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Posted on June 23, 2009 at 00:11

Got my grades for my classes.... passed em both.. fuckin' awesome (: Though now the new ones have begun, but at least they're only online... so I still get open time for myself and junk.

I don't know when I made my last entry, but I think it was a whiiiile back lol.. Sort of... just been all over the place lately. Work, and fundigs... boyfriend moved so I've been helping him get all organized... Work has been great, learning sooo much, seen lots... both sad and awesome. I saw a kitten fetus... momma' had to get an abortion and they were tiny 1 month old fetusesess.... looked like a human fetus...but oober tiny. Pretty cool.... I loves mah job.

Oh! 21st passed too.... managed the 21st shit face without even trying haha.... so much fun though. Midnight bar run at a bar called The Arsenal, with two best friends, bf and coworkers.... shot of whiskey, some tokio tea thing, blow job shot and chocolate cake shot.... was goooood.... then about 2 hours over the toilet, but totally worth it. Then Medieval times the next day.... that was so fun with everyone, best friend and I were ridiculously loud... Love it. The food...mmm so good.... amazing tomato soup...and I usually hate tomato soup... sad they only provide one little bowl... I would've gladly given up the half a chicken for another bowl. Still though, it was great.... my best friend got me a shirt with a chubby panda eating a cookie on it and a panda phone charm, my other best friend got me panda head phones, parents gave me mooooneh, and a cake... and paid for MT, :D Then my bf is going to take me to SD Wild Animal park..... GREAT 21st bday. And now I can happy hour it up, and buy my own liqour? It's awesome.

Uhhh.... I'm going to Yosemite in two weeks, YAAAAY.... Haven't been there in 2 years... i miss it so. I'm excited... we're taking another vacation aside from that but we don't know where yet. Damn cruises got canceled ): mreh. Oh well... but yeah, not much else going on. I might try to throw a kick ass kick back here at my house... but that shall depend on finances....

All in all everything's been fucking amazing (: Life is awesome and I consider myself pretty fucking lucky for everything I have....

I DL SIMS3 too.... I looove it. I want the game... I have a pirated version right now. But I want the gaaaame... I shall have it....... eventually. Right now budget goes to boyfriends motorcycle gloves birthday present aaand.... dinner? Yeah... then my textbooks too...and... bills. And such...

Ohhh he bought this game for his Xbox Lord of the Rings Conquest, so we could play it... we played for about 3 hours.. maybe more yesterday, SO fun. I haven't been able to get into a video game like that in a LONG time. The game is awesome.... choose what you wanna be, scout, mage, warrior or... something else, oh! Archer.... and you just fucking WAIL one people.... just fighting orcs... trolls... urukhai... just kiiiiill. I love it... the sword killing is fun.... I always took the warrior, sometimes the mage and Gandalf when I could, he almost always took the Archer unless he needed the melee that the warrior had.... We were strategizing and everything, he would mainly take out the Trolls cause I was terrible at it, unless I had Gandalf or a mage, I could do it from afar.... but otherwise I sucked at it. But I kicked ass at....well.. kicking ass, I could keep the masses at bay pretty well... Him too, with the archer, he'd take em out before they even reached the area we had to protect. It was sooo fun, we beat the first half of the game. Though I wish there was a harder setting... oh well though. Gives me the umph to play The Two Towers here at home on my own (: Soo fun... we wanna get a racing game too, I think that'd be fun. Ohhh summer... I loves it.

And now... PICTURES.... cause I always need to have them...

(btw I hate photobuckets new editing system... takes too long...)

We were laughing cause we were talking about teasing blowjobs and licking the whip cream first..

The blow jobs themselves... yummm...

The chocolate cake :d

This picture just always makes me laugh... me and my mom were the only ones laughing that hard at the table.... both of us already been drinking for a bit... :3

And last...

I pick 'em well.

We should paint a swimsuit on you! But it would take a lot of paint to cover know.

Posted by Obelisk June 23, 2009 16:20 - 8.2 years ago
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that... wouldn't look very attractive I think lol. My "you know"s aren't anti gravity, and the reality of it is if they're not fake, they don't look very good without a bra ;)
Posted by Pandaroo_Fang June 24, 2009 20:25 - 8.2 years ago
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Medieval Times is freakin' epic :D
Posted by TDOT June 25, 2009 15:16 - 8.2 years ago
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