own.

So a new version of minecraft came out and that means a new version of CheeseMod too! I have some big plans for the 1.5 CheeseMod but I decided to save their release for after the 1.5 recommended build comes out because bukkit keeps breaking stuff. Anyway, you can check out the changelog and download it from: http://pycosites.com/cheesemod/index.php?cmd=change&id=9

I also set up a twitter account for CheeseMod, I don't know how many CheeseMod server admins actually use twitter (wouldn't surprise me if it was none =p) but it seems like a convenient way to get the word out about dev builds, bug reports, website updates and so on. Here it is: https://twitter.com/CheeseMod If nothing else, it should be useful once I start advertising CheeseMod on the bukkit forums.

23 on the 22nd
Posted on February 25, 2013 at 20:51

Yeah, Friday was my birthday. I got a nice digital camera (powershot sx150) and 3 games and probably some xbox points later on. So a pretty good birthday, though it was the first one in years that I haven't gone out to eat.

Anyway I've been keeping busy lately, although I'm not making as much progress on programming as I would like. I've been working on a minecraft forge mod with JeremyDF93 in my free time and I've been doing website work like I always do. I lost some of my website progress though because it was a "test" account on a shop site and when the test ran up they decided to completely lock me out of the account rather than just disable the shop like I thought they would.

But aside from that I'm hoping to start making better progress on PycoForums, CheeseMod and some other stuff later this week. That way I'll have something better to blog about =p

Also, I posted this on the fb group a while ago but I found about a pretty good game/music bundle at http://groupees.com/bma

Most of the games come with steam keys so it's a pretty great deal for just $1 or $5. It ends in 2 days though so don't put it off =p

Progress on my "resolutions"
Posted on January 18, 2013 at 16:45

Well my resolution this year was essentially to make a ton of progress on/complete a lot of my major projects. So let's see how I've done so far:

I've made relatively minor progress on CheeseMod this year, a lot of planning but not a lot of programming. I did release CheeseMod 1.4.7_b1 which contains various bugfixes and a few minor features but the big plans are still on schedule for 1.5. Also I'll have a guide up for the giveaway command tonight hopefully. Anyway, as usual the download is available on the CheeseMod site

Websites: Feel free to skip this section =p
I decided to do these mostly one at a time starting with OrbScape, which is my RuneScape guide site. I started with OrbScape because it's the simplest to finish, all I have to do is spend a week or two gathering info in game and then finish translating it to German and it should be done until the Spanish translation comes out later this year (my big plan is to be one of the first sites with proper Spanish info, hopefully that will bring in a ton of hits =p)

After that, I'm thinking I'll work on Game Plague next and then PycoForums after that. As for the CheeseMod site, I'll just work on it in my free time. My goal is to get all these websites earning profit before summer, which depending on how you look at it is either relatively easy or fairly hard.

Excluding the expensive server costs, domain names themselves cost me less than 4 cents a day. So while overall I need to get a lot of money to pay the hosting costs, each individual domain only has to earn 4 cents a day to pay for itself. OrbScape is the only one I really expect to stay even near 4 cents though and once finished it will take minimal effort to maintain so it doesn't really matter.

There's also the high chance that I'll upgrade my server once I get some money, so hopefully I can get my profits up before that needs to happen.

Pokemon Twilight:
For new years, Bouncy Ball (PTs spriter for everything except the pokemon themselves) released a few screenshots of the new graphics he has been working on for v5.5 You can view them on his deviantart

Other Stuff
I ended up spending my Christmas gift card and some of my Christmas money on a Panasonic 3DO (a console that came out between the SNES and PS1) that came with 3 controllers and a bunch of games (no cases, but it came with a lot of manuals and a nice disc holder). These game systems always seem to pop up in stores at the most random times.

College Completion + Cheese Stuff
Posted on December 19, 2012 at 14:28

So I'm officially a college graduate now, we did the whole graduation ceremony thing on Saturday and today my grades were finalized so now I just have to wait for the diploma to ship. It's been great having free time again, I didn't really have any true vacation time since January. I'm getting a lot done in programming and in video games =]

Speaking of programming, bukkit finally released a recommended build for 1.4.5 today (but 1.4.6 is coming out Thursday lol) so it's CheeseMod update time! If you haven't updated bukkit in the past few weeks, this new version will likely break most of your old plugins including CheeseMod. There's been a lot of structural changes in bukkit recently.

As usual, the download is available on the CheeseMod site and the changelog is available here. I'm hoping to make some good progress on the CheeseMod site in January, hopefully by February I will have all the features documented. There's a lot of minor stuff added in these updates that's too small to list, so I think people are missing out on a lot of what CheeseMod has to offer.

Also recently I released a new CheeseMod plugin called CheeseCity. It is a separate plugin which allows you to get information about npc villages, as well as create npc villages wherever you want. For information and the download, go here. It's a small plugin right now, but I plan on expanding it in the future.

As far as video games go, I've been playing through Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach on legendary. I'm hoping to beat them both before Christmas because that's when I'm going to get Halo 4.

