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Lets play factorio together :D
Posted on November 28, 2016 at 07:39

So I recently launched my first rocket in factorio singleplayer "Finishing" the game, and now I want to try out multiplayer.

For anyone who doesn't know what factorio is, it is kind of like those minecraft mods that allow you to automate stuff with machines and auto furnaces and such.

Factorio is about managing your resources and designing factories out of assembler buildings and conveyor belts to move those resources around and turn them into useful stuff. It has a beautifully designed gradual climb in complexity that leads you to some really fun stuff. After playing it for a while, you zoom out of your factory and go "oh wow, I just designed that?"

There are also aliens you must defend yourself from

Here is a video of three people playing multiplayer.

factorio is on steam for £15 and in hours played and amount of fun per cost, it is so worth it.

if you have it already, or are brand new, lets get online, pump toxic fumes in the air, deforest the world and genocide the local wildlife together, all in the name of glorious industry!

Who wants to get murdered by aliens?!
Posted on February 05, 2016 at 05:02


So I was thinking about doing another 64digits xcom survival, and this time not giving up once all of you die. Who is in?

let me build a character to look like you then get them murdered horrifically by aliens Bring you to glory as you retake Earth from the oppressors

Can you tell what it is yet?
Posted on June 09, 2015 at 14:13

Got the urge to make this while walking home today.

prize for first to guess what it is.

prize is nothing

Gentleman, Start your propellers!
Posted on April 19, 2015 at 15:22

This is a slightly more official announcement for the 64D community unity game.

Sorry about the delay, I have been having quite a busy couple of weeks.

Since I was the one who proposed this project in the first place, and I am the one picking the final game to be made, I felt a little scummy picking my own idea to make, as if I was tricking you guys into making my game for me under the guise of a community project (which is very much against what I wanted this to be). But since there seems to be a fair amount of enthusiasm for the idea, we'll roll with it anyway.

For those out of the loop, I proposed that we all do a group game project, where we make something in unity that we can hopefully enjoy together at some point in the future (a-la sapphire tears) in the Unity3D engine. I miss the community spirit found in things like our Minecraft marathons and competitions.

The idea I have chosen for us to create is a starting point for us all to add ideas to and develop into something we can all be proud of and enjoy: A multiplayer steampunk infused alternate universe world war 1-2 era dogfighting game (watch the film "Porco Rosso" to see my inspiration), with plane customisation and gameplay revolving around both superior tactics and out maneuvering your opponent in open sky, as well as chasing through narrow passageways and caves, using agility to get the upper hand.

So there is the base idea, I want us to keep that paragraph in mind all throughout the game's development. Other than that, you all have free reign to add things and take the game in any direction that the group agrees on. I have also made a (very basic) prototype that can (or not) be used as the first few lines of code for the game, and to get ideas flowing. Get it here

Some people have already made some art for it:

Spike1- Plane model

Nopycon- Concept

Mega- Concept

I have created an event plan Here for setting up the time of the first teamspeak meeting, where we will assign roles, discuss early development and hand out the Github URLs for the project folder.
Please state at least your username, and your real name as well if you feel like it, and highlight which of the meeting times you can make it for. The website should compensate for timezones so don't worry about converting them. If the times seem completely unmanageable to too many people then we can reschedule, but otherwise if only one or two people can't make it, then we will hold the meeting anyway and fill them in later and get their input then.

If you don't know anything about Unity, then don't worry, this project is here for us to learn, and if you are absolutely terrified of working with it then I have you covered too, there are plenty of other roles creating assets/music/whatever that we need people for as well.

People who are in:

People who I think have shown interest but not yet confirmed(feel free to shout at me if you don't want to be here):


A couple of non-64d friends of mine

So, lets do it!

Plane game prototype
Posted on April 12, 2015 at 16:11

So I think everyone should try to prototype a game idea for the com-Unity game. As spike suggested. Like Nopycon said, whoever has the most appealing idea wins an army of workers.

If you can't make a simple prototype then write up the core aspects of your idea and try to sell it. Why do you think it would be a good game to make and what ideas for mechanics have you had?

The favorite idea I came up with was a multiplayer dogfighting/plane racing game, set in an alternate universe steampunk infused world war setting (yes, I was watching Porco Rosso at the time). here are the notes I have been writing before and during I began work on my prototype

Mouse movement to aim camera, plane angle and position lags behind but NOT distance (maybe)
mouseX/leftstick X: Yaw
MouseY/leftstick Y: Pitch
A-D/rightstick X: roll

stylised biplanes and steampunk infused ww1-2 fighter planes

gravity and stalling is a possibility, have the effect of gravity exponentially decrease the HIGHER the speed, lift is a possibility, with wings pushing plane up if aligned to gravity, exponentially decrease the LOWER the speed. Thrust provided by engines at varying levels of power.

Guns are hitscan mostly, aimed from camera at crosshair, but bullet particles come from plane guns to meet the location of the hit. Increasing acuracy of crosshair.

