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quick GM help
Posted on March 03, 2016 at 08:18

I'm messing with GM right now for the first time in ages. It has a lot more going for it now and I'm stoked for all these new features.

All I need to know is how I can "simulate" a keyboard_check_pressed or keyboard_check_released kind of scenario with the joystick.

For instance, for pressing down on the stick I have something like

if gamepad_axis_value(0,gp_axislv)>.25 {move down}

but I need to check exactly when it begins and ends

I think there's some voodoo magic trick that's something like


that returns 0 for nothing happening, 1 for the first step, 2 for the last step, and 3 for everything in between. But I don't remember how it works

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