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The wanderer has Returned
Posted on May 18, 2008 at 16:13

Yes, After 6 months of doin... crap i have returned. im not goin to bore you with one of my life storys but i do have a few...

Recently i have taken up the task of lerning C++ visual coding in a veign attempt to expande my megre computer knowlage.

I have began to start work again on my game which put in go-bolognas words
Quote: MSN convo
Merc:heres ma game
merc:How was it?
Go-bologna:Oh Gawd all dnd?

i have been puting off my game for so long now because i still donot have sufficiant GM knowlage and i keep forgeting this exists.

On the otherhand i have been assisting go-bo with testing of his games and stuff to help my knowlage.

If you play CNC kanes wrath or tiberium wars for the pc i would like to play you at some point.

somthing went wrong
Posted on January 10, 2008 at 08:18

ok so i got round to changing my user name so its MercXD now lol.


after i changed my username i tried to get on the forums BUT it said "Password incorect" angered at this i smashed my keyboard trying to get in i tried my old account old password everything Omfg i need a drink...

What a dumb ass

a friend of mine bought that pile of jumk of a car i had he paid £65 for it but if you remember i only paid £40 for it LOL RIP

teh big event(skip if not british)

the britrish car show is a comin on the 13th this satarday (im going with the very cousen i riped off LOL) are you going?

the point of this blog

Not shure.... i think it was to get someone to help with the forums

Happy new year
Posted on December 30, 2007 at 16:25

Ok first off i know its not new year yet but i wont be active for a cople of weeks until i get my internet sorted so uhhhh... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

Christmas was good to me so heres the list
1)CnC the first decade

but i have to say the dinner was good i was the only one out of the 11 people there that had turkey (A TRADITIONAL MEAL I MIGHT ADD!) it was just a shame my cousen sturt wasent there. he's out in Iran but it would have been the first time the 6 cousens got together again since i was 8.

And here to all those who didnt get to celebrate christmas with famaly

See you all next year!

Teh merc

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