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Mal's Blog: GM Games
Posted on November 03, 2007 at 08:00

Okay, so when I said I wasn't developing Ordos Machina anymore, the reason why is because I'm devoting my time to a few other projects.

The main one of these projects is, of course, Fear Tactics. I've been looking at the story and game mechanics, and I'm still working all of that out.

But first the game needs a name change. I'm thinking something along the lines of


What do you think? I kinda like it - simple and elegant, but with a darker undertone. I'll see if I can get a preview title screen or something for it, just so I can see what the name would look like in the game. I know that's a little silly, but its important!

I'm also developing the card backgrounds and the actual battle system (which for those who don't know will be a virtual dice-based card game).

The most important thing, and the thing that has held me up for this long, is the ability to add external content. I would eventually love to be able to release a 'core' game to you guys, and then add extra content later on (mainly extra creatures). The thing that gets me is implementing them in the game SMOOTHLY. This will take a LOT of work, and a great deal of very careful thought needs to go into the engine. Which is why I'm going to say, while you may get sneak peeks of creatures in the game, don't hold your breath for even the demo version - this one will take some time.

On a blog-related note, I've decided I might take some time out here and there to talk about some tidbits of info you guys might find useful. Things like developing a design document, feature lists of games, graphics, sound and story. It could be interesting.

Is that enough? I think I wrote a lot. These blog entry boxes need to be bigger, damn it!

Anyhoo, let me know if there are any particularly cool features you'd like to see Pandora have, or awesome creatures that I like, totally HAVE to like, LITERALLY add or whatever.

:3 byee

Mal's Blog: I'm back!
Posted on November 01, 2007 at 02:54


Thought I'd stop by and say hi, or whatever. I haven't had the time to blog about anything for a few months, and I guess I'm pretty boring anyway.

Oh, there is one thing. My main project, Danse Machina, is no longer my main project. Work on that has been taken over by Zyzyx66. A new demo is out too, and you can see it


Hmm... What else... I'm moving out at the end of the year. Yeah, my landlord needs the house for his son or some shit, so I'm out. But that's cool, cos I moving in with a few friends.

I broke up with my gf a few months back. It was amicable though, and we're still best friends. We still live together, and we're moving together next year. So I'm happy.

... I started working on Fear Tactics again. Its getting a name change, and I'll be teaming up with Zyzyx66 to get it done. That guy's got some talent with photoshop! I'll be working on scripting it, while he finishes DM - or Ordos Machina as it is now known.

Anyways, bye for now. I might even keep updating my blog now!

Juno Reactor
Posted on September 28, 2006 at 03:10

I stumbled upon Juno reactor the other month, and after getting a bunch of their songs, I've come to theconclusion that think they are awesome. Apparently, they're 'goa' electronicka (whatever that means). You've probably heard them - they did most of the music for Reloaded and Revolutions.

I've got big plans for the music in Danse machina too. I plan to add 'dynamic' music. Basically, when nothing is going on, the music will be basic atmospheric stuff, but when an enemy comes around, it will add a beat track/etc. . The bigger the shit-fight gets, the harder the music will get. I'm also looking at timing the music to the weapons fire. So when a weapon fires, a small sample is added to the music track for a bar or so. I thought that would be kinda cool.

There won't be much time for DM in the next few weeks though - I'm going to be very, very busy with uni work. I need to finish my machinima movie quickly, and I'v got a 3d marble madness game to make, as well as a few other things. One of the biggest is going to be a game pitch document. I'll be using DM, so I'll probably post most of it here at some point for you to look at.

I'd like to get to work on my civ game, but the time issue comes to play again... I'll keep you all posted on that one.

I've also noticed that people are up in arms about my gender on GMG :P Just about every topic in the off-topic has someone say something about whether I'm a girl or guy. I like to keep them in the dark though. You'd think it would be easy to spot... One day some admin is going to get annoyed. I think its cute though.

