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rock on, dudes!
Posted on June 08, 2007 at 15:53

well, i'm blogging again. i haven't done it recently 'coz i'm lazy. well, anyweay, i'm holding a competition for the Happy Little Robots.

anyway, i've been listening to a lot of rock recently.i've got the sudden urge to learn how to play the guitar bits from "I Love Rock 'N' Roll.the joan Jett and the Blackhearts version, mind. i don't want to talk about the crap Britney spears version. makes me want to puke.

so anyway, i got bored and decide to mess about on twisternet.i came up with this. you like? so, now i've got to put more stuff to make this blog longer. oh, great . . .

anyway, so complete {sorry i've got to do this, but there's a filter} A R S E H O LE has been spamming my site while i was away! it is really {you know whatci'm going to say} annoying! oh, and i found this really cool site, ! the happy little robots are mentioned on the news section and everything!

now, to fill the space, i'm going to put the lyrics to a couple of song mockups:

Arctic Monkeys

we came from nowhere;
our sounds launched on the internet.
the cool kids found us there,
we're reallyquite mysterious.

we're all about new tunes,
our songs are syncopated.
we think we're really cool,
'cos our rhymes are complicated.
we shun the spotlight,
don't show our faces on TV.
our photo isn't even on,
the front of our CD.

but that's, just, 'cos,
we are scared some clever folk'll,
recognise the truth about our,
twngy northern vocals,
to know who we really are . . .

yes it's the late, late, late,
comeback of George Foremby,
with me li'l ukelele in me 'and,

you know die was said and done,
not a chance i'm going strong,
i've got myself a brand new indyband . . .

she don't do credit cards,
and i doubt she does rear seats,
but still everyonecan understand,
i'm leaning on the lampost at the corner of the street in case a certain little mardy bum comes by.
in cas a certain little mardy bum comes by!

Happy Little Robots (NeMeSiS pRiMe)
Posted on May 27, 2007 at 10:39

yo, dudes!

Happy Little Robots!
HLR 7 is out, and it's pretty good, if i do say so myself. i'm starting to get the hang of sprite comics, and i seem to get better with every strip i make.

I set up a small website to showcase the Happy Little Robots, . you can view all the episodes of Hapyy Little Robots, and also get avatars and wallpapaers for them. when you sign up for it, you have to wait a while for me to verify your account. i am planning to have a competition on HLR, probably a scripting one. you'll have to be a member to do it, though.if you win a competition you get admin privs, which can and will be taken away if you abuse your power.

anyway, here's HLR 7!

there are some people who i am prepared to give admin abilities to straight away, so if you're not sure if you are or not, PM me!

just as a disclaimer, i did not make or rip the sprites in my comic strips. they were developed by Nick Kelsch.

In other news

Check this out.

i am thinking about writing a screenplay for the happy little robots, which i will need an animator for. that person needs to be skilled in macromedia flash or similiar.

This song rocks!

Rock on , dudes!

-NeMeSiS pRiMe

The continued adventures of the Happy Little Robots!
Posted on May 26, 2007 at 11:37

well, yesterday i made the first ever episode of the happy little robots. needless to say, the only thing people complained about was my backgrounds. so, i made better ones. here they are.

Episode 2
some people might not get this.

Episode 3
not that good, but displayed for historical purposes.

Episode 4
ho ho ho.

Episode 5
pretty damn funny, if i do says so myself!

Episode 6
it makes more sense if you read it out loud.

Other Random Stuff
anyway,to make this blog long enough not to be banned, i'll add in some more stuff.

I learnt how to make poached eggs today! woohoo!

my little brother is insane! woohoo!

in the new TransFormers movie, some of the characters will turn into things like cameras, camcorders, games consoles and phones! woohoo!

i had a science test the other day-no woohoo! woohoo!

cheese and potato pie is nice! woohoo! if anyone has any more ideas for comic strips, let me know.

-Nemesis Prime

Sprite comics rock!
Posted on May 25, 2007 at 17:47

Yo, dudes!

well, i was bored, so i started work on that sprite comic i kept going on about. i eventually decided against calling it TransFormers: Avatars, changing it instead to Happy Little Robots! i'm probably going to set up a website about it, when it's done. here's the first strip:

i'm probably going to do more, but not tonight. i'm sleepy and there's a pile of homework to be done in the holidays. did i mention? it's holidays as of now. week-&-a-bit off! i can mess about with some more sprite comics. i wish. my parents are hauling me off to a boring camping trip. we go to the same place every year, and never do anything new. what is the point in that? and all my siblings bicker non-stop! honestly, what is the POINT in family?all they do is get in the way.

on to more pressing issues, i've finally figured out how to use to my mp3's and videos in school without getting into trouble for downloading non-school stuff! i use ! you can upload videos, mp3's, anything! all i have to do is upload my music/videos and remember to bring in a pair of headphones for I.C.T. lessons!

yet ANOTHER thing, i asked twisterghost if i could set up a 64digits magazine. he said there'd be an official thing in v3. i asked him if i could do it anyway. i'm still waiting for a reply. but if i do do a magazine, i'd need some help. i'm not going to ask for it here. in the same way, i'm not going to go on about my site here. yes alright, it's had a fair bit of traffic, and i've had someone ask for their own page, and maybe i do give up the password for the members only section a bit too easily. but it's still my site, and i like it. hey, how did i get here? i was going on about magazines . . . or something.

truly, life is good. except maybe on tuesdays.

