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Posted on September 10, 2008 at 07:42

Hi all,

I'm a bit bored... so i'm writing a blog. Don't mind my english since it is not my first language.

I'm currently on an internship, but its kinda boring. The company was said to make games, and they do... but I will probably not get to collaborate on one. Its just not something thats likely to happen in the period i'm doing this internship here they tell me.

So thats a first bummer, since that was the only reason I came here in the first place (well that, and the relatively high internship-compensation). The other bummer is that they mostly do internet related stuff like sites and programming and all that. But i'm not at all interested in that. My passion is film&animation... So i'm wondering what i'm doing here.

It is my final year and a good intern-spot is pretty important to me. So maybe Ill look for something new. Though I just started here and its kind of wrong to go and complain and talk about leaving so soon.
Though if the situation does'nt change (me taking notes of id-numbers (can't even copy-paste) on some crappy tv-guide page and mailing it through to someone else) I probably wont last here. Since 6 months is quite a long time...

I'm doing this 5 days a week 9 to 5 now. Well... I do get some time to do things for myself though. I started a flash animation and i'm fucking around a bit with gm. Other than that i'm msn-ing, youtube-ing, newgrounds-ing and internetting my way through the day. Yeah to some that may sound very nice... but I'd rather actualy do something, be creative and maybe even learn something.
Ah well... I guess ill have to sit it out for a little while. well see.

Thats all for now.

- Relex

PS: if anyone needs sprites or something for a game... I have plenty of time :P

Site up and running!?
Posted on June 15, 2007 at 05:03

Great! so the site is back up and running! So the transfer has been made? Ow and is it just transferred or are there already some changes made to V3?
Anyway im just glad where back! I still not everything whent well... I see allot of unlinked images etc. Guess they'l fix that in time...

In other news!
Me and nobody have joined the Shmup-dev competition! Check the forum on the folowing link: for the latest news and progress. (look for the "Green orange" post in "registered entries". Alright that's about all I have to say for now. TTYL!!

Signing off,

Shmup Competition
Posted on June 12, 2007 at 17:19

Me and Nobody entered a competition to make a shoot em up. We've decided to make a vertical scrolling space themed game. I'm doing all the graphics (I chose to go with a vector graphics style). And nobody is doing al the coding. Offcourse its still early in its process.. and probably wont be posted here on 64D. But it will eventualy I think (when its totally finished). Maybe there will be a beta version that will need some testing but I'm not shure. anyway's here's a preview pic of what the graphic style is gonna be like:

This will probably be the first boss... And all the enemy ships of this race (there will be several) will be a bit in line with this color sceme, shape etc. The theme of the competition is OPTIONS... so I guess where gonna do something cool with that (I mean we ARE going to actually try and win). And you've seen Nobody's games.. there quite awsome! that combined with my graphic skills (I don't mean to brag) and someone that can fix some audio tracks (cant remember his name). I'm shure its gonna be tha BOMB! so... just thougth I'd let you know (and finally had a topic to wright a blog about :P). so keep an eye out for this (so far untitled) shmup!!!

Signing out,

Creativity next to GM
Posted on January 17, 2007 at 17:50

Yes thats right!! I do more than GM alone!! I am a student at GLU (Graphics, Lyceum, Utrecht) or however you translate it From dutch to English.. Anyway. I do lots of stuff there like Photoshop, Photography, Video, Animation, Compositing, Interactive productions.. Hand drawing etc. GM is just a hobby of mine since I was still in elementary school (longgg time ago). But I actualy like Video and film the most... This will probably be what I am going to do in the future. I have already made some shit... ENJOY!

The first example is a small movie I made with friends just for fun... We just went out and made something out of the blue with no pre set story or anything.. anyway this is what came out. (ps: im the on on the right chilling on the playground)

The second example is a stopmotion movie made for school... Its pretty short but that was the assignment. Ive converted it to a flash and posted it on Newgrounds.
Here's the link:

Thats about all I find worth showing you all... Maybe youll see more of me in the future or ill make a blog like this showing my work... TTYL!!

Greatest blog in the world! (tribute)
Posted on January 06, 2007 at 14:21

This... Is the gratest and best blog in the world... TRIBUTE!!! A long time ago I was making a game. And when I finished it It was so cool that I thought I was gonna be a millionaire! But when I showed It to the lovely people of 64Digits it turned out I was not more than a NOOB. Hmmm noob ay? What was this weard word? Noob... It sounded kind of foreign. So I started to look it up in the dictionairy but could not find it. So I started asking around... WHAT IS A NOOB!!! but all I got in return was: YOU! YOU! YOU!. And so I did not know what to DO. Untill one day some smarty pants duwd called ~SiR_FrEdRiCk~ told me the meaning of that word was to be a nobody. A nobody ay? I said... And he nodded. So I though to myself.. I have to make the best game in the world... So that I would not be a nobody! And so I made the first game that came in my head, and just so happen to beee the best game in the world it was the best game in the WORLDD! Look at my game and its eazy to see 1 and 1 make 2, 2 and 1 makes three it was destiny!!. And so I made the best game in the world... But the perculiar thing was this my friends... the game was not actualy the best game in the world... It was only a tribute, so I forever stayed a noob.


(yeah I was bored so I wrote this stupid blog... And I know my english is crappy go screw a horse if you are going to nag about it.) hope you enjoyed (wasted your time) reading this! CIA! watch out for the new game that is coming: C.U.R.E... (It IS gonna be the greatest game in the world!!!) .


WIP & reviews
Posted on October 30, 2006 at 18:04

Thanx for all the reviews guys!
Im taking all of em (well most of em) into consideration... Here are some points im going to work on:

1) (view) Rotation:
Some of you wanted it out of the game, Im not going to do this.. (because this is an important part of the game.. It was a still camera when I started and this is just cooler :P) I will in fact change the rotation speed so that you guy's wont fommit.

2) Main gun:
The main gun's caliber will be decreased... It will do less damage and it will make a less heavy sound. Ill do some research on the apache's (AH-64) gun. (Yes im intro realism but had'nt thought about it much up till now.
It will also change angle less rappid since it turned where u aimed immediately. + ill be working on ammo and the amount stats soon. This goes also for the other 2 weapons.

3) Guided misille:
The guided misille will be changed completely. You will not be able to fire one until you lock a target or a point on the ground... You also wont be able to fire more than 1 at a time. And in case it doesnt hit or is to far away, it will crash after some time.

4) Helicopter sprite:
Im re-doing the sprites for the helicopter (in photoshop) and im trying to make it more authentic this time.

5) AI:
Will soon start on the AI of the enemy... Will ad a Shilka to (russian mobile anti-aircraft vehicle). enemys will drive around (I might be needing some help on this... not to good at AI). ground to air misilles will be fired to.

6) Health & ammo:
Health system + lifes and ammo will be added in due time.. all will be displayed in a HUD (head up display).

Thats about all I have to say for now... will be updating soon.. keep an eye out :D :P


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