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An idiosyncratic juxtaposition of diction
Posted on December 28, 2010 at 17:01

I actually blogged twice this year. Yay.

Was pretty good this year, I got:

-A 32 GB 4th generation itouch w/headphones and a case
-Mass Effect 2 (for 360)
-Bioshock (360)
-Guitar Hero Aerosmith (360) (Yet I still don't have a working guitar. huh...)
-Pokemon Blue
-GH drumsticks
-2 Guitar stands, 1 for my real guitar and another for my nonexistant working GH guitar >_>
-Watch band
-Flashlight (just like everyone else)
-Logitech wireless mouse, with invisible laser and a forward and backward button on the side
-Candeh, specifically Sunkist candy from Kabob799

Kinda wish I had gotten some upgrades for my computer (mouse doesn't count =p) but oh well.


Is really fun, there's not much else I can say about it that no one else hasn't. Right now I'm working on Six Flags over Melton Sea, the first amusement park in the server, located from either the Skyway or from the top story of my house/tower/skyscraper/whatever. Only has 3 rides right now; a diving board from above cloud level into the water, and 2 colluseums- it's one of those things where you're on a narrow ledge and you try to knock the other player off. One is above land, and so losing means death, while the other is above water is safe. There's a chest that you can put rewards for the winner in, and there's 2 storage chests for both players. Right now, I'm working on the water slide, which will feature a 1:1 slope downwards from cloud level to bedrock, then a water fall back up, and it'll reset. After that I'll work on a very fast minecart merry go round, and then a massive roller coaster. If you have any suggestions, just comment =p.

My only other major project is Underspawn, which links My mine, Spawn island, Trinity, Rune, and Melton. If you want me to dig a tunnel, just ask.


I quit project Top Down, and probably gml forever, though I might give the idea to Ross. Programming just isn't my strength.

Other st00fs:

Not only did I make UIL Region band this year, but I get to try out at Area (because I was in the top 2 chairs for my instrument =D) but I probably won't make it past that because you have to be a prodigy to make it any further. I don't have anything else to say about school this year other than I like having 4th period off, I only have to be at school for 5 and a half hours a day, so 180 less hours of school this year for me than most people.

Anyway, I probably won't blog again for 6 months because I never have anything to blog about.

12000 hits, new badge :D

Bioshock? Like, 1?
Slightly envious, I wish I could play it for the first time again.
Posted by PY December 28, 2010 17:05 - 6.8 years ago
| [#1]

Yeah it's the first one. I'll try it out soon, I've been busy with Minecraft.
Posted by Kamira December 28, 2010 17:06 - 6.8 years ago
| [#2]

Whats up with the flashlights?

Whats your minecraft name? I recognize what you're working on but can't remember who it was.
Posted by Ferret December 29, 2010 2:30 - 6.7 years ago
| [#3]

I've gotten flashlights in past years, they always break though, which is weird because I rarely use them.

My MC name is Kamira929 :P.
Posted by Kamira December 29, 2010 15:57 - 6.7 years ago
| [#4]

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