-Nemesis Prime

*beyond the governement*
*outside the united nations*
*straight over the flyover, first right then left by the quik-save*


Posted on May 19, 2007 at 09:53

No, not the company. i'm going yahoo because after much hardwork on my part, i've got myself a new banner. that and thefact that at the timeof writing i've had 555 hits. not bad, in my opinion. oh, and another thing. i've stopped using a scottish accent.and now, i've got yet more questions for you, you lucky people.

how do you get warns?

how do you get rid of warns?

why is YoYo games so utterly, utterly {insert worst possible insult here}?

why can't you drive golf carts on the motorway?

how come the baking soda at the back of the fridge tastes funny?

has anyone here read Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" books?

does anyone on 64digits live in the south gloucestershire area(apart from Blackflame?

how do you get the secret badge on LOLOMGWTFBBQ?

Well, now that i've got all of my questions out of the way, i can move on to requests.

is there anyone here skilled with Lego Digital Designer who can help me with my "Roblocks In Disguise" project?

will someone help me come up with some disguises for RID?

will someone help me come up with a storyline for my "TransFormers: Avatars" project?

And now for something completely different.

I expect you're wondering what's up with the motto on my nw banner. well, it's pretty simple: Optimus Prime's motto is"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings", and what with nemesis being his evil counterpart, his motto is the opposite of Optimus's!

what is it that Bryan says?



well, here i am bored again. i can't be bovvered to make a new blog, so i'll just continue this one. because i like pointless and random stuff, i'll put in links to my favorite random stuff.

this one's leads to a trailer for the new transformers movie that's coming out in july. it actually looks pretty cool.

and this is a game on teagames dot com. it's addictive.

and this is google moon. zoom in all the way and it turns to cheese!

later, dudes.

Och, noo!
Posted on May 16, 2007 at 14:49

well, wha' wi' me bein' bored all the time, ye ken, i've been tryin' ta find summit tae pass the time. so, because i'm bored,i've started talkin' wi' a scottish accent. i ha' a question to all ye wee folk on 64 D. why ha' i got 4 warns. i'm no' sure, an' i thoughtwha' wi' you lot being a smart bunch o' people, ye mite be able ta help wi' ma itty bitty wee problem o' what scugger(scugger=a long sock(i ain't riskin' bad lan-gwige in case i ge' banned)) gave me 4 o' them leetle warnie thingies. i also need someone ta' help me wi' designing meself a new banner. is there anyone in 64 D who can spare a few minutes o' their time?

The Dark Side
Posted on May 12, 2007 at 08:41

Well, my next blog. i've got nothing to really put in, but i'm going to put stuff in to stop me from getting any warnings. oh yeah, i decided to redo my avatar. the real reason why it happened is pretty boring, so i'm going to come up with a far more interesting one.

In the beginning . . .
The avatar of biwb was the heroic avatar prime, leader of the avatar-bots. however, the evil leader of th decept-icons, megicon, plotted to destroy him, and take his place as the avatar of biwb. so he created an evil duplicate of avatar prime, forged from darkness, with a heart of evil. and thus NEMESIS PRIME was born. but nemesis betrayed his creator, and destroyed megicon. he then set out to destroy Avatar prime, and become the symbol of biwb. his heart touched with true darkness, he began to hunt out avatar prime, destroying anyone in his way. after much innocent motor oil was spilled, he finally found the avatar, and challenge him to a duel. Avatar prime was no match for the awesome powers of nemesis, and his entire body was mutilated until only his spark, the soul and brain of all transformers survived. as nenmesis gloated, an avatar-bot named hot rod took prime's spark and stored it within him, next to his own spark. he also recovered avatar prime's matrix of leadership, which he stored away. as his spark touched Avatar Prime's, he was infused with wisdom beyond his years. he then became RODIMUS PRIME, and swore to rebuild Avatar Prime. Rodimus was elected leader of the avatar-bots, who slunk off to the far reaches of the galaxy, hoping to rebuild Avatar Prime in a form powerful enough to defeat nemesis. Nemesis, meanwhile, worked hard to chand the name of biwb to his own.

good story, huh? i may do a sprite comic book version of it.

anyway, here's my old and new avatar, for comparison. tell me which you think is best.

anyway, i still need help with my roblocks in disguise project. pm me if you want to help.

Roblocks in disguise
Posted on May 05, 2007 at 09:29

Well, here it is, another day, another blog, another rave on about how i love cheese. but seriously, though i've been doing some pretty cool(but nerdy) stuff recently. i've been messing about on this neat piece of software i found on the internet called "lego digital designer" and have been building plastic toys that turn into (wait for it, wait for it) plastic toys! and then i've been doing cgi movies with them. here's a link leading to a short transformation for one of the baddies(Deceptibircks)

anyway, here's the basic storyline:

the Autoblocks and Deceptibricks have been battling it out for thousands of years. while caught in a dogfight in our solar system, they are hit by a giant meteor that crashed into earth, wiping out the dinosaurs. they went into deep comas, and awake in modern day lego-earth. quickly, they take form as local transports and devices, and continue the war. the heroic Autoblocks are led by the mighty Blocktimus Prime, and the treacherous Deceptibricks are led by the evil Brickatron.
I actually need somehelp with this, 64digiters!
here's the jobs i need help with:

theme song(similiar to the "transformers" theme tune, but legofied)
character design
making a video game tie-in(don't get me wrong, this isn't a commercial venture, i just think it would be pretty cool)
script writers

if anyone wants to help, please PM me!

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