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Posted on December 18, 2008 at 07:07

This is as close to a hit with out killing an isovader,the one on 64digits is off to the right by a pixel or two,fixed it by tweaking the masks,also changed the look of the base cannon.
to do=depth=+x+6;or close to that on the laser and some other stuff.

Better late than never
Posted on December 16, 2008 at 20:21

18 holes of miniature golf in one room.Someone offered me $ over at yoyo for the source code,I gave it to em.Initial launch was on 04/20/08 and there's a hole that commiserates that day,nobody over at yoyo commented about it,maybe they just didn't get it.

The grafx and theme=B&W sci-fi
BGM=BDT(bastardized drum track)

Minigolf Squared zip

Posted on December 06, 2008 at 18:55

Lil'Raceway zip

I made these beveled, gradient shaded plaque's in the Gimp,as a matter of fact it was the first thing I had ever done in the Gimp,and since I pixel econo I thought I should put them to good use,so that's why they are in this game.This racing game uses arrows only for control,so I recomend using the cross over technique.If you are right handed,use your left index finger for the right arrow and left middle finger for left arrow,then take your right index finger(over the top of your left hand I might add)for the up arrow which is forward/acceleration.There is reverse(down arrow)in this game,but if yer using that then yer playn' the game wrong.

The game as of right now only has 5 circuits,the third being my favorite(don't forget to feather the throttle through the s's)track.I will make the time similar to the nes classic exitebike(1 of the only reasons to fire up animal crossn' on the game qube these days).

PS:The temporary game icon "unprovoked" is quite docile.

update 0.8cc = Super interpolation,as in no blur on the moving/rotating sprite(must be seen to be believed)640X480 screen size.

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