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To design or to develop, there lies the question.
Posted on October 15, 2017 at 15:46

To resent or not resent, all those who have abandoned their dreams, those who have gotten comfortable, those who have forgotten us.

Wait, who?

I am Nehemek Amador, and I design stories, images, stuff, my life?, the world? the future?! things.

I joined this place a while ago for a competition that was hosted here. I started to develop games when I was 11, but I'm not sure if what I did could be called "development", by age 13 though I was riding the waves of the Game Maker language.

But things happen, one graduates highschool and goes to college, pursuing a two years title in graphic design, to become a better illustrator, to make better "graphics", to produce better games.

And so you join, and learn, and on December 2015 you release your first mobile game. It is a hit (on a personal perspective), you had no money yet your game isn't rubbish. You didn't know about marketing at that time yet most of your downloads where from outside your country.

Next year comes, you jump on your next project, but bad habits never die, you don't finish any of them. It's okay you say, you are learning about new things, new topics, a whole new thing you never thought about when you were smaller. Nothing related to programming no, design, illustration, marketing, packaging, foreign amazing concepts, graphic design.

It is beatiful, it is wonderful, you can do so many things, you start getting clients, getting paid for doing things you like doing. Slowly Game Maker gathers dust on the corner. Version 2 is released, you buy it yet never use it. Months go by and the closer to code you get is html which isn't code at all. You like more the visual part of web development than the back end one. You remake your site over four times in order to nail it, each time making it better, each time researching more, researching other sites, other designers, other methods until one day, one day you remember something, you remember that you forgot something.

You used to resent all of them, all those who wanted to be something when they were little yet took other safer or more common paths. But the thing is, now you did it, you did the same thing, you forgot what you liked, did you simply stop liking it or started liking something else more? It is human to develop and progress after all.

A folder full of projects and characters calls to you on your hard drive. There is satisfaction on developing a brand for a company, more than that there is also money, but those characters were yours and only yours. You forgot them.

Do you resent yourself for becoming like them? Perhaps now that you've grown a little bit you understeand that not everybody is not doing what they wanted due to comformism, instead they found other things they liked, but, what happened to being unique special and doing something awesome?

It is your duty (if you want of course), to use all your skills and hidden potential, to do all you would like to do but more importantly to show others that it is possible.

-Nehemek Amador

Unnumbered footnotes:

-The reason why I started studying graphic design was indeed to make better graphics for my games. After one year the results were shown with my game Snail Panic.

-Game development is something very uncommon on my country Honduras, and I know nobody close to me who wishes to learn or even try it, they think of it as too much of a hassle, but I'm sure there are people who think different, I can't find them, but if I were to make a famous enough game maybe I could inspire them to follow their dreams. One of the biggest issue is having noone to learn from, noone who has done it before, so it becomes your duty to be the first.

-English is not my primary language, it's spanish.

Good game development is hard, but hey, any old game development aint so bad, right?

welcome back :slightly smiling emoji:
Posted by Alert Games October 20, 2017 22:43 - 1.1 months ago
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