Hmm... not much else to say, except I got Company of Heroes (Relic's ew RTS) and I gotta say... wow.

thats it. just wow.

And if you haven't seen it in action, get it. Right. Fucking. Now.

And you will surely agree. Wow.

Put it this way. Every unit is fully bump-mapped. Everything in the game uses real-time Havok physics (including tank/artillery shells - that is something to experience). It take RTS to a completely new level. And I mean completely new level. Relic are really stepping up to the plate with their latest few games, and the work they do is sure to change the face of RTS from here on in.

Okay, so I had a bit more to say than wow, but I haven't even touched on the incredible AI and tactical gameplay (which is incredible).

Anyways, I'll be home on Tuesday, so I might blog again then. Byees.

Malaika blogs again!
Posted on September 18, 2006 at 07:23

Yay! Everybody rejoice!

...rejoice, dammit!

That's better...

I've come up with yet another idea for a game. I probably won't actually work on it, what with the other games I have going, but I thought it was kinda cool.

Basically, its a civ-game, but with a fantasy streak, so no modern era or anything like that.

The game is focused more on resource management than military too. In fact, I came up with a nice idea for the military that pretty much takes it out of the hands of the player.

See, you manage your civ through the resources - what you have/what you need, sort of deal. resources include grazing land, farming land, iron/gold/copper deposits, and the like. You can order people to go and settle in the area, and link it back to your cities to gain access to the resource.

Smaller villages/towns/princedoms crop up everywhere too, and you can assimilate these into your culture (usually with a particular resource that they possess) or go to war against them. You need to be careful with war though, it isn't like a normal strategy game.

You don't exactly control the war, you control the logistics of the war. You need to make sure your army is ready to march, and that they have enough equipment. When you have organised for war, you can give the marching orders. Soldiers will then go off and fight the war, delivering quarterly reports on how it fares. This is strategy, not tactics.

The game will probably be a real-time strategy, not a turn-based game. The actual time will be very slow though, so you'll have plenty of time to see the game unfold for you to react.

I want to add in lot of induvidualism to the different cultures you can choose from. So rather than just a unique unit and building for each, the different cultures will play differently. They will also have different needs - some will want gold, others grazing land for horses. Military units will be different as well of course, but that will have more to do with representing the culture than having a real effect.

I don't want the game to be historical, but I do want the cultures to be based on historical civs. I think a quasi-fantasy setting would work really well.

Any thoughts/ideas? Is it worth actually making?

The Outpost
Posted on September 13, 2006 at 23:35

I have completed my text adventure game for Interactive Storytelling. It's not as good as I wanted it to be, but it's all I could manage in the three weeks we had to do it.

download The Outpost HERE

You will need the ADRIFT runner to play it. You can get that HERE

Okay, holidays coming up (ONE DAY TO GO!) so I'll jump into Danse Machina either tomorrow or saturday, and try to get the first level finished my sat night. Its much improved over the last version. I have completed many of the guns, a few of the first level enemies, and one of the portraits. I want to finish all of the portraits for the next demo, but it may not be possible. We'll see.

Sorry to hear Canadonian is going. I've never had any contact with him, but still... [:(]

I finished Oblivion again. To tell you the truth, I wasn't really that impressed with the storyline of that game. It was way too short, considering the breadth and scope of the game. Nice that you can continue playing afterwards though. I would have liked to see a few other quests that were important. Like MULTIPLE storylines in the game. Maybe I should start modding... Also, I'd like to see a pole-weapon mod for Oblivion. I miss my spears.

Titan Quest ROCKS. Just needed to say that again.

I also got a joystick, and have been playing X3. The storyline blows hard, but its nice that you can just go with one of the other characters and NOT go through the story. That game is also hell buggy, but worth playing.

