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Oh hey, I'm not dead.
Posted on May 31, 2016 at 07:18

Hey all at 64Digits, remember this fossil from the past?

I don't really go by "RamboFox" anymore, and I've been mostly busy with life while occasionally trying to focus on my latest game project - which explains my absence.

I don't have much to show because, well, I had to take life slowly thanks to too many things to talk about here. Seriously, life's been a bit crazy.

EDIT: Oh dear.

Oh dear what happened to this... Guy? He's using a real photo of his real self? S'horrifying. Well at least his name is updated - he used to be "RamboFox". And he's speaking in third person here because he's a huge dweeb. Change it back. CHANGE IT BACK! D:

EDIT 2: To actually talk about things that might be of note, I've hooked back up with a childhood friend of mine. We used to hang out in High School of all places and try and make games with Clik-n-Play. Yep. We're now currently working on a scifi shooter/hack-n-slash with interplanetary exploration. I'll reveal more as I have more to show - currently the only things finished is the base movement and collision systems.

Gee, game development is SLOW. I also gained a bit of RSI due to being OLD. Beyond that, while I no longer really use my fox 'sona as a front to my image as much as I used to, he's still a character and a part of me. Expect to see art of him sometime.

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