I guess I forgot to blog
Posted on December 10, 2012 at 02:57

Not really, but yeah its been a month. So like 2 weeks after saying I didn't need GM:S, I ended up getting GM:S because of the Cyber Monday sale. To be perfectly honest, I'm disappointed with it for a variety of reasons. It's ok, it's just there's a lot of annoyances that probably could have been avoided or reduced.

Midi support is half dropped, but it isn't really aware of that so it attempts to convert them to mp3/ogg (and it fails but doesn't tell you it failed) every single time I run the game and causes freezes In HTML5 mode. Compiling is much slower, standalone exes are replaced with installers on windows, the HTML5 precise collision engine works slightly different so porting code is stupid, the load screen defaults to the C drive every time (and it doesn't have any favorite folders on the side either, so you have to go through all the layers to wherever you store your stuff if its not in the recent files.

The lack of a PHP style isset() makes the lack of "set undefined variables to 0" annoying to me, surely there must be some way to check if a variable exists with compiled code. Otherwise it wouldn't know when to error =p Setting it up in the first place was glitchy, it tried to force me to use android mode even though I don't even own the android portion. I could probably go on if I thought about. but yeah my biggest worry is they'll finally fix some of this crap but it will be in GM:S2 or something. It's easy to focus on the bad, especially since I'm porting a lot of old code over. I'll probably be pretty happy when I make my first HTML5 game in it. That said, I'm still working on the project from my previous blog because it wouldn't work well in GM:S.

Outside of that long complaint, I've been ridiculously busy with class stuff lately. I made this crappy website: http://omega.uta.edu/~sxg6959/4350/index.php As my final project for my major. Basically what happened is, my client was another class so students in that class made the logo, wrote the articles and took the pictures and then I made the website based on what they wanted ("we want it to look like pinterest") and formatted everything.

CheeseMod got a new beta build earlier today, nothing major though but recent dev builds of bukkit have broken a lot of stuff so I had to update.

I have 2 finals this week and then I graduate on Saturday. Please send all graduation gifts to 555 Five street, Fake City USA.

Why use GM:S?
Posted on November 08, 2012 at 18:58

When you can do HTML5 games on your own >:) Yesterday I realized that since my new PT engine doesn't use the built in GM collision engine, I could probably port it to javascript myself without spending hundreds of dollars. 24 hours of off and on working later and I have this: http://gameplague.com/test/collision.php It has basic collisions, walking, running and depth. I'm thinking I could eventually export maps from game maker, if I ever decided to port PT itself. Obviously this alone isn't too impressive, but its a lot better than I thought I could do in that short amount of time.

Considering how quickly that went together; I think I could make an entire Pokemon engine in javascript/php with relative ease. The overworld engine is probably the hardest part, the battle screen and menus are just basic website design stuff hooked into a PHP engine with AJAX. Client side storage = hacking, so this could finally solve the biggest security worries I had with PT.

Of course I need to finish up the engine and create some large rooms to see if it gets too laggy, but even then if I just wait a year or two browsers will be faster. As a bonus, if its not too laggy then I should be able to get it working on any modern browser. Including those on game consoles, cell phones, etc.

But that's not what has the most interested in this idea, the biggest possbility is if I toss the pokemon name and turn this whole thing into a giant pile of profit. The main game alone could earn me advertising + a "dlc" store. If facebook has taught me anything, its that people will spend a ridiculous amount of money on worthless junk if its in a game they like. I could sell character customization stuff, basic items, access to regions, etc. It would be harder to advertise without the name pokemon to catch peoples eye, but if the game is pokemon quality then word of mouth would be good enough.

But even more interesting, I could create a "monster collecting/battling game maker" which would essentially allow people to make their own games using my engine. Lots of people have decompiled PT and tried to make crappy games from it but just imagine if all they had to do was upload sprites, choose stats/moves/etc and then map out the game. Anybody could make a Pokemon style game with little or no programming knowledge and unlike with PT, half the source code would be server side so no theft. I could even let them customize basic pieces of the engine like the types.

I feel like this idea is almost kickstarter worthy =p

Strange Notes, Good Deals, CheeseMod Beta
Posted on November 05, 2012 at 01:03

So yesterday I got a copy of Halo: Reach for $12 used, which is pretty insane considering it normally costs $35. It even came with an unopened dlc helmet code or something, I haven't used it yet =p. I also got 2 of those guitar hero ds games for $5 each and I'm pretty sure they were new not used. I wasn't too interested in actually playing them, but it seems like a good price for a new game + accessory. I also got Yoshi Story (n64) =D

Anyway, so inside the case of halo was this weird to do list which I can only assume was left in it on purpose as a joke. It's a bit hard to read in this pic but you can tell what it says.

Anyway, bukkit 1.4 hasn't hit the recommended build stage yet but here is a beta version of CheeseMod 1.4. It includes the basic support for new blocks/items/mobs and also some other stuff that I'll mention in the real releases changelog.


Outside of CheeseMod, work continues on Pokemon Twilight and my shoutbox/forums. I've been pretty busy with class stuff though so not too much is getting done.

On that note, I know this is a long shot but if anybody needs anything big or small programmed in PHP/MySQL/Javascript like a blog/forum/admin panel/etc I need to earn some money =p The reason its a long shot is that I'd rather not have to do too much on the graphical side of the design.

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