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A dream journal
Posted on June 03, 2017 at 10:12

Ever had dreams before? If you are those kind who often do, have you ever witness one so bizarre that it was too amazing to forget? Most likely lot of people forget their dreams but I have a ton I written because they were truly remarkable to believe they occur in my mind. Even though it can be weird or just crazy as hell... but still I'm gonna share my dreams here and if you have any, share them too.

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I always tell myself to record my dreams but I never end up doing it.
Posted by LAR Games June 04, 2017 0:30 - 2.5 months ago
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If a dream is notable enough, I'll remember it forever.

The oldest dream I can remember is from '95 or '96. Eyeballs on every surface.
Posted by Aistarin June 04, 2017 2:35 - 2.5 months ago
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Last year I had a dream about the ravaged world. Instead of poles, a.k.a. northern/southern pole, that world had some sort of magical places, called destinies. A plural of destiny. Northern and southern destinies.

Destinies are like magic volcanos, constantly releasing surges of magical energy.
Mages of that world have to stop incoming surges in order to survive.
Not only that, but there are legends that say that the most important thing is to reach them.

Because the surges get stronger closer to the source, getting close is very complicated, many mages at once must push back the magic from destinies.

Destiny surges vary in intensity.
A long time ago mages got really close, but then destinies emitted extremely powerful surges and killed almost everyone who was near the destinies.

After that defeat, mages were pushed far away from destinies.
And I just realized that now, the further from the pole, the more land mages have to cover...

Another thing is that mages who fight for the northern destiny and mages who fight for the southern destiny are rivals. A long time ago they were allies, but then mages of the North pushed close to the destiny and that killed a lot of South mages. Destinies are connected in some way - if you suppress just one destiny, the other gets stronger, so north and south must coordinate in their fight against surges.
So North didn't, suppressed northern destiny too far and southern one erupted, drowning southern part of the world in magical energy, which killed a lot of weaker mages and weakened South significantly. From that time North and South are enemies. They are forced to co-operate and don't really fight each other because destinies keep them busy.

More about the past: One mage reached destiny. Legends say that he walked away from destiny until he saw the sea on the horizon. Then everything in his vision field disappeared. The coast was cleanly cut, even islands further into the sea had vanished. The mage was gone as well.
So, destinies make mages extremely powerful... But probably not in a good way. But they must be reached!

In my dream, there were episodes about the young mage, who was different in some way. There was the old mage who was teaching him. The young mage was more powerful than the others, he was meant to join the northern mages and help recover lost lands, but he was also suffering because of that power. I remember an image of young mages back with scared with black scars.

There were also "blood machines" - in that world they were able to produce electricity from human blood.
I don't why they needed electricity - they have magic! - but people would get connected to the blood machines and their blood was used to create electricity or its equivalent. As I remember people were not forced to do that, for them it was an irritating unavoidable thing, extreme version of our dish washing. Maybe it's a way to extract "magic" from the blood of people who can't/don't want to be mages?

Oh, and there were "statics". Rectangle obelisks, about 1 meter and a half tall, made out of green glass.
Statics are magical computers/calculators. For calculating destiny surges, probably.

I'm a fantasy book reader, so this dream seems to be inspired by those books. My brain was repeating the process of me reading a fantasy book, but it only remembered principles of a fantasy book and it made up the gaps. The principle of me getting a book and reading something new - possibly mage related - seeing epic images in my head. That includes fantasy maps, I've seen the map of that world in my dream, but I only remember that it had Northern Destiny and Southern Destiny. The map was really modern, with lines and the world was not flat. Thanks to statics, I guess.

I won't just record that I had this dream, no, it deserves better. I will make an epic RPG about it =P

Posted by Zuurix June 04, 2017 3:14 - 2.5 months ago
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I occasionally record dreams, but I think the contents of my dreams might be sufficient reason to incarcerate me, so I wouldn't post any of them.
Posted by JoshDreamland June 04, 2017 12:44 - 2.5 months ago
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I don't remember my dreams very well, I just remember some recurring elements (like loading a save state after crashing something with a car).
Posted by Jani_Nykanen June 04, 2017 14:11 - 2.5 months ago
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Wow that last one was long, and surprisingly cohesive XD. Those were really cool to read, no one I know remembers their dreams ever XD. I always love how you can kinda see the mind try to make sense of things and connect them in the most bizarre of ways, it's awesome :D.

I'm really lucky, I remember at least one dream almost every night. I used to type them onto my phone but I've started writing them down in a dream journal thing instead, less keyboard vanishing as I type XD
Quote: JoshDreamland
I think the contents of my dreams might be sufficient reason to incarcerate me, so I wouldn't post any of them.

Yup ^ :P. I just went through my notes to see if there were any I could post and I'm reconsidering my mental health...

Ooh actually I just remembered something I can post. I'm not sure if I posted this before, but I recreated an image I had in one of my dreams a few days after it:

That was a pretty tame dream...hence why I can't post any of them haha XD.

Maybe I'll post about them later though, 'cause I've started drawing accompanying pictures and stuff which could be fun to see XD
Posted by spike1 June 07, 2017 8:20 - 2.4 months ago
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