I'll be lanning it up with my mates on BF2, DOW, NFS:MW and Silent Hunter 3 when I go home. Those games are all you need when you're lanning. Seriously sweet stuff. BF2 for the squad goodness, DOW cos its just the best multiplayer RTS ever made... ever, Silent Hunter 3 cos sometimes simulations are good (especially when you all wear pirate hats and say "argh!" a lot) and NFS:MW because... well, arcade racers never went out of fashion. And they're fun. And I want an Audi TT 3.2 ...

Hmm... I started a new competition on . Its quite interesting. I wanted a game making comp that had a unique twist. So competitors must make a game, with no restrictions other than this one: You cannot use your hands. Pure brilliance.

I actually just wanted to make a game without using my hands anyway, and thought it'd be fun to make a comp out of it. Head on over there (Ideas section) if you want to join.

Coffee is good. Very very good. I got 2 hours of sleep last night, and coffee is the only thing keeping me alive at the moment. Although that's nothing new.

Anyhoo, class has started. Cerio!

Interactive Fiction
Posted on September 10, 2006 at 01:04

Just a blog about my interactive fiction game. You can read it if you like. It may be interesting. The game itself isn't going as well as I would have hoped, but hey - we only had 3 weeks to do it!

Anyway, here we go:

Character Profiles

Mark: Mark is the engineer, driver and machinery operator on the Outpost. Saying he is solidly built would be like saying hell is 'quite warm'. You recruited him straight out of the Navy, where he piloted reconaissance vessels into the Kublar belt. Mark is always open to idle chatter, but takes work just as seriously as anyone else on the Outpost.
Mark's stint in the military has made him rigid when it comes to rank. No matter how many times you tell him not to, he insists on calling you 'Boss'. You're unsure whether he means it as a joke or not, though. His position on the Outpost is a job to him, not a lifestyle. While you get along well with him, to him you are his employer first and friend second. That doesn't mean he won't stick around if things get sticky...

Gabby: Gabby is a scientist. Her job is to assist you in your research on the core samples. Gabby's frontier lifestyle has hardened her demeanor, but you get along well with her. You may be in charge of the project on the Outpost, but Gabby is the one that makes sure everything works smoothly. She has absolutely no regard for your rank, and enjoys bossing you around at every opportunity.
You've considered the idea of a relationship with her, but you know you aren't compatible. She isn't interested, at any rate, prefering to simply work as colleagues.

I suppose I could actually upload the story itself when it's done, but it isn't particularly good.

In other news, my holidays are only a week away! Hooray! Three weeks off, then back to uni for five weeks. Then I get four months to do absolutely nothing. That'll be nice.

Danse Machina may get some work over these holidays. I'd like to get the first level done finally. Perhaps even the second...

And my other project, Fear Tactics, will be worked on whenever I get the time. Danse Machina comes first, but it makes for a nice change of pace. Besides, I like my tablet, and Fear Tactics calls for plenty of nice pictures (see banner).

Till next time!

Interactive Fiction
Posted on August 23, 2006 at 19:54

Hoorah, new blog.

Okies, I've settled on my idea for the interactive fiction assignment. I'm going to go with the spaceship thing.

The introduction will be a dream sequence, which will set up a couple of things for further on in the story. You will wake up, and be able to meet the other people on board the ship (two or three). Then as you do bits and pieces, parts of the intro dream will crop up.

Every now and then (when you sleep or are otherwise unconcious) you will have another dream, and parts of that dream will manifest in reality. Ultimately it would be cool to randomise most of the dreams, but that may be getting ahead of myself. I will be using a forked storyline though, so the story unfolds differently depending on what you do, and the choices you make.

The combat will be handled differently. Adrift has good combat support, but I'll be turning it off. instead, upon meeting an enemy you will have a certain amount of time to use whatever is at hand to defeat it, or escape.

Its an ambitious project, but I think I can pull it off. Here's hoping anyway...

