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The dumb things in my life!
Posted on March 27, 2007 at 16:55

You know, I have a lot of dumb things that happen in my life, and I also noticed I don't write much. So maybe I should explain 10 VERY dumb things that happened to me or my friends. Don't laugh.

1: Me and my friends are 13-14 years old, and we ALWAYS watch PG-13 or R rated movies, but what happens when you are not alowed to watch a G rated movie without parent permision? That happened to me and our band class! Ask RoyalSmacketh! It was about the dumbest thing EVER! In fact, one 7th grader got sent out because he forgot his permision slip!

2: Mike, good friend of mine, tripped sideways. I don't exactly know HOW, but he did. SIDEWAYS! How dumb can you be to trip SIDEWAYS?!?!?!? Ask RoyalSmacketh for details.

3: While riding down a hill at top speed, I used my front brakes. I never bled harder. The next day I laughed it off, but Kenny, my 21 year old brother, never let me forget it.

4: Here is a valuable lesson: If you want to hurt yourself, dont run a tire into a wall while racing yourself inside of it while tumbling down a hill. That MIGHT have not made any sense, so I will explain. There's this HUGE hill you see, and me and some of my friends were racing down it while inside one of those huge tires. I won the race, but it came at a price. As I made it to flat ground, I also ran into a tree. The tire stopped, but I didn't. I flew about five feet, and landed on my ass. (Sorry for my language.)

5: I punched a wall

6: I rode on the top of my dad's pickup, and a tree branch came out of nowhere and smacked me in the face. Kenny laughed increadibly hard while my dad freaked out.

7: Sheldon (Student who has a bad temper) punched a locker and dislocated his finger. I had front row seats.

8: Kaleb Marker, (large fellow who is very annoying), was tickled till he peed. Yes, he peed his pants. He started to make Kenny annoyed and Kenny has a temper problem. I almost laughed hard enough to pee as well, but I just walked away. Kaleb went home after that.

9: I had nightmares after watching Barney at my mom's house. I DID! If you don't beleive me, then, well, I guess... I don't know. All I DO know is I woke up, and my mom AND my little brother AND my little sister. I screamed loud. I don't remember what it was about, though...

10: I threw a green bean into Dani's milk at school, and I thought I was sneeky. Saddly, though, she did the same thing to me!

Well, that's it. Nothing more. Actually, I DO have more, but what whould I have to write about NEXT time?

Oh yah, there is ONE more thing I must warn you about. Do NOT type in "Monkey" at Yahoo: Images. It shows a bunch of pictures of George Bush.

Thanks for reading,
~ Never Smiling Wolf. (Mr. Emo Wolf)

Ps: Post your fav. one!

This Week Sucked!
Posted on March 07, 2007 at 20:17

Actually, this whole week sucked. I am getting braces and all, right? Well, the whole process is driving me insane! First of all, I am missing 3 days of school, one in which I will miss a play. Second, I had FOUR teeth pulled out, and they forgot one of the shots. Third, Just as I left with my brackets on, one fell off. (They said that it was new glue, and it tasted like lemons.)

Anyway, I know that many people have braces every day, but this SUCKS! The damn dentist had so many patients, that after I waited for TWO HOURS, he decided that I couldn't get all my braces on until Friday, making me miss ANOTHER day of school. (Most people would say that that is a GOOD thing, but when you have all the homework PLUS the homework for today, it sucks.)

Oh yah, it is not just for my bad teeth, but also for my overbite. Still sucks though... Plus, someone in this Blog reminded me of my Wisdom Teeth. I forgot all about those...

But today wasn't so bad. This is the first time in two weeks that I was alowed to go on the internet. Yay!

-Thanks for reading,
Never Smiling Wolf (I guess now it's Mr. Emo Wolf)

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