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Art (The Game)
Posted on October 02, 2010 at 21:07

Uploaded with

all i have so far is the Main menu and even that isnt nearly finished (all you can do is just move up and down the 4 options that dont do anything at all yet)

the main menu and all of its glory are all controlled by 1 object (thats all i have so far >.<) and a whole bunch of variables

here is the download link:

i would upload to this site but i cant upload anything anywhere. i asked my friend to upload it for me.

and thanks for the warm welcome guys :3

New Screenshot:

Mhfu: a new member
Posted on September 26, 2010 at 11:24

Hello all fellow 64digits members ^_^

I am Mhfu (Marcus G.), owner of Stray Ware, and programmer.

Mhfu stands for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. i named myself that because i really loved the game >.<

Stray Ware is a new little group (work in progress name and logo (may AV is the logo)) and it has very nice members so far:
Me, Mega, GMFreak(hes not on here i believe), and Patrick (hes not on here either).

our current projects are RQ (Ruthless quest) which is going great, has lighting and the basic movement done so far (barely started obviously)

my current projects that i am doing independently (but i still get help so not completely independently) are

Game (working title)
Here is what i had:

Here is the tileset i used (made my me):

and here it is being re-sprited:

Game is a scrolling adventure platform-shooter (my favorite genre to play and make) that has 8-way directional shooting (thanks to a friend) and lots of other cool stuff :3

Bioshock 2D

This game is a fangame that is going to follow its own story line and add in some plasmids that i wanted to see in the game myself. it is a platform shooter and it has a lot of cool things, one being that the plasmids interact (shoot out a tornado and then shoot fire or lightning at it to make a new tornado type)

Cell Arcade

this game is more of a realization what variables could do to me. this mouse shooter is coming along nicely. i dont believe i will finish it but it does show some nice motion blur and enemies.


This game was made in a week i believe for a comp i entered at another site. mouse-shooter that has some RPG elements thrown in that is suppose to follow the theme "Growth". i put in the growth theme by making you level up and getting a new weapon every time you do so.


An abandoned project but mentionable. it has evolved into a mouse shooter and it didnt even go far because of my poor planning (i started it and didnt have a story nor much logic when making the enemies and characters >.<)

So that's pretty much all i have done (that is worth mentioning) in my 7-8 months of programming.

you can probably catch me in the IRC ^_^


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