I'll be able to work on Danse Machina in a couple of weeks, as well as my new game Fear Tactics. The content of my machinima has to be done next wednesday, so after that it should be smooth sailing... Anyway, I gotta go do my model, so cerio.

Dream Born
Posted on August 22, 2006 at 09:35

hehe, just posting a pici I worked on today with my brand new tablet, which finally arrived...

It's a banner for the game I'm working on atm (not the IF one, the RPG).

I like it :) You may notice it's actually a coloured version of the 'gothica' picture I posted in an earlier blog.

Anyhoo, have fun. I just wanted to show off my very first pici with my new tablet!

Interactive Fiction story?
Posted on August 19, 2006 at 23:39

I think I've come up with a story idea for my text adventure game (using ADRIFT - see last entry).

It will be based on a spaceship, very Alien-esque. The basic premise will be that for some reason, your dreams begin to manifest themselves in reality. So at first things are just weird, with funny characters appearing. Then things take a sinister twist as your ship begins to lose power. The more stranded you are, the more dark your dreams become. Initially there will be other crewmen on board, and they will play an important part in the horror.

Its a little ambitious, but I think I can pull it off. Like I said before, I've used Adrift for a few years, so learning the program won't be an issue. I'll have to look at generating events again though - I don't remember that bit.

In Gamemaker news, I've decided to make another game, alongside Danse Machina. The working title is Fear Tactics, and has a similar premise to the story above.

Basically its pokemon, but good, and not quite so pansy. When a person dreams, they connect with a sleeping world. Sometimes though, a creature from this world will follow them back to reality. Some of them are good (the Dream Born) and some are evil (Deep Children). You play as a Dreamer - a powerful human capable of containing these monsters in crystals.

You choose whether to play as an angelic or demonic character, and from then on you can only collect creatures that share your alignment.

The best bit about the game is in the way creatures will be handled. They are stored externally, so I can add expansion packs of creatures to the game. I also want to allow players to trade their creatures with others.

The first time you load the game, it will randomly select about 20 of the 50 available creatures. From then on, only those 20 creatures will appear in the game. So to get any of the others, you will have to trade with another player. Cool huh?

Combat will be like a card game (so the creatures are cards). I'll be creating my own TCG ruleset for it. You will be able to use creatures as well as spells and such there.

I'll post more info as it comes. Out for now.

Mal's Text Adventure
Posted on August 18, 2006 at 04:17

Okies then. One of my classes at uni involves making a text adventure game with ADRIFT. Part of that assignment is a blog, so I'll be posting info about that over the next few weeks. It may be a whole blog, or it may just be an update. Feel free to ignore it, because it has nothing to do with Gamemaker, but it should be really interesting.

I started using ADRIFT years ago, before I found GM. I haven't used it in several years, but it should be pretty easy to pick up again.

I've been considering stories I might make, but haven't really decided on any yet. Comments and suggestions would be nice.

I thought perhaps a story based on Danse Machina would be cool, but definitely very challenging. I don't really want to have a story with lots of combat (if any).

A sci-fi/horror would be awesome. Something along the lines of Alien, where you are trapped on a starship with a monster lurking around. That would be really cool.

I'll keep thinking over the weekend.

In other news, I've nearly finished my 3D robot model for next Friday. All I need to do is the head, then unwrap the UV and texture it.

Good news about my tablet. The guy I bought it from (my old employer) went to Sydney to tear someones head off about it (note: I ordered this thing 2 months ago, and they haven't sent it yet). He told me he'd send the tablet, or someone's head. Which I thought was very nice of him. Anyway, he told them to get fked and picked one up and mailed it himself. Now that is customer service!

So I'll have the tablet on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Which is great, cos I need it to do the texture for my bot. The bot is the main character in the machinima movie I'm making, but I still need to make th other characters (I only have two weeks to do the characters, set, ALL of the texturing, music, sound effects and dialogue - which I'll probably get someone else to do).

Hoorah for blogs, anyway. Cya!

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