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Armed and Armless
Posted on May 13, 2007 at 02:28

Armed and Armless

The three characters - The obligatory muscly white guy (but this time with four arms), the obligatory female and the obligatory black guy

It's pretty much just a badass platform shooter, with blood and gore and more blood and bits of gore that get stuck to things and bleed a lot. Plus the usual action-movie one liners "If I had fingers I'd be flippin' you off!", "I may be armless but I ain't harmless!" and "I may have four arms but I got no forearms" (for the character with four arms - duh).

The characters come from a religion where hands are seen as the bane of human existance - after all hands are used for much destruction as well as construction. Hands choke, punch and wipe the shit off many a buttock. Therefore the removal of hands is performed early in one's life, much the same way as one would be circumsised. Feet are also chopped off, but no-one's too sure why as someone spilt coffee on the original transcript of their holy book covering this section.

The Holy Society of the Elbowless has been going through a steady declination over the years with less and less followers. According to the great prophesy, In the year 2015 the three remaining members of the One True Religion will grow worried, and realise there is only one way Man can repent his sins - every human on Earth must be converted - or killed.

So the three build themselves weapons and prepare for the ultimate crusade.

In the gameplay you will have to cause as much destruction of everything as possible. Eventually citizens will fall in line and turn to the Holy Society - or die. Once everyone in an area has converted (or died) you can move to the next.
Killing innocent civilians, destroying buildings, killing authorities will raise belief, killing already converted citizens will lower it (the converted ones are the ones with stumps for limbs, moving slowly and spraying blood).

Gameplay will either be 3/4 view (such as in old RPG games) or a straight platformer.


Posted on April 29, 2007 at 08:03

Little art dumplets.

Poppenkast logo

80% or so done pixel

Tentacles are pretty neat

Alas, for I am but flesh and bone


Fox - drew this for a request to draw a fox, and after realising fox heads are shaped somewhat like a rugby ball. (That's for Desertfox :P)

Just realised it was a request for a DESERT EAGLE. Just ONE 'S'. Too late now..

Also, post here, and I'll draw what I imagine you to look like. Uh, it may be 100% different to what you do look like. Race, gender, and/or species may differ. Results may vary.

MechBot: Redux
Posted on March 26, 2007 at 02:05

MechBot: Redux
Yep, it's coming along well.

MechBot 1 is by far my most recognised game, so due to popular demand (Who am I kidding, I only released this due to this one guy on MSN) I made a demo of a completely new version of the game.


(Click to see full image)

View Game

New Demo!
* Can control any vehicle
* Reverse left and right when driving backwards
* big tank slower
* better missile collisions
* more weapons
* better enemy deaths
* can't walk through vehicles (a couple bugs, but mostly good)
* don't have to be so close to get in vehicles
* health bars above selected units
* 3 levels
* small 'cutscene' thing

Hopefully this will become at least half as popular as the first :D I'd be happy indeed. Comments keep me going on a project. When I run out of comments I start something new. Even a single comment on an old game makes me want to work on it again.
I feed on praise D:

Yeh, I'm conforming to the silly [USERNAME INITALS] fad.
I'm a conforming pigdog.
So sue me.

So yeah, a completely game related blog. Different from my last few. Eh.

Work tomorrow TT_TT
I'll be looking foward to comments all day. Then I'll get home and find my topic on page 3... I just know it :D

Posted on July 08, 2006 at 17:40

DDEVASTATIONNN Flash Trailer here

And the demo is here:

It's my latest little project, a high speed high action Contra styled arty platform shooter game.

I thought that this sort of game would appeal to very few but most of the replies I have been getting are really good, which surprised me.

I plan to make it pretty big, and with some unconventional touches, such as:
No menu
No lives or health systems

and some other stuff which is more secret :P

I'm sure none of you really care about my little blogs about my little games but I'm going to carry on regardless (which reminds me of a joke in some Terry Pratchett book, or one of the Discworld games or something where there's a bird and Rincewind says it will "Carrion Regardless")


School holidays for me at the moment, but it's already week 2. Oh well.

Gorilla Madness!!?
Posted on July 02, 2006 at 22:01

My upcoming game in progress

This game is a crazy arcade style Beat-Em-Up with cartoony graphics and variety. Its main focus will be the boss battles which will happen when all the enemies from each stage are dead.

It's actually a sequel to one of my earlier games called Monkey Madness.

The game is being made in GM5.3A so nearly anyone can play it.

You can punch, jump or pick up and throw enemies or objects, and climb buildings or smash them down.

The screens will scroll horizontally and I have programmed detailed parallax scrolling to give the backgrounds depth. The levels are three screens wide.

There will be a LOT of different enemy types, from warriors to helicopters to tanks and everything inbetween. There will be about 16 different stages with different scenery on each one. Each stage will have a boss, and the bosses will all be different and have their own seperate attack patterns. Only two different enemy types are shown.

I wasn't gonna tell anyone at all about this game, but I thought I might as well give some simple screenshots.

Forest level:

Desert Level:

Farm level:

Sounds good? Bad? Terrible? Awesome? Ideas anyone?
Anyone looking foward to it? :)

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