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Linx Levels
Posted on March 25, 2007 at 10:53

If anyone of you have enjoyed playing Linx, then this is the best time to play it even more! However if you never enjoyed, I suggest you to do this now, because lots of people say this is a really good game:

Pwhk made over 25 levels to linx and uploaded them to my site, . Though if you want a direct link to the levels download:

So, I hope you will enjoy them.
Also, if you have created some Linx levels, now you have a big chance to upload them, if you don't want to register on the site - Recently I've added a forum category, where you can post without being registered:
This is a place where you can post them.

So, I hope you will enjoy Linx even more!

Keep Going
-Maurice Z.

Ow ow ow...
Posted on November 19, 2006 at 09:32

...ow ow... That was a bad start, indeed. I've finished Kulkis II, uploaded it here, and just after it was accepted I've found something which needed immediate change... And so, I've ended with a empty game for about two days, ow...
Bad me, I know... All my fault I know...
But well, it happened, I hope it will never happen again, and I hope I won't be known as some kind of Freak or Jerk here ^^;.

And yeah, if anyone was looking forward to play Kulkis II it is already downloadable - right now I'm downloading it to make sure the file is working :P.

First Blog Entry
Posted on November 13, 2006 at 15:18

At the beginning I want to advertise my si---.... Wait, if I remember correctly I'm not allowed to do this... Aww, what a shame >_>.

Well, my name is Maurice Zarzycki. I've been interested n creating games since I had commodore (Since I was born :P). At the beginning, on my brohters' Amiga 1200 I was creating games using Backbone I've created about two or three games... Not much.
Then PC came, and after two years of using PC my brother found KLIK AND PLAY! So the journey began. I've created back there One game, called Przygody Wesołego Ludzika, and back tehn I've been using nick Bicyk or Bocet.
Then The Games Factory Came, and one next project - Kulkis. Then I've created one game in RPG Maker 2003 called Diamentowa Przygoda, and Kanonier in MMF.

And then the black time came...
I've started creating Kulkis II in MMF, but I moved to Game Maker. I've been near finish, but i've been going slow with levels.... And due to some crash I've lost it. Then, I've started again, and the same history repeated.
Some could say, it was some kind of signal from God that game making isn't my future. But after finishing and publishing this game, I think that if it was some kind of signal then it meant that I should learn more before starting this.

SO hello all :).
And my site can be found in my signature, however it isn't done yet. In fact it should be done about month ago but well... :P

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