Dogfighting in both more open areas (turning battle) and narrow dodgy passageways and canyons etc (better steering skill needed)

different weapons that players can attach as well as different plane gear, each has advantages and disadvantages. Guns, engine, body and maybe wings can be changed.

race mode? Kind of like mario cart? Or M.A.C.H.?

Camera recording from ground you finish, shakes as planes fly past, faces your plane, and replays the last few seconds of a race. Would give an epic feel to wining a race and seeing your plane come round the corner followed by the others, you cross the finish line, and as you speed off, you see all the other planes whoosh past after you. Maybe could record some kills in dogfight.

Play from either cockpit or third person.

Customise your ship in a hangar, stuff going on in background
all kinds of crazy particle effects from engine exhaust when turbo-ing, flames smoke and sparks when damaged

water splashes and dust blows in wind just behind a plane when it flies fast at low altitude.

fireballs when shot down, bits constantly falling off and burning up, spining out of control.

backstory wise I like the idea of taking real world explorers/famous historical figures and places/groups and putting them in a alternate universe (or at least the names of them).

now, here is a link to the prototype itself, try to picture some of the things I wrote down in the notes being added to it, while flying around at the different speeds, and imagine shooting down/racing each other online, through ruins and cities and tunnels and caves as well as in the clouds and out at sea, dodging cliffs and rocks. could be fun :)

also I am thinking about including joystick/controller support

So go make some prototypes if you have an idea and then we can make a decision on which one to take further

64D Com-Unity Game
Posted on April 06, 2015 at 13:13

What do you guys think about doing a community Unity game?

Remember when we did that 64d community RPG? I really enjoyed that, and want to do something similar.

Our community games tend to revolve around game maker, which we are all pretty much fluent in, I was thinking that we could all work together on something we are slightly less familiar with. People who already know unity can point the rest in the right direction and offer support as well as stabilize the probably messy buggy code we produce.

Everyone, no matter your experience can take part, as long as you have some idea of how C# works, and have some idea that you can contribute. Even if you doubt you can even make a hello world program using tutorials, you could submit some art for the game, 3d, 2d, textures, sound, level design, writing, anything that comes to mind. Just get yourself the free version of unity, and do the basic tutorials to familiarise yourself with the navigation and the very basics of the program.

We could take turns to add to the game, like we did with the community rpg, we would share the files with everyone using git, so others can see how it is progressing/offer suggestions/support. That or we could take a less structured "add stuff whenever, as long as you don't delete other people's stuff without asking, and document all your additions." approach.

I am well aware of how interest in these community projects often tapers off and it gets abandoned, but if we don't restrict ourselves to a specific order, and are allowed to come back later and add stuff, then I suspect a few people will be left adding to it for quite a while.

I propose we write up a very basic GDD together at the start to keep ourselves focused on a common goal for the core aspects of the game, and to decide things like genre/setting/important mechanics and things like that.

yes, this blog is very rambly, but it is just a brainstormy type thing, and if anyone is actually interested then I will write up a clearer blog and plan for the project.


Moikle's S4D2014 Progress
Posted on September 23, 2014 at 06:55

So I noticed I was flooding the mini progress reports and my facebook feed with minor updates. now I'll do them here instead

I intend to post updates in the comments and only update the activity feed with big updates.

20th sep
This creepy dude: (Show)

Rigged (Show)

Sprites (Show)

Toasts Progress (Show)

21st Sep
Concepts for character

22nd Sep
Aiming (Show)

23rd sep
Weapon Switching, with variable switch times based on both last and next weapon!
Weapon Switching (Show)

(also code to display progress bars above the player's head)
this will later be accompanied by an animation of the character rummaging in their pockets, looping until the switch is done, then they will pull out the correct weapon/tool.

24th sep
Procedural gen (Show)

25th sep

transparent walls (Show)

Moikle's Scary4Digits 2014 Brainstorming
Posted on September 17, 2014 at 14:49

So I got the themes: Possession, Illusion and Macabre.

I have decided to try and avoid making a pretentious story using these themes, because that seems to be a common result of game competition entries. This means I will be using the mechanics and art of the game to convey the themes.

The themes I got didn't really mesh very well with my pre-theme-reveal brainstorm ideas so I needed to get thinking. (which in my case usually means getting a large coffee, grabbing my notebook, putting a pencil in my mouth and rapidly pacing up and down my kitchen while mumbling to myself and gesturing wildly.)

So the themes of Possession and illusion strongly suggest to me that my game must be based around some ghost/entity creating illusions and possessing people and objects. this is open to a few different paths:

The player could BE that entity, possessing people and objects to achieve some goal.

The player could be HUNTING that entity, trying to purge an area of it by tracking it down while the entity tries to evade/kill the player through possessions and illusions.

The player could be helplessly running AWAY from the entity as it hunts him/her down (think amnesia/containment breach/slender/outlast etc.)

I prefer the first two options, as running away seems overused at the moment, and is pretty hard to get the gameplay to be actually fun.

The theme of macabre seems more tied to the art style/mood of the game rather than any mechanics, although I should probably consider it when creating the mechanics in order to make it feel correct. Macabre has connotations of death/darkness/general creepiness, rather than outright scariness. Further suggesting against the running-away-from-the-monster idea.

Now as for the format of the game itself:

I originally wanted to create some kind of arena hack and slash game where you fight off waves of ghosts that have interesting abilities, but the themes I got lend themselves much better to some kind of exploration/puzzle adventure. Which to me suggests a top down, isometric or side scrolling platformer game. Isometric strikes my fancy the most out of those but it may be more difficult to program well, and require more art. I do love the look of isometric games.

Illusion could be an interesting mechanic. Ideas I have come up with involve using objects which aren't actually there, or are invisible. enemies or objects that cast shadows but cannot be seen when not in direct light (I could use that lantern character I sketched in preparation for the contest as the main character with a small light source centred on the player that can be upgraded to show enemies who get too close, and placeable light sources to reveal enemies at a distance.) The player might be able to create illusions to achieve some goal, such as scaring away invaders or luring them into traps, perhaps leading into some dungeon keeper-esque game where you must protect your mansion from heroes/adventurers as a ghost. mind control could also be a good idea for this, making enemies attack each other for example. this would also work well with possession.

the other idea I have come up with is to make the player into a ghost hunter, trying to exorcise a mansion/dungeon, which contains invisible ghosts. it would consist of multiple rooms, which could possibly be procedurally generated from templates if time allows. I see a lot of promise for this idea as an isometric game, but haven't actually sussed any gameplay mechanics for it yet. the player could even GET possessed and wake up somewhere else.

it seems I have a lot more thinking to do before I am actually ready to make this game, but at least I am having some decent spots of optimism amongst the usual "ugh this will never work, just give up" that I usually get with competitions and projects. if you look at my post history on this competition's blogs, you will see that my enthusiasm about this project keeps alternating between "OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO MAKE THE BEST THING EVER AND I AM GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN MAKING IT" and "ugh, what's the point, its going to suck and I am never going to finish anything worthwhile".

Anyway, I'll see you in the competition.

Moikle's 64COM Episode 3
Posted on March 31, 2014 at 11:27

Oooh it has been a long wait, but here it is. Episode 3 of 64digits XCOM survival.

I am still open to new recruits, so if you want in, say so.

What the Hell, Brain?
Posted on February 05, 2014 at 10:52

No swearing on the front page
No swearing on the front page
No swearing on the front page
No swearing on the front page
No swearing on the front page
No swearing on the front page
No swearing on the front page

God dammit brain, why can't you just pick an emotion and stick with it? Or at least give me a fucking reason for why you arbitrarily flip flop my feelings thoughts, personality and entire worldview every few months. I thought we were done with that whole puberty thing years ago.
It is like I have someone inside my head controlling my feelings and subconsious thoughts.

So I was feeling pretty good about myself from august up till the last week of December, I felt happy, socialised etc. asked two girls on dates (months apart I am no douchebag) I could look in the mirror and see one sexy bastard looking back at me. But then out of nowhere, for no reason whatsoever, I started feeling that I was faking my happiness and confidence, that it was all a lie for the benefit of others. I started to lose interest in everything again, and my confidence and will to live gradually dropped. I felt nothing on Christmas, but kept my happy face on.

Remember this blog?

New years I went clubbing with Becky (one of my closest childhood friends) and spent the time wondering why I was there. I felt like shit when I got home

I went on a date with the second girl I asked out on jan the 17th. We had met a month before at a club, where we were kissing for 3 hours straight (admittedly both a little drunk). We had a super nice meal at a resturaunt I picked then walked along the river thames. We had some ok conversation and she said she wanted to meet again, but my self esteem was low and I wasn't really able to care enough to make any moves. At the end she noticed I had gone all quiet.

Over the rest of the month I kept getting worse and worse for no real reason two weeks felt like a year. I had work to do but I knew that if I tried I could have it done within a week, but it still felt like (and still does actually) a monumental task. I remember reading “depression part two” on hyperbole and a half, and feeling as if I could have written it myself. By the last couple of days of january I couldn't even move my arm enough to check my phone, let alone get out of bed, eat and wash myself. Eating required that I go downstairs, grab a bowl, pour cereal and milk in it, and then chew and swallow it. Each one of those things seemed like too much effort, and for what? So I could survive? Why was I trying to do that?

I wished I could just turn off my brain and let my body live out the rest of my life on autopilot, which I am starting to think I may have managed because according to the callendar, there are several days that I just cannot account for.

I started to think “Oh shit, this is bad, I need help”. But then on the 4th of February, I woke up feeling completely normal, again, for no reason whatsoever.

I am suddenly alright about everything and I don't know why.

Now I don't know what to think. Am I just lazy, and being melodramatic about it, and looking for a scapegoat?

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